41 Clever Things Under $45 That Make Your Home Seem Way Bigger

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A small home or apartment doesn't have to feel cramped. For example, adding a few mirrors to your walls can help brighten up any room, as well as make it seem bigger. And if your home doesn't come with a ton of storage space, you just have to get creative with how you utilize what space you do have. Luckily, there are tons of clever products on Amazon that can make your home seem way bigger than it is.

Obviously this list is packed with tons of ingenious storage solutions, since keeping clutter organized and out of the way can do wonders for your space — like a shelf that fits over your toilet to store towels and extra rolls of toilet paper, or a wall-mounted utensil holder for the kitchen. But I've also made sure to include some chic home products that just make your pad feel a little bit nicer, like the chenille floor cushions that make lounging around feel totally luxurious

From adjustable shower caddies that can accommodate extra-tall shampoo bottles, to a cabinet lighting kit that's ridiculously inexpensive and will add major atmosphere to your space, there are tons of genius products on Amazon that can help make any small home feel downright expansive.


A Standing Mirror That'll Make Your Bedroom Feel More Refined

Adding a mirror to any room can help make it seem larger, and this classic standing mirror is an elegant way to do it. The freestanding mirror gives you a full picture of your outfit, and you can tilt it to find the best viewing angle. It comes in seven different frame options, like white, oak, and silver, so you can get just the right look.


A Set Of Shelves That Are Designed To Fit Over Your Toilet

Add a ton of storage space to any bathroom with this genius bathroom shelf. Designed to fit right over your toilet, it has four tiers that are great for storing extra toilet paper, cleaning products, washcloths, and air freshener.


The Bedside Caddy That Stores Remotes, Books & More

Keep your nightstand clear and clutter-free with this bedside caddy. It's made from durable Oxford cloth that won't rip easily, and there are four large pockets where you can stash remotes, books, lotion, pens, or practically anything else. Just slide it underneath your mattress, and you're ready to go.


These Floating Bookshelves That Look So Cool

If you've got a few blank walls in your home, use these floating bookshelves to help spice them up. They're great for small spaces where a regular bookshelf just won't fit, plus each order comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. And you won't have to worry about them collapsing — they're so sturdy that each one can hold up to 15 pounds.


The Rotating Makeup Organizer That Has Adjustable Shelves

With space for your brushes, moisturizers, compacts, lipstick, nail polish, and more, this makeup organizer is a must-have for anyone with an extensive makeup collection. It rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can easily access all your items, and the shelves are height adjustable to accommodate a variety of products.


A Shoe Organizer That Slides Underneath Your Bed

Don't let your shoes take up a ton of space in your closet — just keep them in these convenient under the bed organizers. They slide under your bed to help save space, and the handles make them easy to pull back out. Each one has 12 compartments, and the transparent covers keeps everything in easy view but safe from dust. Use these to store underwear, socks, and scarves, too.


The Hangers That Help Save You Precious Closet Space

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, make sure to give these space-saving hangers a try. Each hanger has slots for five other hangers, which saves you major space on your closet rod. You can use them horizontally or vertically, depending on what works best in your closet, and each order comes with enough hangers to store up to 50 garments.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Compress Your Clothes

Create space in your your overstuffed closet with these vacuum storage bags that compress your out-of-season garments. Each set comes with a vacuum-sealing pump and five medium bags that can store up to 10 sweaters each, but you can also opt for other bag sizes.


The Chenille Floor Cushion That'll Have You Lounging Around All Day

Give any room a few extra places to sit with these luxurious floor cushions. Made from super soft chenille, the cushions feature tufting and scalloped edges, and — at 20x20 inches, are big enough to sprawl out on. Grab them in six gorgeous muted colors: blush, aqua navy, charcoal, gray, and ivory.


A Mounted Wall Rack That's Perfect For Pans & Utensils

I have this wall rack hanging in my kitchen, and it makes for a great place to stash utensils, pans, and other kitchen items you want easily within reach. The black pipe design gives it an industrial aesthetic, and each order comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.


The Paper Towel Holder That Hangs Under Your Cabinets

Free up some counter space by keeping your paper towels on this mounted paper towel holder. The super-sticky adhesive makes it a cinch to to attach it to the underside of a cabinet, with no drilling required. Choose from four finishes: black, silver, red, and gray.


A Shower Caddy That Has Adjustable Shelves

It doesn't matter how tall your economy-size shampoo and conditioner bottles are — you can fit them in this shower caddy that has adjustable shelves that slide sideways and up and down. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, the caddy also features a soap dish, a hook for your razor, and space to store bottles upside down, so you can get every last bit of product.


