9 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter As An Adult

by Chrissa Hardy
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When you're a kid growing up in a Christian, or even mildly Christian-adjacent household, you have to celebrate Easter Sunday the way your family chooses to do so. You might have to dress up, attend church, and then sit down together as a family and enjoy a giant ham. But when you're an adult, you can celebrate Easter however you choose. You can go home to see the family, but you can also stick with friends, have a bunch of Peeptinis, and create your own traditions. And honestly, the latter is just way more fun.

Not that the Easters of your past weren't fun. I mean, there was a bunny who delivered toys and candy nestled in fake grass, for crying out loud. Those were good times.

Once you're an adult living on your own, however, you have the freedom to spend holidays doing exactly what you want to do. If you don't see the family this year, at least give them a call. But then, feel free to bask in the beauty of a grownup Easter with friends, your pets, or just you and your TV.

Here are a bunch of fun ways to celebrate Easter as an adult.

1. Sleep Extra Late

If you don't observe the holiday from a traditionally religious standpoint, you don't need to set your alarm to get up early and head to church. Or go visit your aunt for a big Easter breakfast. You can sleep as late as you want. And you work hard, so you deserve this restful splurge.

2. Have Peeps For Breakfast

Add peeps to your pancakes. Dip them in your yogurt. Make your Lucky Charms extra lucky with some mini Peeps. Eat a Peep cupcake while sipping your coffee. Your mom isn't here. She doesn't need to know how much sugar you're eating first thing in the morning. This is what adulthood is all about.

3. Have A Boozy Brunch

Make a date with your besties to celebrate the big bunny and everything else Easter over omelettes and bottomless mimosas.

4. Give Yourself An Easter Basket

You know what's better than getting an Easter basket full of goodies from your parents? Giving yourself an Easter basket full of goodies that YOU picked out. And even though there's sometimes weird societal shame tied to buying yourself gifts on holidays, who cares? You deserve all the wonderful things, and who knows what you love better than you?

5. Don't Put On Real Pants

Easter is an important day for attire. It's all pastels and spring dresses and nice shoes. But being an adult includes deciding what you are most comfortable in and making your own fashion rules. So if you don't want to wear pants, or even pastels, or change out of your sweats, guess what? That's OK!

6. Make Your Own Traditions

You don't have to do what your family has always done for Easter. You can do your own thing and create your own traditions. If you want to skip the ham and eat pizza — you can! If you want to wear all black and watch You've Got Mail instead of a classic Easter flick, that's your call. Adulthood is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

7. Have An Egg Race For Money

Gather your favorite humans together, crack open some beers, and then see who can walk in a straight line with an egg on a spoon. Place bets. Raise the stakes. Make the loser do something ridiculous. Give the winner all the money. Make it awesome.

8. Dress Up Your Nails

Call it a treat. Call it self-care. Call it whatever you want to call it — just get yourself a mani for Easter. You can go all pastels, bunny ears, Easter eggs, or even just black nails if you want to boycott the spring color scheme. It's a fantastic excuse for a relaxing hour.

9. Don't Watch The News

Of course it's important to stay informed about what's going on in the world, especially right now. But it's good to get some distance every now and then. You can go back to screaming internally tomorrow. Today, just chill.

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