Where To Go On Spring Break Based On Your Sign

by Dasha Fayvinova
Cheerful friends having fun by the campfire during the autumn night.
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With the arrival of spring comes the final planning stages of that sweet mid-way break that college students crave — I'm obviously talking about where you should go on spring break. With so many options to choose from, it's always a challenge to come up with a solid plan as you fight through exams, papers, and your future degree. Should you go to Cancun or tear up some snow at Big Bear? Travel the world or stay local? What if you just curled up in a ball and binge watched all of Gilmore Girls? So. Many. Different. Options.

I have had two significant spring breaks during my college years. Both times I drove up to Vermont and stayed in my best friend's timeshare cabin surrounded by mountains of snow. It was like the real life version of The Breakfast Club because I only knew one person and the rest of the people going were strangers. It's fair to say that we all had an amazing time, because this same group came up to Vermont the next year. While it was not the typical version of what spring break looks like in movies and on TV, we had an amazing time. What I'm trying to say it that you shouldn't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in order to have an amazing mid-semester vacation. If you are still struggling with deciding on what to do this year, I'm here to offer a solution that seems simple and effective — and a little outside the box. This year you should choose where you should go on spring break based on your zodiac sign! So sit back, find your sign and enjoy!


As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries are the types of people to always lead the way. You will be setting the pace, so do not be afraid to push your friends to somewhere new and exciting. Since the sign for Aries is a ram, I would suggest keeping to locations with lush forests and mountains. Yellowstone National Park has some great options for camping and renting cabins so that you and your friends can all enjoy a much needed vacation. Added bonus: actual rams!


Keeping within the horned family, Tauruses tend to be headstrong and seek out material goods. You might want to stick to places that have some great shopping and lots of places to find souvenirs for the entire family back home. Lucky for you, there are so many options to choose from. A Taurus might find New Orleans one of the more fun places to spend spring break this year. Just imagine all of those beignets...


As the intellectual sign, Gemini enjoy learning from their experiences and searching for new information. They also tend to love to talk — a lot. Why not use your spring break to hit up all of the museums in New York City? This way you can learn so much, but at the same time talk to your friends with out being shushed.


People born under the cancer sign tend to be very family-oriented. They love putting down roots and spending time at home. There is a sense of comfort that they seek in different aspects of their lives so spring break should not be any different. Why not invite your friends to stay at your childhood home this year? Home cooking, family and the best part — you don't have to spend a ton of money of plane tickets!


Leo's love attention and getting creative. These folks are normally seen as the face of a movement or project. We all wish we were them all the time! I think a Leo would have an amazing time exploring Hollywood and taking tours of all the amazing studios. Not only will you the in the epicenter of entertainment, the Los Angeles night life is a perfect alternative to a Cancun beach vacation!


We are lucky enough to have Virgos around in our lives. They, more than any other signs, loves to help others and are very detail oriented. With this winning combination I think this year would be a perfect chance to do a volunteer trip somewhere that can use your help. There are hundreds of college volunteer programs that take place all over the world. With their brand of empathy and willingness to help, a lot of communities can benefit from time donated by a Virgo.


Libras are all about balance, which is why their symbol is a scale. More than any other zodiac sign, these guys will benefit by spending spring break with a partner since they are very much into the idea of love. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to travel with a S.O. — a partner could just be a close friend! Instead of a large group, why not take a road trip with someone who gets you fully? Just make sure you and your partner discuss a route that both you can enjoy — fair is fair. You can also use this handy app to plan out the trip.


If you are Scorpio, chances are that you are a very straight forward person who likes to be in charge of your own destiny. This spring break might benefit you most if you spend it by yourself. Take some time to pamper and treat yourself. That might mean going to a spa or even spreading out amazing events through out the week.


As a Sagittarius, you have a thirst for knowledge. Philosophy, religion, mysticism all intrigue you. If you are willing to save up and commit, traveling to Thailand and exploring their culture and cuisine is right up your alley. Obviously this might not be the most cost effective trip but if you really want a once in a lifetime experience, this would be it!


If there is one thing to take away about a Capricorn is that they are very hard workers with a mind for business. They do not mind putting in the time in order to reach their goals. If you are looking for something interesting to do this spring break, why not find an internship opportunity with the time you have? As a Capricorn I know you've been planning to research everything anyway! Put your social media skills to use to locate companies that you would love to work for.


As an Aquarius myself, I know that we tend to be contradictory. We love having friends around, but we also need ample space. This is what makes picking something to do very hard. We have no problem traveling but whether it is with a group of friends or by ourselves is always a hard decision. That's why this year you might want to travel by yourself to your friend's home! This gives you enough solo travel time and still have face to face time to feel connected with friends. Bonus points for any friend who lives close to a beach — Aquarius is a water sign!


The sign for these guys happen to be two fish circling each other symbolizing their a dual nature. Pisces are happy helping others but are also very in tune with their own needs. This year might be the year to spend on a beach with friends, sipping margaritas, or the year to be in a desert hiking. Since I believe in change, I'll recommend the later. Joshua Tree Park is an amazing get-away for those Pisces looking for a change. Camp underneath the stars and then climb century old rocks surrounded by cracked earth and sand.

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