47 Products People Find Extremely Helpful Now That Life Has Totally Changed

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Even as the ‘new normal’ starts to feel more and more normal, chances are your stress levels are still as high as ever. A pandemic will do that to you. The good news is that Amazon can offer a helping hand with these 47 products that people find extremely helpful now that life has totally changed.

However you choose to de-stress these days, whether it’s working out in your living room, organizing your closet, or going all-out on your self-care routine, this roundup has something for everyone. Focus on something other than the news with an adults-only coloring book or practice the art of letting go with a Buddha Board. If sleep doesn’t come easily these days, perhaps a weighted blanket that feels like a hug can help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Or, if cleaning is what calms you, a three-in-one vacuum could be just the right tool for the moment.

So, keep scrolling to check out my list of things that will help make life a lot less stressful and get you through these trying times. And trust me when I say, some of these are so good you’ll wish you bought them sooner.


A Weighted Blanket That Hugs You While You Sleep

Applying comforting pressure like a hug while you sleep, these weighted blankets have helped thousands relieve stress and promote a sense of calm. Small squares distribute the layer of glass beads evenly while preventing movement and bunching, and the breathable cotton cover prevents overheating. Users can choose from a variety of sizes, weights, and colors.


An Adults-Only Coloring Book To Shift Your Focus

If you need a break from information overload, this adults-only coloring book might be the ticket to irreverent fun. With over 4,000 ratings on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating overall, this book has a lot of fans, and when you’re done, there are plenty more in the series that can help shift your focus and boost your happiness.

One happy reviewer wrote: “This book will do exactly as it says. [...] It has one image per page, not front and back, so no worries about markers bleeding thru and ruining another image. I love that there are a couple of pages at the front to test your colors on. The book has awesome images and sayings.”


A Deep Tissue Massager With Built-In Heat

With four kneading massage nodes and a built-in heating function, this deep tissue massager can help relax tight muscles for a spa-like experience in the comfort of home. This versatile massager can be used on your neck, upper back, lumbar area, calves, or thighs, and the adjustable elastic fastener helps you attach it to a chair. Plus, it has upwards of 38,000 ratings on Amazon, so you know it’s been put to the test.


A Bonsai Tree Starter Kit For A New Hobby

If a little extra time on your hands has you thinking about a new hobby, these bonsai trees are something fun to do. This starter kit includes everything you would need to help them thrive including biodegradable growing pots, soil discs, bamboo plant markers, and even a bonsai clipper. Organic seeds for found kinds of trees are stored in seed-safe vials for better germination, and a handy booklet with simple instructions helps you get it all started.

With hundreds of five-star reviews, users seem to love this kit. While it seems that the seeds germinate quickly, Bonsai trees are a long game so, you want to arm yourself with some patience. One user wrote: “Definitely a good kit [for] you, but remember to be patient, you will need lots of years of good care to get them fully developed.”


A 3-In-1 Vacuum That's Less Than $30

If you’re spending more time around the house, you may be noticing things are messier than usual or maybe it looks messy because you’re spending more time there? Who knows. Either way, this three-in-one vacuum has you covered. With a stick vacuum, a stair vacuum, and a hand vac, this affordable unit does plenty around the house. The swivel steering handles messes efficiently, and this little guy is powerful enough to pick up larger pieces instead of just pushing them around.


These Reusable Dishcloths That Absorb 20X Their Weight

If you're finding yourself cleaning a lot, these reusable dishcloths are an eco-friendly replacement for paper towels that also saves you some trips to the store. Because they are machine washable, these dishcloths are reusable over 50 times and therefore create less waste. Available in eight vibrant colors, these dishcloths come in packs of 10. They’re odor resistant and safe for all surfaces.


An Essential Oil Set With 10,000+ Five-Star Reviews

Breathe in deeply for a quick dose of relaxation with this essential oil set. With lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree, this best-selling set is a great all-around pick that could help invigorate and soothe you.


