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An Astrologer Explains Why Annie Of Bridesmaids Is Such A Leo

Throwing a literal tantrum? Classic Leo move.

Annie Walker Of 'Bridesmaids' Is A Leo, According To An Astrologer
Bridesmaids/Universal Studios

In Astrologically Speaking, astrologers make their case for your favorite character's zodiac sign, based on specific scenes, quotes, and even fashion choices. Here, Nina Kahn, author of Astrology for Life and Wander the Stars, explains why Annie Walker of Bridesmaids is most definitely a Leo.

Because this year marks the 10-year anniversary of Bridesmaids (feel old yet?), I found myself rewatching the classic rom-com. And after my recent viewing, I can say with confidence as an astrologer that Kristen Wiig’s character, Annie, is most definitely a Leo.

In case you need a refresher, the plot of Bridesmaids centers around Annie Walker, a woman in her mid-30s who’s struggling after losing her business, her boyfriend, and her savings. Her longtime bestie Lillian reveals that she’s getting married — and thus commences a series of outrageous performances and over-the-top displays of emotion that only a Leo with a broken heart could conjure up. While we may not have Annie’s fictional birth certificate in hand, I think I can convince you that she’s most definitely born under the sign of the lion.

1. She Can Be A Drama Queen

Leos are fire signs, and they thrive when they’re the center of attention. So it makes sense that when Annie meets Lillian’s other bestie — the rich and glamorous Helen — she feels that her rightful place as top-tier BFF is being threatened. Leos never want to be second best, so watching Helen show her up in the pre-wedding-ritual department by being able to plan lavish parties and buy extravagant gifts summons Annie’s dramatic inner lion. At Lillian’s engagement party, we see Annie repeatedly try to one-up Lillian and get the last word during the toasts.

Then Annie enters full-blown drama queen territory again at Lillian’s bridal shower, when she throws a literal tantrum out of jealousy over Lillian and Helen’s friendship. This culminates in a screaming fit and her tearing down decorations as guests watch in horror. “This is supposed to be about my time,” Lillian furiously has to remind Annie after her performance. Annie’s Leonian need for attention and validation goes too far and ends up ruining the party, as well as putting her friendship with Lillian on thin ice.

2. She Has A Deep Sense Of Pride — But It’s Been Damaged

Leos are the singular zodiac sign ruled by the sun, so they naturally want to shine and share their warmth with others. But when we meet Annie, she’s down on her luck and she’s lost almost everything she was proud of. This causes her to act out in all sorts of immature and attention-seeking ways, as she’s trying desperately to mend her valued sense of pride and prove that she’s still the bright and confident Leo she is inside.

Annie’s hubris gets in her way on several occasions throughout the film, perhaps most notably when she refuses to accept Helen’s offer to buy her a first-class ticket to the bachelorette party. This, of course, results in Annie sitting alone in economy, mixing anti-anxiety medication with alcohol to calm her fear of flying, and causing such a ruckus that the plane lands early and the group never makes it to their destination. We see Annie’s pomposity at work yet again when she refuses to admit that the restaurant she chose caused the wedding party to get food poisoning right before trying on bridesmaids dresses.

A Leo’s pride is usually a good thing. But when their egos have been bruised and battered, as Annie’s has, they can succumb to a pity party of insecurity. This is clearly illustrated by Annie’s constant negativity and jealousy toward other people’s successes. She rolls her eyes at anyone who appears to be in love (remember when she practically drives an engaged couple out of the jewelry store where she works with her cynical sentiments about relationships?) and struggles to be happy for anyone who has something that she doesn’t.

3. Her Image Is Important To Her

Let’s talk about Annie’s now-defunct but meaningful entrepreneurial endeavor: Cake Baby. Annie’s beloved bakery was shuttered and the business was lost, but it still offers us lots of insight into Annie’s Leo-like qualities.

Leo is the sign that rules passion projects and self-expression, so it makes sense that Annie had the courage and confidence to pursue her creative dreams by opening her own bakery. But what makes this all even more Leo is the fact that Cake Baby’s logo was her face, which puts her identity front and center. Is there anything more Leo than branding your business with your own image?

While Annie doesn’t come off as a fashionista of any sort, she shows how conscious she is of her image in other ways: At the beginning of the movie, she wakes up next to a man the morning after a hookup, rush to the bathroom to put on a face full of makeup, and dive back into bed to pretend she was sleeping the whole time — fresh mascara and all. The need to create this I-woke-up-like-this illusion of glamor speaks to Annie’s naturally performative Leo sun.


Annie is a generous and passionate Leo with a big heart who loves sharing her warm sense of humor and showing off her talents. While her bruised ego causes her to fall into some of Leo’s darker qualities and lead Lillian’s bridal party into drama, her sunshiny spirit shines through the antics. Leos are the zodiac’s superstars for a reason, and Annie’s expressive Leo personality is what drives the attention-grabbing plot of Bridesmaids from start to finish.