This Easy Way To Organize Your Underwear Drawer

This organizer is an easy way to keep your underwear, bras, socks, belts, and scarves a little more tidy. Each order comes with four organizers with compartments of different sizes, so you can maximize space without risk of damaging more delicate items (your bras, for example). The organizers are made from durable cloth and are resistant to mold.


A Cutlery Organizer That Helps Save Drawer Space

With a tiered design that stacks your forks, spoons, and knives on top of each other, this slim profile silverware organizer is a must-have for anyone with limited kitchen drawer space. There are also icons at the top of each slot, so you can pull out the right utensil every time.


The Bracket That Lets You Mount Your TV To The Wall

Ditch your bulky entertainment system and mount your television to the wall with this TV mount bracket. It's compatible with televisions from 37 to 70 inches, and can hold up to 132 pounds of weight. And since it sits nearly flush with the wall (1.5 inches away), it won't jut out too far into the living room.


A Set Of Planters That Add A Hippie-Chic Touch

Add a potted succulent or any other type of plant to these hanging planters, and you can instantly add a hippie-chic flair to your home. They're made with sturdy, handcrafted rope that's pretty much guaranteed to match any decor in your home, and they look great hanging outside on balconies, too. Each set comes with six plant holders in three lengths.


The Potted Plant Stand That's Simple Yet Elegant

Use this potted plant stand to add a touch of green to any room. The minimalist stand comes in three sizes — 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch — and can be flipped over depending on how high or low you want your plant to sit. The legs feature black stoppers on the bottoms to prevent any accidental scratching.


A Shower Bench Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Made from eco-friendly, water-resistant bamboo, this shower bench gives you a place to sit while you shave your legs. The shelf underneath is a great place to store soap and shaving cream, and since the bench is super durable and good looking, you can also use it outdoors or in any other part of your home, too.


The Soap Dispenser That Declutters Your Shower

Declutter your shower floor by putting your body wash, shampoo, and conditioner into this shower dispenser. The chrome exterior gives it a sleek appearance, and it mounts easily onto flat surfaces as well as corners, with the included waterproof tape. It's rust proof and the push-button system makes dispensing a breeze.


A Divided Hamper With Space For Dirty & Clean Clothes

On laundry day, you can keep your unfolded, clean clothes separate from your dirty ones by using this divided hamper. Or, if you like, use it to separate your colors, so you don't have to go to the trouble later. The lid keeps dirty clothes out of sight, and the interior laundry bags are removable, so it's easy to transfer your clothes to the washer.


This 2-In-1 Serving Bowl & Collapsible Colander

Colanders can take up a ton of space, but this strainer and bowl set neatly nests together — and the colander even collapses down. Use the large bowl to soak or serve ingredients and the dishwasher-safe stainless steel colander to rinse and strain them as you prep meals. One reviewer wrote, “This colander is just what I needed. It serves its purpose and COLLAPSES to save on storage space.”


These Under Cabinet Light Strips That Make Your Kitchen Feel Upscale

Use the included adhesive to install these strip lights underneath your cabinets, and you'll instantly upgrade your kitchen to luxe status. The LED lights are brightness adjustable and have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours so you don't have to worry about replacing anytime soon. Use them under bookshelves and behind your entertainment system, too.


The Rack That Easily Sticks Onto Any Magnetic Surface

Instantly add storage space to your kitchen or laundry room with this magnetic shelf that attaches to your fridge or washing machine. The shelf has a top compartment for condiments or detergent, a paper towel holder, and a rack that's great for hanging up utensils, oven mitts, towels, and more.


This Utility Storage Cart You Can Slide Into Narrow Spaces

A utility cart on wheels can be a great way to add organization to a cluttered space, especially if it’s slim like this one, which measures just over 5 inches wide. It has three tiers, and each can hold just under 9 pounds. Plus, you can lock two of the wheels so that the cart stays in place. It comes in both black and white versions.


These Magnetic Key Racks That Attaches To Your Outlet Covers

Replace the screws in your outlet covers with these tiny magnetic key racks, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to hang your keys when you walk through the door. The neodymium magnets are so strong that they're able to hold up to 3 pounds, and there are no tools required for assembly.


A Strainer That Keeps Your Food From Spilling Everywhere

Not only do these strainers nest inside of each other to help save you space, but the easy-pour corners also help keep your food from spilling everywhere when you transfer. The vertical handles are ergonomically configured to fit comfortably in your hands, and the base is designed so that it's resistant to tipping over. Each set comes with two strainers of different sizes.


