47 Fascinating Products Under $35 Becoming Extremely Popular On Social Media

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The internet is an enlightening place. It seems like Instagram and YouTube feature a gazillion new products and product reviews on the regular — and they just keep coming. These fascinating products under $35 are just like the rest, because they're becoming extremely popular on the web. They're so fun, practical, and affordable that they continue to make impressions, review after review.

What qualities must a brilliant product possess to achieve social media stardom? For some things — like the healing rose quartz crystal water bottle — they must do the job of hydrating while displaying a crystal to increase coolness factor by a million. The same goes for every other product on this list. Anyone can toss a pretty throw blanket over their couch and get on with life, but a cozy blanket that's designed to look like a burrito suddenly becomes a blanket you want to photograph and share with the world.

From thrilling beauty products (like magnetic eyelashes) to eco-friendly grocery totes and food wraps, it's no wonder these items are praised on social media. These are the products that you, your friends, your family members, and your fave social media darlings will be talking about for years to come.


This Water Bottle Infused With A Soothing Rose Quartz Crystal

Is there ever a time and place when a healing crystal isn't a good idea? I don't think so. This glass water bottle is infused with a rose quartz crystal that promotes healing and balance. It has a stainless steel base and cap — and it provides the most perfect, peaceful way to stay hydrated on your yoga mat or during your work commute.


The Wearable Fleece Blanket That Keeps You So Cozy And Warm

You can always drape a blanket around you and keep adjusting it so that it stays on. You can also sport this wearable fleece blanket, which has long sleeves, a front pocket for your phone or remote control, and — best features ever — foot pockets that keep your toes warm and snug. The blanket comes in two material types that are either lined with fleece or sherpa. Plus, it's available in 14 colors and prints.


A Wireless Charger That Doesn't Require Extra Cables

The days of being shackled to a traditional charger are long gone. This Qi-certified wireless charger provides three charging modes that make it compatible with most devices; just plug the unit in and place your phone on top. It can even be used to charge your AirPods case.


These Patches That Ease Blemishes While You Snooze

Created with hydrocolloid that dries up blemishes and helps heal inflammation, these acne patches can be worn while you're hanging at home or snoozing in bed. They come in a pack of 72 with patches in two sizes, and they're both waterproof and transparent.


A Set Of Magnetic Lashes That Don't Require Any Glue

If you love the look of voluminous, dramatic lashes — but aren't a big fan of applying them with messy glue — these are the faux lashes that are about to make all of your lash dreams come true. In place of glue, they come with a magnetic eyeliner that keeps them in place until you're ready to remove them. The set includes five pairs of lashes that vary from minimal to wildly dramatic.


The Gentle Silk Scrunchies That Basically Come In Every Color

You don't have to fumble around with elastic hair ties that get caught up in your strands and cause tangles, breakage, and split ends. These colorful silk scrunchies keep your ponytail tight — but they're super gentle on hair when you remove them. They also come in about a million amazing colors (okay, 40). The scrunchies also double as cute bracelets.


These Cute Reusable Shopping Bags That Are Better For The Environment

When you're looking for ways to reduce plastic consumption, this five-pack of reusable shopping bags comes through big time. The tough polyester totes are machine washable and feature comfy handles. Each bag can carry up to 50 pounds, making it perfect for grocery shopping trips. And there's nothing better than an eco-friendly product that's all kinds of cute; the bags come in 13 assorted colors and prints.


An Eco-Friendly Beeswax Wrap That Helps Food Stay Fresh

You won't find a single chemical in these reusable food wraps that help keep leftovers and lunches fresher for longer periods of time. What you will find instead are eco-friendly ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, and organic cotton. The set of three wraps come in different sizes and can be washed by hand and reused.


The Mess-Free Way To Pour Pancake And Cupcake Batter

You're making pancakes, waffles, or cupcakes — and everything is going great... that is, until you have to transfer batter from a bowl to your pan or tray (at which point your counters become a sticky mess). This is the batter dispenser you need to make those delicious recipes without compromising on the cleanliness of your kitchen. It features helpful measurement marks, a squeezable design, and a valve that prevents too much batter from seeping out the bottom.


