47 Things That Make Your Day Much Better For Less Than $30 On Amazon

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Sometimes it's the small things in life that can turn your entire day around, help you feel more relaxed, and bring a little bit of joy to your world. These 47 things that make your day much better for less than $30 on Amazon are examples of affordable tools, gadgets, and products that will change the way you do things — for the better.

You may be up to your neck in work and responsibilities, but innovative products like a shiatsu massage tool that attaches to your chair and delivers heat to aching muscles and joints can soothe your pains away while you finish up that spreadsheet or project. And while you're working or tending to other business, you can multitask like a pro while wearing zit-busting acne patches, staying cozy in a wearable blanket, or even soaking your feet in a vibrating foot bath.

If you're anticipating a stressful day, you can be proactive and fill a mini oil diffuser with essential oils, break out an adult coloring book and give yourself a much-needed time out, or whip out milk, ice, and other flavored ingredients to make homemade ice cream in a ball-shaped maker in as little as 30 minutes — all of which you'll find on this list. These are the smart and practical products that will take your day from blah to brilliant.


An Essential Oil Pack That Helps You De-Stress And Find Your Inner Calm

Find your inner calm with this set of 100% pure essential oils. The pack features eucalyptus, lavender, lemon grass, orange, peppermint, and tea tree oils — six of the most popular oils that have a variety of benefits. Use these oils individually or together to create blends that promote serenity and calm anxiety. You can add to water to diffuse them or dilute in a carrier oil and apply topically.


This Mini Oil Diffuser That Delivers A Soothing Mist

Diffuse your favorite blends in this mini oil diffuser. It’s super quiet and holds 130mL of water (and oils) to diffuse all day long. Don’t let the small size fool you, this diffuser has an impactful mist and a simple design, with a single button that delivers power, mist, or sleep modes. It features an auto-off function to save energy. The small size keeps your counters clear while the aroma fills your living or work space.


These Pimple Patches That Shrink Zits Overnight

Say goodbye to unwanted acne with these pimple patches. These patches are made of hydrocolloid, which absorbs pus and excess sebum in your pores and helps calm inflammation. It draws these impurities out of the skin, healing the pimple or whitehead without any picking or popping. It also keeps the area clean while it heals. Wear them while you work or sleep and notice a difference in just hours.


The Heated Throw Blanket Made From Soft Fleece

This heated blanket is the coziest purchase you’ll make. The fleece material is soft and comfortable and it has three heat settings and an auto turn-off function that kicks in after three hours to keep you safe. Curl up and watch a movie while staying toasty in this blanket, which is machine washable and safe in your dryer.


This Starter Kit So You Can Grow Your Own Vegetables

If you want to learn how to grow your own vegetables, this starter kit has everything you’ll need. It includes five of each of the following: peat pots, peat discs, plant markers, and seed sachets. And for the foodies, this is an especially fun kit as it has vegetable seeds that are not your run of the mill produce: purple carrots, yellow courgettes, stripped tomatoes, multi-colored swiss chard, and red Brussel sprouts. According to reviewers, the directions are easy to follow and veggies are delicious.


These Refreshing Shower Steamers That Small Amazing

Get all the hydrating benefits of a bath bomb while you shower with these shower steamers. Place one of the flat, fizzy tablets (which come in eucalyptus, vanilla, peppermint, lavender, grapefruit and rose) on your shower floor, turn on the water, and within minutes the tablet will dissolve and fill your shower with a refreshing aroma. They’re safe for your pipes and keep your bathroom smelling pleasant long after your shower.


A Two-Person Hammock For Relaxing On Camping Trips Or Even In Your Backyard

Enjoy resting in the fresh air with this two-person hammock. You can tie it up between trees or poles and it's waterproof and resistant to wind. The hammock folds up and comes with a compression bag for easy storage. Imagine you’re on a beach far away in this roomy hammock, even when you’re just in your backyard.


This Sparkly Slime Kit That's A Breeze To Clean Up

This sparkling slime kit is the perfect activity for kids of all ages. This pack comes with three glues: blue, pink, and purple, as well as a recipe for an easy-to-make slime. This glue is nontoxic and completely washable, so you don’t have to worry about messes. Let the kids go wild making slime that sparkles.