A Cool Mist Humidifier That's Great For Dry Skin And Sinuses

Excessively dry air can cause a slew of issues like uncomfortable sinuses and skin. This cool-mist humidifier adds moisture to the air for up to 16 hours and has two-speed settings and automatically shuts off when the water runs low to protect the unit. The 1.5-liter water tank provides coverage for rooms up to 250 square feet making it ideal for bedrooms, and there is an optional night light.


This Smart Light Bulb That Offers Millions Of Colors

These smart light bulb connects to your home Wi-Fi and works with your smartphone (via an app) to control your lights, even when you’re not home. Set scenes, program the lights to match your routine, or put them on a timer, so you don’t have to think about it. These smart bulbs can also be used with Alexa or Google Assistant, and users can choose from millions of shades including thousands of shades of red which could help you sleep better.


These Yoga Pants With Pockets

These high-waisted yoga pants are as perfect for a morning of bridge poses and downward-facing dog, as they are for puttering around the house. Four-way stretch offers both compression and support, and the thick material helps you avoid any embarrassing situations. A hidden waistband pocket keeps necessary items within reach, and there are lots of colors to choose from.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 3X-Large


A Set Of Resistance Bands For Easy Strength Training

Easily add strength training to your routine with these heavy-duty resistance bands that are made of 100% latex. Each order includes five bands in different resistance levels, a carrying case, and access to an instructional e-book and online videos. With over 8,000 five-star reviews, these resistance bands are a fan favorite. They're also great for travel.


An Acupressure Mat Set That Relieves Stress And Tension

This two-piece acupressure mat set includes a neck roll and a back mat that’s large enough for full coverage, and users can choose from seven colors covered in thousands of small acupressure points. While reviewers report that the first time on the mat can be a little uncomfortable, it's worth it. “Be careful, lie down and give it 2 minutes or so, and you should have a pleasant experience. Do so in a quiet room with some relaxing music. Try it for 5-7 minutes to start and then build up. It really does help,” one wrote.


A Laptop Stand That Prevents Sore Muscles

Hunching over a laptop all day can leave you with sore neck muscles and shoulder pain. Try this laptop stand that elevates your laptop a good 6 inches to take it to eye level and easing any discomfort. Two elevated arms lined with rubber keep your laptop securely in place, and the open design prevents overheating. This stand fits laptops that are 10 to 15.6 inches, and users can choose from three color options.


A Wobble Cushion That Lets You Exercise While You Sit

Make those hours in a chair a little more productive with Gaiam's wobble cushion that can help strengthen your core, improve your balance, and even work on your posture. But it also works behind your back for some added support and use it for floor-based exercises. Choose from three colors.


These Affordable Epsom Salts For A Soothing Soak

Looking for an inexpensive way to unwind from a stress-filled day? It's as easy as dropping a handful of these epsom salts into your bath water for a soothing and relaxing bath time experience. Add essential oils for an extra dose of relaxation. Since these come in a resealable eight-pound bag, it'll last you a long time. "This is my bath-time go-to for relaxing achy muscles. It's a great price and delivered to my door," one reviewer raved.


A Bamboo Bath Caddy That Keeps Your Stuff On Hand

With a wine glass slot, a phone slot, a book or tablet holder, and even room for a candle, this bamboo bath caddy is a great way to bring along all your bath time essentials. The adjustable handles expand out to up to 43 inches to accommodate just about any tub, and silicone grips prevent the tray from sliding. Choose from five colors.


This Buddha Board That Teaches The Art Of Letting Go

Designed to encourage users to live in the moment, The Original Buddha Board is an elegant way to tap into your creativity and de-stress at the same time. Simply fill the stand with water, dip the bamboo brush into the water, and start drawing. As the water evaporates, so does your drawing. The blank slate encourages you to let go and begin again. Images start to fade within 3 to 10 minutes.


A Balance Trainer That Offers A Total Body Workout

This balance trainer offers a little bit of everything for a full-body workout including cardio, strength training, and endurance training. The moving surface of this balance trainer improves balance and engages your core muscles. Each order comes with a balance trainer and a hand pump, and users can find lots of workouts to do online.


