Mother's Day

21 Text Messages That'll Make Your Mom Laugh On Mother’s Day

#12: Acknowledge you’re the favorite.

by Brittany Bennett and Siena Gagliano
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Kris Jenner texts. Funny Mother's Day text ideas.

Let’s be honest: As much as you wish that notification buzz was your latest love interest, it’s probably your mom. One day you’ll begin to appreciate her inquiries about your whereabouts, or even her daily check-ins, or that day may have already come. The only thing Mom loves more than sending her children a text is receiving one, and what better way to brighten her spirit this Mother's Day than by one of these funny Mother's Day text ideas to send to your mom? You'll obviously be penning a gracious greeting card for her as well, but you can’t let a day go by without a text conversation.

Whether you're the kind of kid she'd expect it from or not, a funny text will give mom a chuckle. And isn't the whole point of the day is to keep a smile on your mom's face? Some would even consider laughing to be the greatest gift. Plus, all those text alerts blowing up her phone will make her feel appreciated — just as a bouquet of flowers would. So forget the floral arrangement (or don't) and make sure your mom is laughing all day with a string of funny text messages.


Send A Selfie

Your mom definitely thinks you're a supermodel. So send her selfies throughout the day doing things she taught you how to do — like your dishes. And laundry. And shooting hoops. All with a smile on your face and a big thumbs up. It's all because of her that you're a functioning adult human!


Ask Life Advice

Illuminate your mom's home screen with a barrage of life advice questions. It's the digital version of saying "mom" one hundred times in a row. Greet her with a "Happy Mother's Day!" and then follow it with a bunch of questions. Such as, "Mom, how do I fold a fitted sheet?" "Mom, how do you keep baking soda stay fresh for a long time?" "Mom, how does one change a tire?" You might get an even funnier text back from the queen of underrated comedy.


Ask Her Out!

Hopefully, mom will make you the luckiest child ever and accept your invitation to brunch, in-person or virtual!


Send Pictures Of Wine

If you can't physically be in your mother's presence and therefore can’t share a bottle of chilled wine, just continue to send pictures of wine to let her know that you're thinking of her.


GIFs. So many GIFs.

Mom's love GIFs. They might not get GIFs. But they love GIFs.


Thank Her For Life

Sometimes dramatic texts can be funny. That said, life is pretty huge. If Mother's Day is a 24-hour marathon of appreciation (all of your life should be, really), go big with it and thank her for the ultimate thing: LIFE.


Food Puns

Get silly with your texts and send over puns. You can say something like, "I'm so grapeful for your love!" or "You and dad make a great pear!"



If you're showing her a lot of appreciation, it could also be funny to take responsibility. Apologize to mom for kicking her in the womb. For those teen years. For that time you didn't text her when you got home and then fell asleep and then woke up to 50 missed calls from her. You know, light general stuff that could make her giggle. And then thank her again for loving you through it all.


Send A Venmo

If you can, send your mom a few dollars! If you think about it, all us kids are probably in thousands of dollars of debt to mom. Between all those diapers and groceries we went through as babies and children, doing good on those non-existent IOUs from childhood could be a funny way to say thank you. Just specify she has to use your Venmo to treat herself.


Say "Mom" A Million Times

And that's it. Just send mom a string of "mom" texts and see how she reacts. It's not like she hasn't heard it before.


Thank Her For Your Genes

It is all about saying "thank you" on Mother's Day. But thank her mostly because her genes were on point.


Acknowledge That You're The Favorite

Whether you're an only child or not, send her a text acknowledging that you're her favorite kid and be relentless in the claim, but don't worry, her secret is safe with you. The favorite.


Tell Her She’s The Cool Mom

Let her know that the years of embarrassment you used to think she caused you, actually weren’t that bad. When you look back at it now, she was the coolest mom out there.


Send Her Hilarious Photos Of Herself

Compile a load of the funniest pictures you can find of your mom. The ones that caught her a little off-guard. But, be warned: she may not like you very much at the end of it.


Announce That You’re Single

If your mom constantly asks when you’re finally going to get a significant other, tell her you don’t need one because you have her! Chances are she’ll laugh and (hopefully) stop asking so much.


Send Her A Mother’s Day Recipe

In lieu of flowers, send her something she can make herself: a tasty cocktail. My favorite includes tonic water and one, er maybe two, shots of gin — to spice things up, of course.


Send Memes. Lots Of Them.

Similar to GIFs, moms love ‘em. You’ll get bonus points for sending the cheesiest one you can find. In order to find the best memes, do some lurking on Reddit or 9gag. Warning: you may find yourself scrolling for literally hours.


Gift Her A Day Of Silence

I mean, what more can a mom want? “Hey, mom! Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for another favor. My gift to you is a day of silence, no need to answer the thousands of texts I send you every day. For today only, BTW. I still need your lasagna recipe tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day!”


Thank Her For Being Your Therapist

Who else, other than a mother, is forced to listen to all of your problems without complaining? “Hey, mom! Just want to pop over and thank you for being my personal therapist my entire life. I know you’re forced to listen. Happy Mother’s Day! XO, your grateful patient!”


Send Her A List Of Her Favorite Quotes

Every kid remembers their mom’s go-to quotes from their childhood. List them all out and shoot her a text. She’s sure to laugh with this one.


Tell Her She Was Right

After years of rebelling as a child, your mom will definitely find satisfaction in knowing that she was right after all of those years. Took you long enough to figure out that wearing sunscreen is actually totally necessary.

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