45 Tricks That’ll Make Your Home Look So Much More Expensive

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It’s easy to outfit your living space on the cheap, but scoring cheap things that actually make your home look expensive is much, much harder. You don't want to waste your time with lackluster items that look and feel low in quality, or shell out for pricy products when you could get a much better deal. Buyer’s remorse isn’t fun. No worries, though: you can score home products that are so impressive they’ll make people think you’re rich with a few quick clicks — and without spending very much at all.

You don’t have to scour the internet for the perfect geometric rug or a set of elegant dripless candles, because you can find them here. Whether you need a pair of battery-powered wall sconces or you're in search of a hotel-quality lamp, these bougie things for your home are actually bargains that bring a sense of “wow” to your space, regardless of your decor style.

These 45 items can all be found on Amazon, and they truly look so much more expensive than their price tags. Even better, they’re all highly rated by happy customers on the site. Scroll through the list below and check out these luxe-looking home items to start leveling up your home on a budget.


Use A Mirror Tray To Make Organization Look Glamorous

Super luxe and unapologetically ornate, the Zosenley mirror tray adds a touch of glam to any room. The tray comes in three finishes and can be used to corral jewelry or cosmetics, or even act as a chic serving tray. More than a thousand reviewers are huge fans of the lightweight mirror, with one remarking, “I use it on my vanity to store my perfumes and jewelry and it looks so expensive!”


Hide Unsightly Cords & Cables In This Box

It’s hard to cultivate a super chic space when there are device cables jumbled up like linguini all over the place. The Baskiss cable management box keeps all your wires and cables neat and tidy while tucking them away from kiddos and pets. One Amazon shopper wrote that the box “took a jumbled mess and turned it into a sleek and attractive area.”


Add Ambiance With Elegant Taper Candles

There’s nothing more elegant than a candlelit meal, but dripping globs of wax can certainly ruin the aesthetic. That’s why it’s so important that these Hyoola candles are totally dripless, in addition to being tall, tapered, and unscented (so you can enjoy the aroma of your romantic dinner instead). And since they come in a 12-pack and can burn for up to eight hours, their under-$20 price tag is secretly an amazing bargain.


Make Your Home Feel Like A Fancy Hotel With A Lamp That Charges Your Phone

The best part of staying in a nice hotel isn’t room service: it’s those lamps with the USB ports built right in. Recreate that expensive hotel experience for a much lower price with the OUNEDA lamp, which has USB ports and a two-slot outlet to charge your devices, plus a wireless charger and touch controls to turn the lights on.


Use This Magic Socket To Make Cords Disappear

Nothing ruins a perfectly styled room more thoroughly than lots of visible cords and plugs. This electrical outlet cover, available in three-, six-, and eight-foot lengths, cleanly covers your electrical outlets while providing a power strip where you can plug in. It’s hard to hide cables when they’re plugged into the wall, but tuck the nearly-flush outlet cover and power strip behind a sofa or dresser and you’re good to go. “It allows us to push furniture flush against the wall. And it looks great if the outlet is out in the open,” raved one reviewer.


Turn Posters Into Upscale Art With Magnetic Frames

Cheap posters can be an inexpensive way to cover your walls in art, and these sleek poster frame hangers are a great alternative to pricy frames if you actually want them to look expensive. Magnets embedded in the wood frames (which are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 24 inches wide) keep your art wrinkle-free and ready for display. One reviewer noted how the hanger is a “really nice look for canvas and posters that you don’t want to/can’t frame.”


Fake A Built-In Curtain Rod With A Tension Rod

Nothing has to last forever, at least when it comes to decorating. This Ivilon tension curtain rod, available in a variety of sizes and in finishes like black, gold, and chrome, allows you to add beautiful curtains or shower curtains without damaging your drywall. Amazon reviewers love how the rod stays put when placed, with one shopper writing, “it’s easy to install, sturdy, and looks so cute.”


Brighten Any Room With Sheer Curtains

When you need beautiful curtains for your windows, but don’t want to spend a lot of cash, this set of two sheer panels fits the bill. And since good lighting is everything, it’s vital that they allow soft sunlight to filter through the fabric. Available in a bunch of colors and sizes, Amazon shoppers adore the light and airy curtains, with one reviewer noting that “the quality of the fabric was something I wasn't prepared for.”


Add Warmth With Bamboo Accents

The perfect mirror for the minimalist, this Amazon Basics vanity mirror serves up warm, fuss-free vibes in an incredibly chic way, thanks to its bamboo details. The double-sided mirror, which offers both one and five times magnification, comes in your choice of two formats — one with a bamboo frame on a metal base, and one with built-in storage on a bamboo base to hold your scrunchies or lipstick. According to one reviewer, the mirror “looks great sitting on my bathroom counter.”