A Cleaning Gel For Keyboards And Other Small Spaces

Ideal for cleaning keyboards, car vents, and other spots with lots of nooks and crannies, this lemon-scented cleaning gel is a great way to tackle dust, lint, and maybe even Cheeto dust in hard-to-reach places. This cleaning gel won’t stick to your hands, leave behind any sticky residue, and it’s super easy to use: Simply press the gel down onto the surface you want to clean and lift it away, taking dust and crumbs with it. This cleaning gel is reusable, too.


A Tablet Stand Decorated With Convenient Cooking Measurements

Instead of holding your tablet in one hand and mixing ingredients with the other, place your tech on this stand that's decorated with cooking measurements. That way, you'll be able to meal prep while keeping an eye on the recipe. The stand is made from wood and features a ledge so your tablet (or cookbook) doesn't fall off, and it's supported by a stand that mimics an easel.


These Slippers That Are Good Indoors Or Out

With a waffle-knit upper that lets your feet breathe, and a memory foam insole that molds to your foot, these comfy slippers are perfect for puttering around the house and since there's a sturdy rubber sole, it is stout enough that you can keep them on to check the mail, take out the trash, or any other little errands outside. These slippers are machine washable and available in five color combinations.


This Super Plush Robe For A Spa-Like Experience

These microfiber fleece robes are super soft and super plush, making them perfect for a spa-experience whether it's around the bath or simply lounging around the house. The ankle length provides full coverage, an inside tie closure keeps the robe securely closed, and generously sized pockets keep all your stuff within reach. Users can choose from 10 colors and patterns in a range of sizes.

  • Available sizes: Small - 2XL


A Foot Mask That Peels Away Old Skin

You've got to see the before and afters to believe it. Infused with natural botanical extracts and powered by fruit and lactic acids, these foot peel masks help get rid of dead, dry, and calloused skin. Simply wrap the masks around your feet for roughly an hour, and in a few days, your feet will start to peel, revealing softer skin. With hundreds of five-star ratings, this one is a clear fan favorite. One user wrote: “My feet have always been cracked and dry. I never wore sandals because I was too embarrassed. This foot peel is amazing and totally worth the price. My feet [are] so soft that I can’t believe it is my own feet.”


These Moisturizing Gloves For Intense Hydration

While frequent hand washing is a good thing, over time, it can leave you with dry skin. Infused with collagen and heeling natural botanicals, these hand masks provide intense hydration. Simply wear these gloves for 20 minutes and remove them when the time is up (but don’t wash your hands immediately). This package includes five pairs of one-time-use masks.


An Adjustable Fabric Shaver That Revives Old Clothing

Suitable for most types of clothing and upholstery, this fabric shaver removes lint and pilling, reviving old clothes, couches, and more. A large blade surface gets the task done quickly, and the honeycomb cover protects fabric from cuts and snags. This lint remover is adjustable with three shave heights and two speeds. The shaver even comes with two extra replacement blades.


This Electric Wine Opener That Uncorks 30 Bottles In 1 Charge

This electric bottle opener fits most standard-size wine bottles, and it works with the push of a button. One charge can open up to 30 wine bottles, and the blue LED adds some shine while it works. The kit even comes with a foil cutter that can be used prior to opening the bottle, and many customers wrote how it's "easy to use."


These Vacuum Bags That Save So Much Storage Room

With extra time on your hands there’s no time like the present to get things organized, right? These vacuum-sealed bags free up your storage space and save you the agony of throwing your stuff out to do it. With a double-zip seal and the triple-seal turbo valve, you can effectively remove all the air from the bag, leaving it airtight and even waterproof, so all your stuff is protected. This pack includes five medium bags that are large enough to fit about 10 sweaters each, though there are also packs with large and jumbo bags (great for bulky winter jackets and comforters) and smaller ones that still fit four pillows, too.