The Soothing Lavender Mist For Pillowcases And Stale Air

Confidently spray this lavender mist on your pillows, bed sheets, or anywhere around the house for a mood boost. Each bottle is hand-blended using lavender essential oil, which creates a relaxing space and can help with insomnia. It also makes an excellent air freshener and eliminates odors, naturally. This product does not have any artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, or parabens.


This Washboard Basin For Hand Washing Delicate Clothing

Hand wash your favorite delicate or small articles of clothing in this washboard basin. It’s small enough to fit in your sink, but large enough to leave room for washing. It holds four quarts of warm, soapy water so you can quickly clean a number of items. The rigged side helps to eliminate dirt and stains while you wash.


An Extra Thick Yoga Mat That Keeps You Steady During Workouts

This extra thick yoga mat helps keep you from slipping during your workout. It measures 71 by 24 inches with a half inch thickness. Both sides of the mat have a non-slip surface to keep you safe during your workout. The lightweight design and convenient strap making carrying this mat to and from the gym so simple. Use it for any workout from cardio to core work to yoga and pilates.


A Soothing Foot Bath With Optional Vibration

Give your feet a little TLC with this easy-to-use foot bath. The bath features built-in massage nodes for soothing and relaxing, as well as a vibration mode for some extra pampering. Plus, you can easily turn on the vibration the buttons with your toes so you don’t have to bend over. One reviewer wrote, “This was really good for the price. It stayed warm, comfortable, and bubbly while I soaked for at least 45 minutes or more. I'm happy with it.”


These Resistance Bands That Provide A Challenging Workout Anywhere

Take your workout to the next level with these resistance bands. These workout bands come in five different resistance levels from extra light to extra heavy to provide the challenge you need. They are excellent for physical therapy, as well as strengthening and recovering from injuries. The band's material is gentle on your skin, but durable for workout after workout. And they come in a drawstring bag that makes them a cinch to store away.


The Set Of Sheet Masks That Target Every Skincare Concern Under The Sun

This pack of face masks lets you try 16 different ingredients to find your favorite and target various skincare needs. Each sheet mask contains formulations like aloe to soothe skin, cucumber for hydration, and charcoal for targeting clogged pores — as well as vitamin E and collagen.


This Bath Bomb Making Kit That Makes 12 Invigorating Fizzies

This bath bomb making kit is a fun activity that ends in a relaxing bath. This kit comes with everything you need including a bath bomb mold, dried flowers, mica powders essential oils, and body glitter. Mix and match oils to discover new recipes — then treat yourself to a bath.


A Bread Baking Recipe Book For Beginners

Learning to make bread at home is a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. This bread baking recipe book teaches you the steps to making delicious kneaded, no-knead, and enriched breads. It walks you through step-by-step, to develop and decorate the tastiest and most beautiful-looking breads.


The Cocktail Shaker Set For Whipping Up Delicious Drinks At Home

Be the mixologist you always dreamed of with this cocktail shaker set. It comes with a leakproof cobbler bar shaker with a built-in strainer, a double-sided jigger, two speed spouts, and a book of recipes. Not only does the bar set have everything you need, but it also looks good. The stainless steel is rust-proof so you can keep making drinks for years to come.


A Coloring Book For Adults That Relieves Stress

Find your zen with this adult coloring book. This book includes coloring pages featuring animals, mandalas, flowers, and paisley patterns that are designed to reduce stress and anxiety. One reviewer says, “most of the art is very intricate and highly detailed and will keep you busy for HOURS and hours.”


The Money-Saving Grooming Kit For DIY Manicures

This affordable manicure grooming set has everything you need to give yourself an affordable DIY manicure and pedicure. It comes with 12 tools, including three sets of clippers, scissors, a cuticle trimmer, tweezers, and a nail file. The small carrying case holds all the tools and makes traveling easy. The durable tools are made of steel.


A Mask For Rough Feet That Sloughs Away Dead Skin

Revitalize your feet with this foot mask. It’s made with natural ingredients like lavender and papaya extracts that slough away dead skin cells and tough calluses. Wear the booties for about an hour and wait a few days — its fruit acids peel back all of the dead skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth.


The Coziest Wearable Fleece Blanket With Pockets

Wrap yourself in the ultimate warm fleece hug — this wearable blanket features long sleeves and roomy pockets where you can store your phone or a remote. The snuggly piece comes in sherpa fleece or kangaroo pocket options, with a choice of 17 colors and prints like plaid and cheetah.