Replace Your Bulky Dish Drying Rack With One That Rolls Up When You’re Done

Form meets function in this easy-peasy roll-up dish drying rack which provides a convenient drying surface without requiring you to permanently cover your counter with a bulky countertop rack. Unfurl the rack across the sink to dry dishes (or even fruit and vegetables), then roll it back up and tuck it away when you’re finished. The dishwasher-safe BPA-free design (available in three sizes) utilizes silicone-tipped stainless steel to keep both your countertops and dishes blemish-free.


Opt For Matching Dish Towels & Linens

Sustainable and super cute, these handy kitchen towels are available in sets of 10 with your choice of four color-coordinated prints sure to match any kitchen decor. The towels are made from a recycled cotton-polyester blend, and can be thrown into the wash whenever they need a quick refresh.


Make Your Closet Feel So Much Bigger With S-Shaped Hangers

A clothes-cluttered space hardly gives off an expensive vibe, but it can be tough to make the most of a small closet. This set of s-type hangers will level up your closet by allowing you to hang five pairs of pants, scarves, or towels on each hanger. It’s a great way to store trousers without causing wrinkles, too.


Replace Your Hangers With A Matching Velvet Hanger Set

The slim profile of these velvet hangers means you can fit more clothes in your closet — and they’ll look good, too, since they come in matching tones of black velvet and rose gold or other chic shades. But that’s just the beginning. The hangers hold your clothes securely, have more than 129,000 Amazon reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 stars, and they’re a super good deal since a 30-pack of suit hangers comes in at under $20. Choose between suit, skirt, or shirt hangers, in packs of 24, 30, 50, or 100.


Put Up Nice Metal House Numbers

Give your entryway or mailbox an upgrade by installing these rust-resistant stainless steel house numbers. Fashioned to appear both classic and modern, these should be bold enough to read clearly from the street. The numbers can be mounted flush, or you can use included spacers to float them a bit above your surface for a three-dimensional look.


Cover Your Throw Pillows With Luxe Velvet Cases

Revamp a tired couch or bed with this set of velvet throw pillow covers, which are available in over 30 rich and beautiful shades. Featuring a hidden zipper, soft texture, and tons of different size options, it’s no wonder that they have over 50,000 Amazon reviews, with one customer reporting that “these could easily pass for something from a high-end store.”


Add Fluffy Pillows To Your Bed & Sofa

When you want to decorate your bed or couch, just slip some chic pillow covers over this two-pack of Utopia Bedding throw pillow inserts to add instant comfort and style. The pillows are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that will best fit your space. More than 88,000 Amazon reviewers give the pillows an overall rating of 4.7 stars, which is how you know they’re truly a good product even though they’re cheap.


Install Easy Mood Lighting With Battery-Powered Sconces

There’s a phrase to describe what it’s like to set up these modern, matte black Westek wall sconces: easy-peasy. The pair of sconces is perfect for areas in your home where an outlet is not available and won’t require the aid of an electrician, since each sconce is powered by three AA batteries. Reviewers love that the sconces have an automatic shutoff and two different light settings.


Cover Chairs, Floors, & Furniture With A Faux Sheepskin Rug

Give yourself the gift of luxury with this fluffy faux sheepskin throw, which you can drape artfully over a chair or sofa, or place on the floor as an ultra-plush area rug. Available in a range of perfectly aesthetic colors and sizes, you’ll want to sink into the soft faux fur forever.


Freshen Up Small Spaces With Moisture-Absorbing Bags

Moisture can damage just about anything in your home and cause unpleasant odors, but dehumidifiers take up a lot of space. These DampRid hanging bags are the perfect solution for small spaces, since you can hang them anywhere (rooms, closets, cabinets...) to rid the air of extra humidity. The bags work to attract and trap moisture in the air, so your space feels fresh and clean and your decor stays in tip-top shape.


Use This Lighting-Fast Spot Remover To Make Carpets Look As Good As New

Nothing kills a vibe like a stained carpet, so make sure yours stays totally spotless. With over 58,000 Amazon reviews, the bestselling Folex spot remover uses a water-based, non-flammable, and petroleum-free formula and is safe to use around kiddos and animals when used as directed. You know you’re onto something when more than 900 user reviews use the word “magic” to describe a carpet stain cleaner, including one review that reads, “My dad and brother are both mechanics and are known for tracking in grease and grime from the garage - it's all gone now! What do they put in this stuff?... It's magic!”


Cover Your Floor With An Artful Area Rug

An area rug, like this one from Maples Rugs, is one of the best ways to tie all your decor together so that it looks super expensive. Available in a handful of sizes (including a two-piece set), the rug has neutral gray and off-white shades that should work in a variety of different spaces. One reviewer was impressed, stating that “rugs are art for the floor and this one is no exception.”