A Sweet Moon Lamp That Changes Colors When You Touch It

What could be more charming than falling asleep to the sweet and soothing sight of this moon night lamp? According to the brand, it was made with a 3D printer — and it can change from white to yellow at the tap of your hand. The light features an adjustable brightness setting, and one full charge with a USB cable provides eight to 10 hours of power.


An 11-Piece Phone Camera Lens Kit For Professional Snaps

Your phone may be the most convenient photo-taking tool, but it has its limitations. This 11-piece phone camera lens kit gives you the opportunity to really play photographer and take even more amazing, professional-style shots. The kit comes with a variety of interchangeable clip-on lenses that include wide-angle, fisheye, starburst, kaleidoscope, and more.


The Color-Changing Light Bulbs You Can Control With A Remote

You'll never want to return to old-fashioned lightbulbs when you experience the convenience (and fun) of these color-changing LED bulbs. They can be adjusted to glow in one of 12 colors, and they feature six brightness settings. The bulbs also come with a remote control that you can operate from anywhere in the room... including the comfort of your bed when you're too tired to get up.


These Reusable Bags For Snacks And Sandwiches

The less plastic on the planet, the better. This 12-piece set of reusable storage bags for sandwiches and snacks allow you to keep food fresh without adding unnecessary waste to the environment. The freezer-safe bags are made from tough, food-grade PEVA material and have double-zippered seals to prevent spills. Each set includes six sandwich bags and six snack bags.


The Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes With Smooth Bamboo Handles

Goodbye, plastic: These handles of these bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and smooth, making them good for the environment and enjoyable to use. They even come in a pack that's fully recyclable. Plus, the toothbrushes boast carbon-treated nylon bristles.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With A Color-Changing Night Light

With a soothing mist that fills your room with moist air, an essential oil emitter, and a night light that shines in seven color-changing hues, it's no wonder this aromatherapy diffuser boasts more than 3,000 glowing reviews. The humidifier offers adjustable mist settings, a sleep mode, and an automatic timer that turns the device off when it runs out of water.


The Waterproof Eyebrow Gel That Lasts For 3 Days

This is no ordinary eyebrow filler: This is a highly pigmented and waterproof eyebrow gel that lasts up to three days (I'm serious). It's formulated with fibers that actually pump up and thicken the appearance of brows as it's applied, and it comes in five natural shades. Plus, the mascara wand applicator is simple to use.


A Heated Hair Tool That Creates Surfer-Style Beach Waves

Look to the sea for inspiration and get beach waves with this deep waver heated hair tool. The device features shine-inducing tourmaline ceramic technology to help remedy unwanted frizz, along with and adjustable heat settings that can get as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. An auto-shutoff feature should kick in when it gets too hot.


This Phone Ring Kickstand For Hands-Free Viewing

Use this phone ring kickstand to set your device up for hands-free moving watching, and then wrap it around your finger while you're walking so that it never drops. The ring, which comes in five colors, has a strong metal grip holder — and it's compatible with most smartphones. It stays firmly in place with the included adhesive and can be fully rotated with ease.


The Selfie Ring Light That Clips Onto Your Phone Or Laptop

There's no need to search for the perfect light when you're trying to snap a great selfie. Attach this clip-on selfie light to your phone or laptop, and it'll automatically deliver the perfect source of shadow-free light. The compact unit is rechargeable with a USB cord, and it can be adjusted to three light settings.


A Pour-Over Coffee Unit That Sits On Top Of Your Mug

There's an even easier way to whip up a delicious cup of coffee than waiting for a pot to brew. This pour-over coffee dripper holds your filter and coffee over your mug so you can effortlessly pour your brew straight into your cup. The filter comes in three sizes, along with four styles that include ceramic and glass. There are also eight color options available.


This Hydrating Lip Mask That's Made With Collagen

You can go to bed and wake up with soft, smooth, incredibly moisturized lips, all thanks to this deeply hydrating lip mask. The formula is made with collagen peptides that absorb fast, sloughing away unwanted skin cells and helping your pucker lock in moisture.


