Is Aries Compatible With Aquarius In Relationships?

Air fuels fire.

Aries and Aquarius zodiac compatibility
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If anyone’s going to melt the heart of the zodiac’s ice-cold, Aquarius, it’s going to be Aries. Both Aries and Aquarius are two unique signs who can appreciate each other’s quirks in a way that no one else can. The impulsive ram and the intellectual water bearer don’t seem like a compatible pair on the surface. While they do have a lot of differences, they share a lot of similarities as well. Aries and Aquarius’ zodiac compatibility has everything you need to know about this progressive fire and air sign couple.

“There’s never a dull moment between these two, and it has the potential to be an amazing relationship,” Michelle Welch, astrologer and owner of SoulTopia, LLC, tells Bustle. “With Aries’ initiative and drive, and the creative vision of Aquarius, the two together could be unstoppable. They see the world in two completely different ways, but there will be mutual respect and even admiration.”

Intellectually, Aries and Aquarius make a great match. According to astrologer Elisa Robyn, Ph.D., the ram will find their “mental boundaries shaken and realigned” by the open-minded Aquarius. “Why travel in the straight line when you can explore side roads along the way?” Robyn says. “They will engage each other with humor, jokes, and interesting topics. These two will love their cognitive adventures!”

Air fuels fire, which translates to natural chemistry for this zodiac match. “Both Aries and Aquarius are masculine signs, so this is a relationship that will simultaneously have a great deal of energy, stamina, and stubbornness,” Robyn says. Aries will bring the heat, passion, and energy into the bedroom, while Aquarius will bring creativity and adventure. Aquarius is always on the lookout for new toys to play around with, and Aries is always game to try anything at least once. Both signs will feel like they’ve finally found a partner who can fulfill their sexual needs.

However, these two will run into problems when it comes to emotional bonding. According to Robyn, Aries is ruled by the “hot-headed warrior,” Mars, while the distant and cold Uranus rules Aquarius. While Aries tend to feel things deeply, it’s not in their nature to be vulnerable. Aquarius is more logical and tends to find emotions distracting. It’s not that they don’t care; it’s just harder for them to trust feelings over logic. No matter how good the chemistry is, if neither partner is willing to open up, their relationship may leave them feeling empty and lonely.

Another potential problem area is their love of freedom. While both partners need space in a relationship, Aries likes the idea of freedom, while Aquarius sees it as a lifestyle. “Aquarius can commit to relationships, but their minds and souls will always crave flying to a distant star,” Robyn says. Aries tends to be possessive, while Aquarius is a natural-born rebel. Aries likes being in control, which they will never truly get with an Aquarius partner. That may be tough for some rams to accept.

Overall, this isn’t a bad match for either sign. If they can work on opening up emotionally, this has the potential to last. “This relationship can be intellectually and spiritually engaging and can result in a wonderful couple who will rock the world,” Robyn says.


Elisa Robyn, PhD, astrologer and astrology transitions consultant

Michelle Welch, astrologer and owner of SoulTopia, LLC