Use A Roll Of Double-Sided Tape To Help Your Rugs Lie Flat

Ever notice the way a good rug lays perfectly flat? Of course not. When a rug lies flat, you don’t have to notice it at all, which is a hallmark of luxury. Use this double-sided carpet tape to keep your rugs close to the floor and prevent ripples. No one will ever notice — but trust me, that’s a good thing.


Make A Statement With A Gallery Wall

When a single statement piece isn’t in your budget, a bunch of cheaper artwork can have a similar impact when arranged on the wall in matching frames. Get the gallery wall look with the usimples frame set, available in a variety of sizes and colors. Each frame includes a mat for a professional look, but you can also remove the mat to fit a larger piece of art. Reviewers suggest that the lightweight frames are “great for the money,” and it’s hard to deny that they’re truly a total bargain.


Keep Your Walls In Good Shape With Adhesive Hooks That Actually Look Nice

A massive upgrade from the plastic hooks you’d typically find in a college dorm, these Fotosnow hooks are made from brushed stainless steel, so they look expensive even though they attach to the wall by way of easy-to-apply adhesive. Whether you’re looking for a renter-friendly hook that looks fancy but doesn’t damage the wall or just don’t want to spend too much time on installation, these are exactly what you need. “Very modern clean look at a great price,” raved one reviewer.


Tidy Your Fridge Or Pantry With A Set Of Organizer Bins

The most expensive-looking kitchens are the ones with organizational systems that are totally on point. These clear stackable bins keep your fridge or pantry tidy and easily accessible for snacking, cooking, and meal prepping. The set includes eight shatterproof bins of various sizes, all of which are easy to clean with soapy water.


Keep A Sleek Kitchen Scale On The Counter

Measuring cups are fine, but keep this modern kitchen scale in your arsenal to show any guests you’re a serious baker (and to measure your ingredients more accurately when you bake). The seriously sleek scale comes in a handful of colors, allows you to measure in both grams and ounces, and is a lot more stylish than the price would lead you to believe — from the easy-to-read digital display to the monochrome finish.


Use A Matching Storage Set That Vacuum Seals For Fresher Food

You don’t need any additional tools to reap the benefits of this set of vacuum sealable food storage containers. Not only do they keep you organized while looking uniform on the shelf, but they also keep your food fresher for longer, thanks to the handheld vacuum sealer that reduces the risk of staleness or freezer burn. Amazon shoppers love how the set keeps food fresher longer, with one reviewer claiming strawberries lasted so long in the fridge “I have already saved the cost on these alone.”


Serve Guests On A Beautiful Wooden Charcuterie Board

Upgrade your dinner parties with this round cutting board by Befano. The board is pretty enough to display your charcuterie or cheese platters in style, yet the deep juice groove means you can actually use it as a cutting board. No matter how you use it, the deep walnut wood looks so expensive that any food will look expensive on top of it.


Keep Your Microwave Pristine With A Collapsible Lid

Keep your kitchen looking designer showcase clean by using this collapsible microwave lid to cover your food. The lid comes in a handful of colors and can also be used as a base under your dishes in the microwave... no more burned fingers on hot plates. The manufacturer also boasts that due to the venting system, the cover can also be used as a colander to wash fruits and vegetables, making it truly multipurpose.


Stay Hydrated With A Glass Carafe Set

Sure, you can drink water streamed from the tap or poured from a pitcher, but it looks so much pricier when you pour it from a glass carafe into a matching tumbler! The tumbler also doubles as a lid for the carafe when turned upside down, which makes it convenient to use on your nightstand, office, or living room — or anywhere you tend to get thirsty. “I love how nice it looks,” wrote one reviewer. “Worth the price. Quality looks expensive.”


Upgrade Your Food Storage With Matching Containers

Display your dry goods and snacks with the confidence of an HGTV star in this stackable set. You get a dozen airtight containers for about $30, so you can safely store everything from pumpkin seeds to puppy treats and keep them free from moisture or pests.


Use Fairy Lights To Make Your Space Sparkle

Create a romantic vibe in any room in your house with the set of twinkly fairy string lights. The 66-foot long string of lights is powered via USB and has eight different settings you can adjust by remote control. One reviewer wrote that while she originally didn’t have high hopes for such cheap lights, “They bend so easily which makes hanging them in any design incredibly easy. They are nice and bright and they made my cozy space perfect.”


Polish Your Wooden Furniture Until It Gleams

Old wooden furniture doesn’t have to look tired, thanks to Therapy Clean’s furniture polish, which is designed to restore a luxurious gleam to the wood. The plant-based formula removes grime and grease while leaving a beautiful shine. It’s made without ingredients like beeswax or orange oil, which can leave a sticky residue, and reviewers report that it isn’t greasy either.