The Countertop Veggie Spiralizer With 10 Slicing Options

This vegetable spiralizer — which features 10 interchangeable blades — makes tons of different veggie-style noodles. The blades can be swapped and used to transform produce (like zucchini and carrots) into linguine, ribbons, curly fries, and more.


These High-Waisted Yoga Pants With A Hidden Pocket

Once you find a pair of amazing yoga pants, you never let them go. The proof is right here, with a pair that more than 2,000 reviewers can't stop raving about. These high-waisted yoga pants feature a convenient front hidden pocket for your ID or key, a waistband that won't dig into your skin, and 18 color choices.

Available in sizes: XX-Small - XX-Large


The Personal Blender That Doubles As A Travel Cup

If you've always thought about making smoothies in the morning — but balk at the idea of cleaning all 300 parts of your blender before you're fully awake — get this personal blender and save major time and headaches. The device comes with a 14-ounce jar that doubles as a travel cup, along with a secure lid. Both pieces are dishwasher safe.


This Warm Beanie That Features Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Silently rock out to your favorite tracks while staying warm and snug in this Bluetooth beanie. The genius knit hat has built-in Bluetooth speakers with a microphone for taking calls, along with a three-button control panel. The hat is available in five colors, and the speakers can be easily removed on laundry day.


An Avocado Slicer For The Most Challenging Snack To Prep

Attempting to cut, slice, and serve an avocado can be pose real challenges; why does it seem impossible to dice perfectly even pieces? Take the guesswork out of this job with a three-in-one avocado slicer that splits, pits, and slices your go-to snack in seconds. The dishwasher-safe tool removes pits with a twist of your hand and cuts avocado into seven pieces.


This Lavender Eye Pillow That’s So Soothing

Filled with calming lavender and flax seeds, this eye pillow creates gentle pressure that can help you rest and relax. The pillow is covered in a silky fabric that feels smooth to the touch, and you can pop it in the freezer or microwave for cold and hot therapies.


The Mini Blender That Doesn't Take Up Too Much Room

This mini blender comes with a 17-ounce cup that’s used while whipping up your shake or smoothie — but it performs double-duty as a travel cup that has a secure lid for on-the-go beverages. You can charge this mini blender with a USB cable and phone charger (or power bank), which is a very convenient feature that comes in handy when you're camping and there isn't an outlet in sight.


A Convenient Yoga Mat That Folds Up For Simple Storage

If there's one negative thing about a yoga mat — the only negative thing, in my opinion — it's probably this: There simply isn't an elegant way to store it. This foldable yoga mat rethinks the rolled-up design and provides you with a thick, slip-free mat that just so happens to fold perfectly. That way, it fits in gym bags, lockers, and luggage. The mat comes in seven shades and prints.


These Resistance Loop Bands That Help Build Muscle Strength

You can build muscle strength and flexibility anywhere because these resistance loop bands can be tossed into a carrying case and taken on the road. The loops can be incorporated into your yoga, pilates, and strength-training routine — and they come in five strength levels: extra light, light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy.


The Cold Therapy Socks That Help Relieve Foot Pain

Painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis can wreak havoc on your daily life, and healing from those pains can take a while. Thankfully, you can get fast relief with these cold therapy socks that are designed with compression straps to reduce arch inflammation. The socks' gel pad inserts can be chilled in your fridge.


These Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls To Help Replace The Sheets

These eco-friendly dryer balls made with New Zealand wool are a biodegradable, reusable alternative to chemical-ridden dryer sheets — and they can help your laundry dry faster, too. The dryer balls can last up to 1,000 loads of laundry and you'll get six of them in one order.


These Charcoal Blotting Papers That Help Remove Excess Oil

There's no need to carry messy powder around when you have these natural bamboo charcoal blotting papers in your bag. The sheets help absorb excess oil on your skin, leaving you with a matte complexion. Each set comes with 100 blotting tissues in a portable dispenser.


The Milk Frother That Helps You Make Foamy Lattes At Home

You could have plain coffee (which is perfectly fine — no offense intended), or you can add milk and jazz that coffee up with this handheld milk frother. The battery-operated whisk works in just 20 seconds and makes magic out of milky tea, hot cocoa, lattes, and more. It also doubles as an immersion blender for soups and smoothies.