A Smart Bulb That Works With Voice Commands

This smart light bulb will set the mood and save energy all at the same time. They connect to your smart home device and can be voice-controlled. You can change the settings on the bulbs to create a custom lighting experience simply by using an app. The app also allows you to set schedules so lights turn on before you arrive home, or turn off after a certain time. You can even fall to sleep as your lights dim with the sleep mode.


These LED String Lights For Magical Windows

Add a little decor to any space with these long-lasting LED string lights, which look perfect over curtains and window treatments. The string lights hang down, creating a wall of lights that can be set to eight different modes. These lights are waterproof, making them the perfect outdoor decor for your patio, backyard, or porch. Just plug them in and use the controller along the cord to select your light mode.


An Electric Milk Frother To Create Lattes And Cappuccinos

Make whipped coffee or a delicious home-made latte with this milk frother. The battery-powered whisk quietly whips milk or other liquids into a light foam. This whisk is made of stainless steel and even comes with a stand made of the same material. Just push one button to get frothy milk in less than 30 seconds.


The Gadget That Grinds Spices In Seconds

Grind spices evenly and finely with this herb grinder. It’s made of heavy duty zinc alloy and has three chambers: one where the whole herbs go, one where ground herbs stay, and another chamber that catches excess pollen. The diamond-shaped teeth of the grinder create a finely ground herb, plus it’s easy to clean.


A Motivational Water Bottle With Time Markers And A Leakproof Lid

This water bottle is your own personal motivational speaker! With each sip, it reminds you of your goal for the day. The gallon-sized bottle is BPA-free and leakproof and features time markers on the outside to keep you on track with your hydration. The flip up lid is convenient and also makes an excellent handle. Choose among eight colors.


These Soft Yoga Pants With Roomy Side Pockets

These stretchy and comfortable yoga pants feature a high-waist, four-way stretch, slight compression, and moisture-wicking features are perfect for keeping you comfortable during your workout. They also boast two side pockets that are ideal for holding your smartphone and they come in 15 colors.


A Space-Saving Vertical Hanger To Make The Most Of Small Closets

Get more space in your closet, even if your closet is small and narrow, with these cascading hangers. The hangers can be used horizontally or vertically to free up space and each fits five articles of clothing (the entire set can hold 50 shirts, jackets, or dresses.


A High Pressure Rain Shower Head That Feels More Luxurious

Turn your shower into a luxurious spa with this chrome-finish rain shower head. Unlike most rain showers, this head attachment provides high-pressure that can relax your whole body and save money on your water bill. It’s easy to install and comes with teflon tape and an additional water filter. The rust proof plastic material makes this head last for years with little to no maintenance.


The Casual-Cool Jogger Sweatpants That Come In More Than 40 Shades

Comfort and cute combine forces in these jogger sweatpants. The polyester and spandex blend fabric is soft and stretchy without being see-through, according to thousands of reviewers. The high waistband comes in three different heights so you can choose your favorite style. Plus there are more than 40 colors available to match any outfit. The cuffed ankle is perfect for working out, running errands, or just staying cozy at home.


These Flexible Storage Bags That Fit Under Your Bed

Store extra blankets or sheets in these under-bed storage containers. The flexible bins are made of eco-friendly non-woven fabric and are breathable, yet sturdy. Each one has four handles making it easy to take out and put away, plus a transparent window on the top allows you to see what’s being stored without having to open it.


A Hydrating Eye Stick That Feels Cool When You Apply It

If you’re looking for a soothing yet affordable under-eye treatment, give this hydrating eye stick a try. More than 1,500 reviewers have given it a perfect five-star rating on Amazon. One fan wrote, “The cooling eye stick (Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick) is a game changer. It is very cool when it touches the skin (exactly what I need), non-greasy, and easy to apply.” Another described, “This helps moisturize the skin and it feels so cool every time.”


This Highly Absorbent Hair Towel Wrap That Cuts Down On Drying Time

Dry your hair faster with this microfiber hair towel from Kitsch. This soft towel absorbs more water faster than traditional cotton towels so you can cut down on blow drying time. Reviewers say this towel it's great a reducing unwanted frizz or breakage. Its smaller size is perfect for twisting around your hair and keeping it in place while you do other things.