Organize Shelves & Drawers With A Wicker Basket Set

It’s easy to get (and stay) organized with these wicker baskets, which come in three colors and two sizes and can handily hold anything you need. With elegant handwoven textures and a sturdy polypropylene plastic construction, they’re both functional and super nice to look at — and they look a lot more expensive than they actually are. According to one reviewer, “These baskets are beautiful. They look like real wicker and are very sturdy.”


Hide Plastic Plant Pots Or Laundry In A Chic Basket

Make even laundry look beautiful with this seagrass basket with handles. The basket is available in a variety of sizes and can be used to decoratively hold everything from blankets to plants. “I have my large snake plant sitting in it and it looks stunning in the dinning room corner,” wrote one happy reviewer. “It's an inexpensive way of giving a touch up to any area,” wrote another.


Add Bathroom Storage With A Stylish Over-The-Toilet Shelf

Store your sundries on this stylish freestanding shelf that’s designed to easily sit over the back of your toilet, without requiring you to drill any holes in the wall. The matte powder-coated iron comes in your choice of ultra-modern black or pristine white, which makes it a seriously attractive way to add additional storage to your bathroom.


Decorate Bookshelves & Other Surfaces With Mini Greek Sculptures

Scatter these mini Greek sculptures on your bookshelves, atop a desk, or among potted plants plants to give your space a classical, artistic appeal. Reviewers raved about how the resin set, also available in a variety of other combinations (think a solo Venus di Milo or a 10-pack of famous busts), is perfect for adding “a nice touch of culture” wherever you’d like to place them.


Keep Your Plants Looking Their Best With Handblown Glass Watering Globes

Keep your houseplants happy with this colorful four-pack of watering globes. Not only are they made from gorgeously vibrant handblown glass that makes a colorful statement, but they also keep your plants happy (read: nice-looking) by automatically watering them. Just fill the orbs with water, flip them upside down, insert the stem into the soil and you’ll be all set for up to ten days. They’re great to use when you’re on vacation, but one happy reviewer even wrote that “I like these so much, and they're so pretty, that I've decided to just keep using them, even when I am home.”


Use Seriously Strong Double-Sided Tape For Invisible Hanging

A great way to make your home look expensive is to hang art, shelves, hooks, and other wall decor without any visible nails, screws, or adhesive. Use this double-sided tape for all of the above and more, whether you want to hang posters, keep your carpet flat, hold lightweight shelves in space, or stabilize outdoor decor. One reviewer even vowed they would never use “a nail and hammer ever again to hang something up.”


Turn Your House Into A Spa With A Soothing Scented Candle

Make your home smell like a five-star spa with the Aromatique candle. It comes in a stylishly speckled ceramic jar with a smooth pine wood lid, so it should look incredibly luxurious on a table or counter. The scents, however, are what will really make your space feel warm, soothing, and costly; the coconut blend wax candle comes in your choice of blood orange and sake, palo santo and cedar, or white amaryllis and rosemary.


Stash A Surprisingly Large Amount Of Stuff In A Set Of Rope Baskets

Store your linens, toys , or laundry in style when you use the Little Hippo basket set, which has a clean gray and cream palette to suit any space. The cotton rope material is super soft but double-stitched for strength, while the bottom has been designed so that it doesn’t scratch your floors. Best of all? Reviewers report that the baskets fit a whole host of large and small items.


Transform Basically Anything Into Shimmering Gold

It’s hard to believe how easily you can make any surface look like it’s made from gold. All you need is a tube of Rub ‘n Buff, which you simply apply to any item and polish until it looks like shiny metal — the more you polish, the shinier it will be. Use it on basically any everyday object to transform frames, furniture, light fixtures, and more into glamorous masterpieces. The product comes in a number of different finishes, including several gold tones, ebony, and a few other metallics.


Switch Up Your Photo Display With A Digital Picture Frame

Display your favorite digital snapshots with this surprisingly affordable digital photo frame. Choose between five sizes (some with built-in memory), upload photos, and the frame does the rest of the work to circulate a slideshow of images or display your favorite photo. According to reviewers, the image quality is great, so your photos will look crisp and bright.


Stash Cosmetics In Clear Acrylic Organizers That Let You See What’s Inside

Keep all of your cosmetics within arm’s reach with this set of two stackable cosmetic organizers. The acrylic containers have drawers that hold your little necessities in style. According to reviewers, they look good but also make it super easy to find what you need, since you can see through the transparent acrylic. Choose from a few different formats.


Replace Your Oil Diffuser & Humidifier With This One That’s Actually Gorgeous

Lots of diffusers and humidifiers are made from unattractive plastic, but this essential oil diffuser actually looks like part of the decoration, since it’s covered in a gorgeous wood-look case and has LED lights that glow in your choice of several colors. The diffuser can run for up to 16 hours, whether you want to add essential oils to scent your space, or just use it as a cool mist humidifier. You can adjust the diffuser with the included remote control, perfect for the times when you need to adjust the vibe of a room.