These Exfoliating Foot Peel Booties Made With Natural Ingredients

You may not always be able to drop everything and run to the salon for a pedicure at the first sight of calluses — but if you have one hour to yourself at night, you have enough time to apply these botanical foot peel masks. The peels are worn like booties, which allows natural ingredients to begin the process of sloughing away old skin on your feet.


A Gentle Lava Pumice Stone That's Helps Remove Calluses

These natural lava pumice stones are gentle — but they're super effective while exfoliating and remove calluses. After being soaked, they can be used anywhere on your body and come conveniently attached to a cord that you can hang for drying. Each purchase comes with two stones.


The Sweet, Small Jewelry Box For Traveling In Style

You can take your favorite accessories with you when you travel without taking up a lot of space in your luggage, all thanks to this portable jewelry box. The zippered box is separated into three compartments that hold rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. It comes in six colors, all of which are lined with faux leather.


This Massage Roller That Loosens Tight, Sore Muscles

With just a few passes, this massage roller automatically loosens muscles while relieving tension and pain, helping you recover faster from injuries or tough workouts. The portable massage stick features nine independent rollers that feel amazing and help you maintain flexibility.


The Soothing Roll-On Stick Made With Essential Oils

If you experience headaches and sore muscles on the regular, try this natural solution: an essential oil stick that you simply swipe across your forehead and temples. The aromatherapy stick is formulated with soothing 100% peppermint essential oil — and it can be kept in your bag or purse. There are also six other scents to choose from, including lavender, tea tree, and rosemary.


An Exfoliating Body Washcloth That Removes Oil And Dirt

These cult-favorite Korean beauty exfoliating washcloths for your body are amazing at removing more dirt, oil, and rough skin. The viscose wipes come in a pack of eight, and more than 1,000 reviewers have raved about how effective they are (even without a drop of soap).


A Shampoo Brush That Removes Built-Up Hair Products (And Feels Like A Massage)

This shampoo brush — with its gentle silicone bristles — loosens up debris, removes excess buildup, and stimulates hair follicles all at the same time. Just lather it with shampoo in the shower and feel the results. The handheld brush is also excellent if you have long nails that tend to dig into your scalp when you wash.


The DIY Derma Roller That Exfoliates Your Complexion

Designed with hundreds of tiny microneedles that exfoliate the skin, this derma roller mimics the popular spa treatment — but at a fraction of the cost. It aids in the absorption of effective serums and moisturizers (like vitamin C), and over 1,500 customers have given it five-star reviews.


This Burrito Blanket That Social Media Can't Get Enough Of

Fun and functional, this warm burrito blanket is the perfect cozy throw to use on cold days and night — and its unique design has been super popular on social media. The flannel blanket comes in three sizes — but if you prefer pepperoni pizza to burritos, you can snag a pizza version, too.


The Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Made With Sweet Almond Oil

You don't have to give up moisture in your pursuit of exfoliated, smooth skin. Get both benefits with this Himalayan pink salt body scrub. The formula takes away rough skin and gives back major hydration, courtesy of natural ingredients like lychee oil and sweet almond oil.


An Electric Callus Remover With 3 Roller Types

You can keep your feet smooth with regular maintenance by using this electric callus remover, which boasts three different roller types to address your every need. With rollers for daily maintenance, run-of-the-mill dry skin, and tougher calluses, this tool buffs away dry skin within minutes.


These Space-Saving Compression Storage Bags For Clothing

Without a cumbersome pump or the need for a vacuum cleaner, these space-saving compression bags accommodate your seasonal clothing. They store your garments in an airtight (and watertight) fashion that helps prevent mold and mildew. The 12-piece set is equally ideal if you're packing a ton of clothing for a trip.


These Neutral-Colored Spiral Hair Ties That Won't Leave Indents

There's no good reason why a ponytail should result in knots and indents. These spiral, telephone cord-style hair ties are smooth and will keep your pony in place (but they'll also slip right out without drama). They come in a pack of eight in various neutral shades that range from blonde to nearly black.

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