The Hooks Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

It doesn't matter whether you're hanging up garden tools in the backyard or hanging a flower pot on the front patio — these siding hooks can get the job done. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, they fit neatly into vinyl house siding, and they're sturdy enough to safely hold up to 12 pounds.


A 3-Tiered Organizer That Hangs From A Door

This hanging organizer is just the thing to add extra storage space behind a door. The baskets can be detached from the frame, and the organizer can carry up to 40 pounds’ worth of stuff. You can even opt to unhook the organizer and stand it upright on the floor, too.


The Step Stool That Can Be Used For Workouts And For Reaching Things

Sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds, this stepping stool is great for at-home workouts, as well as reaching faraway items on tall shelves. It folds up flat when you're done using it, so storage is convenient, and the built-in handle makes it easy to transport from room to room.


A Stackable Bin That's Perfect For Organizing Your Office

Sticky notes, pencils, tape, paperclips, and more — you name it, these stackable desk organizing bins can keep them looking neat and tidy. They're perfect for organizing your office, kitchen, bathroom, plus each one is made from shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic that easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Each set comes with six.


The Storage Containers That Are Completely Leakproof

Tired of your leftovers spilling in your refrigerator or inside your backpack? Then start keeping your meals in these food storage containers. The lids with rainbow-colored snap closures create an airtight, leakproof seal to help keep your food fresh and mess-free. The six containers nest inside each other for storage, and they're BPA-free and microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher safe.


A Folding Laptop Stand That’s Travel-Friendly

With this adjustable laptop stand, you can take your work-from-home setup anywhere with you — and help keep your laptop from overheating while you’re at it. You can adjust the stand’s incline to one of eight settings, and it can be used with laptops measuring between 10 and 15.6 inches. It even has a slot to hold your phone. When you’re done, just fold it up and pack it away.


The Magnetic Spice Rack You Can Attach To The Wall

If your kitchen counters are cluttered, give this space-saving spice rack a try. It can be mounted to the wall and comes with 12 magnetic spice jars that can either be set on top or hung below the shelf. The lid of each canister allows you to pour or sprinkle the contents as needed. Don’t need all 12 jars? Opt for the version with six instead.


A Pack Of Ice Cube Trays That Are Flexible & Durable

Most ice cube trays begin to crack after just a few twists, whereas these flexible silicone ice cube trays let you pop a few cubes at a time without any wear and tear. The included lids make the trays stackable while also keeping water from spilling. They're dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.


The Lap Desk That Works For Laptops & Books

This lap desk is super versatile. The top tray lies flat when you're using it with a laptop, but then pops up to hold your book or tablet when you're ready to start reading. There are even multiple slots, so you can choose your viewing angle, and the cushioned bottom keeps your legs feeling comfortable.


An Organizer That Slides Into Awkward Spots Around Your Home

Just slide this organizer between your washer and dryer, your fridge and kitchen counter, or even between your vanity and wall in order to instantly add five shelves' worth of storage. The wheels on the bottom make it easy to pull out and push in, plus it works particularly well in the kitchen for storing canned food, spices, pet supplies, and more.


The Hanging Organizer That's Perfect For Socks & Underwear

Hook it onto any standard closet rod, and this hanging organizer will give you 42 mesh pockets for storing underwear, socks, jewelry, ties, belts, and other accessories. It's made from high quality Oxford cloth, and the hook rotates 360 degrees, so you can easily access both sides of this organizer.


These Hangers That Magically Give You More Closet Space

If your closet is overflowing with clothes, try maximizing whatever space you've got with these space-saving hangers. Each one holds up to six garments in vertical descending order, which frees up lots of space on your closet rod. Each order comes with six hangers that let you store up to 36 garments in total.


The Hanging Hamper That Takes Up Next To No Space

This hanging hamper takes up zero floor space in your bedroom or bathroom. Just use the accompanying stainless steel hooks to hang it over the door, or use the included adhesive hardware to mount directly to the wall. The hamper features a zippered opening at the bottom that makes it easy to transfer your dirty clothes directly into the washer.


These Compression Bags That Are A Great Way To Store Sweaters

Store the bulky sweaters you don't need in the summer in these garment compression bags. Just insert your clothes into the bag and roll up to squeeze air out and compress and contents. The double-zip design seals out air, and each order comes with 12 bags: six medium and six large.


The Collapsible Dishpan That's Great For Small Kitchens

If your kitchen doesn't have a ton of storage space to work with, this collapsible dishpan is a must-have. Not only does it flatten to a fraction of its size for easy storage, but it's also outfitted with an integrated plug and drainer, so you don't have to dump it over (and spill water everywhere) once you're done washing.

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