This Microfiber Hand Duster That Covers A Lot Of Surface Area

The slim profile of this hand duster slips easily into and around tight spaces like blinds, and the large microfiber head covers a large surface area with every swipe, too. Plus, when the duster gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine. With a 4.5-star rating after more than 3,000 reviews, you really see as many people rave about dusting.


A Water Filtration System That Gets Rid Of 60 Contaminants

Easy to install, this Brita water filtration system attaches to standard faucets and filters out 60 contaminants including chlorine for better taste and even 99% of lead. Each filter works for up to 100 gallons of water, and a convenient status indicator lets you know when it needs to be replaced. This filter is BPA-free, and it’s eco-friendly, replacing approximately 750 16-ounce water bottles.


A Nail Kit For A Gorgeous At-Home Manicure

Who says you have to go to the salon to get fun nails. This nail kit is complete with nail pens, brushes, rhinestones, foil stickers, and nail strips, basically everything you could need for a creative manicure. And at less than $12, it's a steal. One happy reviewer wrote: "I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and really like them, as well as the dotting tools. The striping tape has a nice selection of colors and works well [...] This is really a nice set, and I highly recommend it if you are interested in nail art and just starting out."


A Bedside Caddy That Keeps Your Stuff Within Reach

This bedside caddy keeps all of your essentials within reach while keeping the clutter at bay. Made with durable Oxford cloth, this organizer can hold books, tablets, glasses, and maybe even a snack two. Setting it up is as easy as sliding it under your mattress, and it’s available in three colors. Plus, you can't beat the price.


This Projector That Lets You Sleep Under The Stars

Make home a little more magical and sleep under the stars with this 360-degree projector with nine lighting modes. When the inner lid is kept on the lamp, it'll project a starry night onto your ceiling — but you can also remove it for a standard night-light appearance and pick from various colors. It can be charged via USB or with four AAA batteries.


A Bed Tray That's Great For Working Or Relaxing

Whether you’re working from home or enjoying breakfast in bed, this lap desk lets you do it with all your necessities in tow. This stand accommodates tablets up to 9.6 inches and smartphones 3.5 inches or smaller, and an adjustable top keeps them all at the best viewing angle. A built-in drawer is perfect for storing loose items or cords, and the desk has foldable legs for easy storage when not in use.


This Laptop Cooling Pad That Protects Your Devices

With whisper-quiet fans and a sturdy metal mesh, this laptop cooling pad prevents overheating. The cooling pad doubles as a laptop stand, and adjusts to two levels, raising your laptop to avoid neck strain and shoulder pain. A built-in USB hub keeps your other gadgets powered up and running smoothly, and users can choose from three color options.


This Stand Riser That Elevates Your Computer To The Perfect Level

Looking down at your laptop hour after hour can lead to neck strain over time. This laptop stand raises your laptop, moving it into a better viewing angle, and with three adjustable height levels, you can adjust it to your needs. This laptop stand is super easy to put together, just screw the legs into the platform, and you’re in business. A perforated mesh hole platform prevents overheating, and the stand can hold up to 44 pounds. You can also use it for printers, files, and anywhere else you might want a little height or some storage space underneath.


A Heat Mask That Soothes Dry, Irritated Eyes

A warm compress can go a long way towards soothing dry, irritated eyes and relaxing away tension. This moist heat eye compresses is filled with flaxseed and is perfect for soothing eye fatigue and dry eyes. Just heat the compress in your microwave for 30 to 50 seconds and lay it across your eyes for a few minutes. The elastic band is adjustable for different head sizes.


This Lip Scrub For Softer, Smoother Lips

Made with natural ingredients like turbinado sugar and kukui nut oil, this lip scrub exfoliates your lips to reveal softer lips as shea butter hydrates and soothes. It's cruelty-free and backed by a 4.6-star rating. For even more self-care, try the body scrub, too.


These Silicone Face Scrubbers That Clean And Exfoliate

With two different types of bristles, this silicone facial scrubber offers users a deep clean to exfoliate skin, remove blackheads, and improve the absorption of creams, serums, and moisturizers. Not to mention, adding just a little gentle pressure makes this feel like a massage. A handle that slips in between your fingers ensures a good grip, and users can choose from twin packs of assorted colors.


