Mother's Day

25 Questions To Ask Your Mom So You Two Can Get Closer

Some of these might make her (and you) cry.

25 Questions To Ask Your Mom So You Two Can Get Closer
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May 9 shouldn't just be about which sibling gets your mom the best Mother’s Day present (you, obviously), picking out the perfect card, or planning the perfect celebration. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of spending time with your loved ones. There’s no better way to show appreciation for your mom this year than by learning about what makes her who she is. Forgive me for sounding corny, but Mother's Day should be more about getting to know your mom and spending time with her than celebrating with material items.

Sure, it's nice to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with a gift you know she'll love and use a lot. But it's even nicer to attempt to get to know her as a real-life, actual person. It's easy to see your mom as just your mom and to forget that she had a life before she even knew you would exist. It's easy for her to forget that too! What a lot of mothers would really appreciate on Mother's Day is the chance to let their children get to know them so that their relationship can grow and their bond can get stronger.

The other thing to consider here? One day your mom won't be around, and you won't get to ask her any of this stuff. Regardless of how well you get along with your mother, don't you want to get to know her more? Do it now while you still have the chance — there are plenty of people who would kill for that time. So, this Mother's Day, buy a bottle of her favorite wine, sit outside and enjoy the sun, and talk. Here are 25 questions to get you started.

1. How did you meet Dad, and how did you know he was “The One?”

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If you don't know about how your parents met, or have an idea of what their relationship was like before you came along, you need to find out.

2. Who was your first boyfriend? What was he like?

It may seem odd to think about your mom with other people, but it's certainly quite possible that she dated other dudes before finding your dad.

3. What is the most rebellious thing you ever did in high school?

Your mom was probably pretty awesome when she was a teen. Give her a chance to reminisce!

4. What's one thing you wish you did differently before you got married or had kids?

This is where you start asking the hard-hitting questions.

5. What is one thing about our relationship you wish you could change?

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If you want to build a stronger relationship with your mom, now is the best time to do it.

6. What question do you wish you could ask your mom?

After all, grandmothers usually know best.

7. If you had all the money to do one thing right now, what would you do?

Hey, who knows — maybe you two can try to make it happen together.

8. What is a goal you want to achieve in the next 10 years?

Your mom has ambitions and dreams too! You should care about them just as much as she cares about yours.

9. What's the hardest thing about being a mom? What's the best thing?

In case you want to get deep.

10. If you could go back in time to one moment, what would it be?

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Mom's stories are always the best. Ask her why this moment in particular means so much.

11. What was your dream job when you were younger?

It's so interesting to hear about what your mom wanted before she had a family.

12. What do you wish you did differently when you were a new mom?

Listen up — there are probably some lessons to be learned here.

13. What do you miss the most about being a kid?

This might make her cry.

14. If we could do anything together, what would you want it to be?

Then make it happen! Mother-daughter bonding time for real!

15. What was your life like before you had kids?

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Remember: She was probably really different before you came around. Get to know that side of your mom. It's so rewarding.

16. What do you think are the most important qualities to look for in a significant other?

Learn from your mom’s mistakes, chances are she’s learned a thing or two over the years.

17. What was the biggest risk you have ever taken in your life? Do you regret it?

This could be anything from financial risks to relationship risks. This will be a monumental moment from her life.

18. Based on your experiences, what is the one thing that I should make sure to do before marriage?

Learn from your mom, chances are you’ll want to take her advice on this one.

19. What is a memory from your childhood that sticks with you?

You can’t imagine your mom’s life without you in it, learn a little about it.

20. What moment in my life were you proudest of me?

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Break out the tissues for this one.

21. In 10 years, where do you hope to see me in life?

Your mom will most likely be proud of you for any future accomplishments.

22. What is a beauty trick you swear by?

Oh, so that’s how mom stays so pretty.

23. What was the hardest moment in your life? How did you overcome it?

Learn a little something about overcoming challenges from one of the strongest people in your life.

24. If you could change anything about the world, what would it be?

It’s interesting to know what mom would choose to change if she had the resources to do so.

25. What is the truest thing that you know?

This question may seem odd, but Mom has been around a lot longer than you have and has probably seen a few things in her life. Let her tell you what she has discovered.

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