An Invigorating Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush That Removed Product Buildup

Give your hair a deep clean while you relax with this scalp massager. This shampoo brush has thick silicone bristles that work to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup from your hair, while stimulating the blood flow in your scalp. It has an easy-to-use palm-size grip that makes shampooing a breeze.


These Gentle Hair Ties That Won't Break Strands

These durable, but gentle spiral hair ties keep your ponytail or style in place, but won't break strands or cause split ends when you remove them. The ties comes in clear, brown, or black to complement hair colors and are water resistant.


These Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Prevent Eye Strain When You're On Your Computer

Spending hours on your computer or other devices may be necessary for work or other reasons, but it's not kind to your eyes. Prevent eye strain and headaches with these blue light blocking glasses, which block blue light and come in eight frame shades and prints like leopard.


A Teeth Whitening Kit That Works Fast

This teeth whitening kit comes with three syringes filled with brightening carbamide peroxide, as well as moldable trays and a special LED light that accelerates the whitening process. Reviewers say the formula is gentle, works fast, and is truly effective at lifting stains from teeth.


An Affordable Pair Of Comfy Slippers With Nonslip Soles

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a comfortable pair of house shoes. This affordable pair of slippers features a thick yet lightweight EVA sole, with a nonslip bottom to help you keep your balance as you move. The slippers come in a wide range of neutral and pastel hues, including this pretty pink color.


This Moisturizing Essence With Marine Minerals That Tones Your Skin

A cross between a balancing toner and a hydrating moisturizer, this essence contains soothing ingredients like green tea, aloe, cucumber, and marine minerals that tone your skin and prep it for serums and lotions. Reviewers say it improves skin texture and can even help fade acne scars.


A Night Light That Projects Stars On Your Ceiling And Walls

Make your room a little more magical with this night light star projector, which has LED lights that project stars onto your ceiling or walls and has four modes that include twinkling stars and leaping mode. The light has a 30 minute timer and can be positioned vertically or horizontally, as well as hung from a clip.


An Eyebrow Grooming Kit With Every Tool You Need

Groom your brows without visiting a salon with this comprehensive brow grooming kit, which comes with four different types of tweezers, scissors, an eyebrow brush and comb, and and eye brow pencil. The rust-resistant stainless steel tools come in a secure travel case for storage and portability.


The Clay Starter Kit With 36 Colored Clay Blocks For Crafty Fun

Get creative with this clay starter kit that includes 36 colorful clay blocks, five sculpting tools, accessories, a booklet with project ideas, and a storage box. Reviewers say the kit is perfect for simple crafts and projects.


These Moisturizing Gloves That Soften Hands

Infused with vitamin E and essential oils like grape seed, jojoba, and olive oils, these moisturizing gloves help remove calluses and soften dry, cracked skin on your hands. Apply the gloves, wear them for 20 to 30 minutes while you watch TV or relax, and remove them to reveal smoother skin.


A Motivational Book To Help You Get Through Tough Times

If you feel like your mind is your worst enemy, this motivational book can help with advice on how to stop toxic thinking patterns and embrace more positivity in your life. This book is written by Jennie Allen, the New York Times bestselling author of Nothing to Prove.


An Adult Party Game That Will Leave You And Your Friends In Stitches

Draw a card and accept a dare (like telling your funniest joke). Then accept your fate if you fail (everyone must take a sip of their cocktail, beer, water, or whatever else they're drinking if no one laughs at your best joke). This adult party game can be played with two to eight friends and is sure to leave everyone laughing and in high spirits.


The Ice-Cream Maker That Creates Frozen Desserts As You Roll It Around

It may look like a toy ball at first glance, but it's actually an ice cream maker. Add your ice cream mix and ice to the ball, close the lid, and roll and (gently) toss it around for about 30 minutes to mix the ingredients together. When everything’s well-blended, you’ve got yourself a delicious treat. Reviewers report that it’s particularly fun to try with kids. One fan attested, “This does make the best homemade ice cream!”


The Wildly Popular Family Game That Involves Kittens And Explosions

This family-friendly card game is a little like Russian roulette, but involves kittens, laser beams, and explosions. The popular game, described as a game of strategy, has sold over 9 million copies, boasts more than 29,000 reviews, and reviewers say it's easy for kids to learn and fun for the entire family.