This Hanging Shelf Organizer That Expands Your Storage Space

Add some storage to your closet with this hanging organizer. Five sturdy shelves store larger items, and six mesh pockets on the sides are great for storing smaller items like socks, sunglasses, and belts. This hanging organizer requires no installation, simply hang it on your existing closet rod. Choose from seven colors to suit your room.


These 100% Silk Pillowcases That Protect Your Hair And Skin As You Sleep

Silk pillowcases can kick up the luxury of your bed a notch or two, and they’re great for protecting your hair and skin as you sleep. What’s more, they keep your head cooler. Plus, you can choose from 30 colors in these 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and six sizes from standard, queen, and king, all the way to a body pillow size. With a 4.6-star rating after more than 6,000 reviews, they're a fan favorite.


An Inexpensive Tablet That Was Built For Entertainment

Kick boredom to the curb with millions of movies, TV episodes, songs, books, and games at your fingertips. Give yourself the gift of endless entertainment with Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet. Alexa helps you out with hands-free voice control, and one charge provides seven hours of reading, watching, browsing, and listening from just about anywhere (though Wi-Fi helps). Choose from four colors.


This Thick Yoga Mat That Protects Sensitive Pressure Points

Made with high-density foam, this yoga mat cushions pressure points like your spine, hips, and knees from hard floors, and the double-sided nonslip mat keeps you secure as you twist. This yoga mat is lightweight, it has carrying straps for portability, and users can choose from seven colors. With over 22,000 ratings on Amazon, over half of which are five-star ratings, this yoga mat clearly lives up to the hype.

One happy reviewer wrote: “This exercise mat is actually pretty fantastic given its inexpensive price [...] The padding is cushy and thick enough to protect your back, knees, and other weight-bearing body parts utilized when exercising.”


A Foam Roller That Works Out Sore Muscles

With three massage zones so you get just the right touch of pressure, this foam roller is an ideal way to work out sore muscles from the comfort of your own home. The medium-density roller is comfortable enough even for first-time users, and at $30, it’s a steal when compared to a masseuse. Choose from 15 colors and patterns. It even includes an e-book on how to use it effectively.


A Coconut Hair Mask For Deep Hydration

This nourishing hair mask is made with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, and infused with biotin, offering a deep conditioning treatment. Ideal for dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair, this conditioner is color-safe and cruelty-free. Plus, reviewers can't stop raving about how it smells. "I love the fullness it gives my hair as well as the sweet smell it has. I also use it at times as a leave in for the ends of my hair," one wrote.


These Dust Mop Slippers For A Fun Way To Clean Floors

If you’re tired of cleaning the old-fashioned way, try these dust mop slippers. Just slip them on over bare feet or shoes and walk (or even dance) your way to cleaner floors. These microfiber slippers easily pick up dust, lint, and hair, and when you’re done, you can just toss them in the washing machine.


This Set Of Apple-Safe Nylon Braided Chargers

MFi-certified for compatibility with Apple devices, these nylon braided cables are a budget-friendly charging option that's still super high quality. Copper wires wrapped in nylon ensure durability, and this five pack comes with five cords of varying sizes including, 3-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot cords. Choose from four colors.


This Easy-To-Use Blender That Makes Healthy Smoothies, Sauces, And Way More

The 600-watt motor on the NutriBullet makes it super easy to whip up healthy and nutritious smoothies, delicious homemade sauces, and so much more (as long as it has some liquid in it). The 24-ounce blender cup it comes with is BPA-free, dishwasher safe (top rack only), and it doubles as a to-go cup. "Easy to clean and use. A bit of noise, but it's a blender, what can you do. Very efficient, even with ice, as long as you don't overfill it. I would recommend to anyone. I have a vitamix as well and find myself using this more because it's smaller and easier to clean," one fan wrote.

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