5 Airbnbs You’ll Remember From Your Favorite ‘90s Movies & TV Shows

Does it get more iconic than The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air mansion?

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5 Airbnbs Used In ‘90s Movies & TV Shows

Ahhh, the nineties: boy bands and girl groups, East versus West coast rap, and choker necklaces that complimented your skirt and leggings combo. All of that was great, but there was nothing quite like the ‘90s films and television shows that defined the decade — think: Saved By the Bell, Friends, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If reminiscing on the good ‘ol days has you feeling nostalgic, then boy, do we have a solution for you. You can stay in some of the coolest Airbnbs used in ‘90s movies and TV show, you know, to channel arguably the best decade in history.

Sure, it’s fun to look at photos of the actual homes used for the set of some of the most famous films, but what’s even cooler is the fact that you can spend a few nights in some of them as well. With a little research and the accommodations of Airbnb, we were able to find some of the best Airbnbs used in classic ‘90s movies and television shows. The best part? Some of the homes still have the original designs of the set used in those films, so you can basically feel like you’re a part of the cast.

The ‘90s are a time of the past, but the years are certainly not forgotten. Pull out those chunky platforms and grab your favorite VHS tape, because these five Airbnbs used in ‘90s movies and TV shows are totally nostalgic.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mansion


There are few things more iconic in the ‘90s than The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air mansion. For the television show’s 30th anniversary in 2020, Airbnb and Will Smith opened up the famous crib for Los Angeles residents to book on a select few dates, for only $30 per night. As you can imagine, people jumped at the chance to spend a few nights at the mansion for an incredibly affordable price. The house is filled with graffiti and actual memorabilia from the show. If you were one of the lucky few to snag the home, you were also virtually greeted by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff, you know, to make the experience feel complete.

The Spice World Tour Bus

If you wannabe a Spice Girl, you gotta book a night on this bus... Why? Well, because it’s the original bus used in the Spice World film. Remember when Victoria Beckham, aka “Posh Spice,” showed off her epic driving skills as the girls were holding on for dear life, while balancing on their 10-inch platforms? Or when Mel B “lost” her boots and the girls broke out into a full on “fight” on the way to the next concert? Ah, the memories are flooding back. You may not be able to stay on the double-decker party bus anymore, but in 2019, it was available for all Airbnb users if they booked it quick enough before it sold out!

Shakespeare In Love


The 1998 film Shakespeare In Love starred Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes. Sure, the movie was popular, but everyone knew the most memorable part was the love scene between the two stars. When Shakespeare discovers that the young man he has been confiding in is actually his true love Viola, passion breaks lose. Ahhh, romance. And you know... the bed that passion and romance occurred in is the very bed that you, yourself could have slept in when the home was available on Airbnb. I’m not sure how you personally feel about that, but hey, it’s pretty cool. This home in the historic Suffolk, U.K. was also on the market for £1.25 million (approximately $1.7 million U.S. dollars), but the famous bed unfortunately was not included.

Golden Girls’ Cottage

The Golden Girls ran from 1985-1992 and is arguably one of the most beloved TV shows to this day. Fun fact: Located near Lake Murray and the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma, the cottage is actually the original childhood home of the late Rue McClanahan (who played Blanche of The Golden Girls). The cottage is said to have been used by the cast as a girls’ getaway and anniversary celebrations. The best part? You can book a stay for $215 a night! The three bedroom home is the perfect escape for you and a few friends, and you can enjoy the home owner’s beautiful personal photography lining the walls.

Saved by the Bell-Inspired Duplex

Although this is not the actual set that Saved by the Bell was filmed in, it might as well be! For $172 a night, you can book a stay for up to six guests at this ‘90s-inspired Airbnb in Dallas, Texas. The duplex is a total blast from the past, featuring recreated some of the most memortable sets from Saved by the Bell. Remember Zack, Slater, Lisa, Screech, Jessie, and Kelly's favorite hangout spot, aka “The Max” diner? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the diner in this duplex is almost identical to the one that appears in the now-iconic show. The bright colors and decor will make you feel like you’re actually on the set. Enjoy a meal in the throwback diner, play a few retro video games, and throw on a VHS movie before bed. Because what else would you do back in the ‘90s?

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