Here's Your August 2020 Horoscope, Virgo

It's time to think about how you're getting in your own way.

Your August 2020 Horoscope For Virgo

Happy almost-birthday, Virgo! The sun is in Leo until August 23, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make the most of this time. With the sun in your house of undoing and dreams, prepare for clarity regarding matters that are out of your hands. Mercury, the ruler of your house of self, will join the sun within the sign Leo on August 5. Expect to receive messages in your dreams regarding creative programs and new ways to find your shine. With Aries Chiron continuing the passage through your house of transformation and intimacy, it's asking you to be considerate of how you’ve gotten in your own way. Once the sun finally enters Virgo in your house of self, you’ll get clarity on what’s next.

What August 2020 Has In Store For Virgo’s Relationships

The ruler of your house of relationships, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is retrograde in your house of pleasure. Believe it or not, Virgo, it’s time to unpack how and why you go about pleasure as you do. There’s nothing wrong with being traditional or even old-fashion, but not at the expense of your creative energy. As Neptune, the planet of illusions, continues to transit through your house of close relationships, you’ll have to learn how to accept that not all is as it seems. Learn to embrace the inability to grasp or make sense to those closest to you — perhaps the questions you seek require a deep look inwards.

Tarot Card of the Month For Virgo

The World: Opportunities are being presented to you, so choose wisely.