8 Dog-Friendly Airbnb Experiences That You Can Book With Your Pup Right Now

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Though dog owners might argue that every day of the year is a holiday when you have a furry friend by your side, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, which means that it's time to make some extraordinary plans for you and your dog. Even if you don't have a dog, you might want to check out one of the many dog-friendly Airbnb experiences that are available to book on the site, because many of them come with dogs — literally.

Not only can you can spend a few hours hanging out with various rescue dogs around the country, but you can also adopt them if you're in the market for a rescue and you make a connection with one of the dogs and are approved by the shelter. But whether you're looking to add a fury friend to your home, or looking to volunteer some of your time to help the greater doggo community, you'll want to check out some of these Airbnb experiences.

And of course, if you're looking for a dog-friendly trip for the pup you already have, you can browse through Airbnb's various accommodations that are more than happy to host you and your pup. That said, always let your host personally that you'll be arriving with your dog, just to ensure that it's clearly communicated. Also, if you plan on bringing your dog with you for a rescue dog experience, check with the host first to make sure that it's OK. Here are a few dog experiences with glowing reviews that you'll want to check out.

Walk Rescue Dog at The National Mall, Washington D.C.


Lucky Dog rescue is offering a $30 tour of Washington D.C., on leash. You'll get to spend two hours with a rescue dog and a tour guide, giving the pup some fresh air and exercise, and giving you a locals tour of the capital city. Book it here now.

SUP PUP Paddleboard Tours, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


For $47, you get 90 minutes of paddle board time, some beer or wine, and a photo album worth of memories for you to cherish or laugh at forever. Though you and your adventurous pup are not guaranteed to stay dry with this adventure, fun and sun are sure things. Human life vests are included though you should bring a dog life vest for your pup if they are not comfortable in the water. Book it here now.

Explore Franklin With a Rescue Dog, Franklin, TN


A portion of your $19 ticket price will go towards the rescue dog non profit, Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue, the shelter that your hiking partner will come from. This two and a half hour hiking trip around Franklin will give a rescue pup a chance to get out and get active and will give you a chance to explore a new city with a native community member. Book it here now.

Paint your Pet / FEATHERS AND FUR, Hillsboro, OR


If you've always dreamt of being able to paint your pup, but don't have the studio art skills to actually make that a reality, you're going to swoon for this experience. For $85, you'll get three hours of painting class with a professional art teacher, plus a canvas, and tons of snacks. Before your lesson, your teacher will pre paint the canvas with the outline of your dog (you'll email a pic) so that you're starting the class off with a bit of guidance. By the end of the three hours, you'll be leaving with a portrait of your pup that's far more impressive than anything you thought you were capable of. AKA, you might also be leaving with a new hobby or passion. Book it here now.

Hike Runyon Canyon with Rescue Dog, Los Angeles, CA (Social Impact)


Free Animal Doctor organization is hosting this social impact event, in which 100 percent of proceeds go toward helping dog owners pay for vet bills. For only $45, you'll get to spend two hours hiking around Runyon Canyon with a crew of rescue dogs, getting your exercise on and your charity on at the same time. Book it here now.

GoPro Dogs at The Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA


This dog event is hosted by a professional GoPro action dog photographer, who has tons of amazing pictures in her portfolio of pups in action to show you what you and your pup are in for. For $35, you'll get two hours of photoshoot time for your pup, while socializing and having a drink with other dog owners in your community, all while hanging out at the iconic Crissy Field Beach, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop. Dog treats and all equipment is provided on site. Book it here now.

Beach Day with Rescue Dogs, San Diego, CA (Social Impact)


Free Animal Doctor is a non profit organization that helps people with big vet bills to raise money to pay them. As one of Airbnb's social impact programs, all proceeds of this $45 ticketed event will go toward the charity. Admission will get you two hours with a crew of rescue pups on the beach, where you'll walk together, enjoying refreshing drinks and hang with other dog lovers in your community. Book it here now.

Drink Draft at Mutt Mixer with Rescue Dog, Kenmore, WA


Twice a month, and for only $25 a person, you can hang out at a microbrewery and play with rescue dogs at the same time. Your registration fee goes towards Dog Gone Seattle, the no-kill rescue shelter that's partnered with Cairn Brewing, so you'll be supporting the rescue simply by showing up, but offering even more support by spending some time with their rescue dogs, giving them a chance to get socialized and loved on before they head back to the shelter. Whether you're looking for an opportunity to adopt a dog or just want to volunteer sometime to help out a good cause, this bi-monthly event was made for the truest dog lovers and supporters. Oh, and the craft beers aren't a bad perk. Book it here now.