15 Genius Storage Solutions For Your Next Bathroom Refresh

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15 Genius Storage Solutions For Your Bathroom

Whether you refer to it as the powder room, lavatory, or even water closet, the bathroom is an inescapable part of your daily routine and can either be really organized or a hot mess. Don’t worry — it’s totally natural for this space to get a little cluttered from time to time with all of the self-care gadgets and TikTok-influenced makeup that wander in and out on everyday. Thankfully, there are seemingly infinite ways to divide and conquer your go-to products, towels, and other bathroom essentials with just a click of the add to cart button.

For keeping your toothbrushes nice and tidy, there’s a sleek holder designed specifically for your handheld bristles. If you’re just wanting to get rid of overly branded packaging and switch to something more neutral, look no further than bamboo-lid jars and a push-button soap dispenser that stays put in the shower. Maybe your biggest concern is keeping your daily supplements in order. In that case, there’s an ultra-structured bin that will do the trick in no time. See? Seemingly infinite options here.

Your bathroom doesn’t need to be perfectly put-together all the time, but these genius storage solutions will aid in sprucing up the majority of your space. After all, there is no better feeling than walking into a streamlined space where you know exactly where the fresh towels are and how to access the emergency TP. Okay, maybe that’s a little niche but you get the picture.

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Soap Dish With Built-In Drain

Create easy access to your soap bar while your suds drain through with a lightweight, compact soap dish. Available in a variety of colors and detachable for quick cleaning, your soap will last longer and look super neat while on display. Plus, there’s a non-slip pad on the bottom so the unit stays put.

Divided Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrushes in a designated toothbrush holder? Premium. Complete with six compartments for toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and even combs, this countertop holder is ideal for keeping your tools tidy. There are even drain holes at the bottom of each section so you can relax knowing your gadgets are airing out accordingly.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This is a great product. It organizes our bathroom with space for everyone’s toothbrushes, toothpaste and more. It’s sturdy and easy to clean and looks nice.”

Clear Divided Organizer

Store bathroom essentials sink side with a space-maximizing organizer that has five built-in compartments. This bin holds all the skincare essentials and then some with ultra-sturdy segments that are 100% clear so you always know where your concealer is.

“Nice product, keeps things tidy and well organized!” one reviewer wrote.

Bamboo Lid Apothecary Jars

Toss out traditional paper and plastic packaging, and opt for clear apothecary jars that are sleek and functional. Topped off with an easy-grip bamboo lid, these durable plastic jars give off a high-quality look for a wallet-friendly price. BTW, they come in various count sets so you have the option to purchase what works for you and your specific space.

Small Storage Containers

Organize smaller items like vitamins and body care with these plastic storage containers with convenient built-in handles. Whether you store them under the sink or on top of your toilet, clear bins like these are *chef’s kiss* for taking stock of your products in seconds and looking clean in your powder room. Oh, and they come in a wide array of sizes to work with any space.

Under The Sink Organizer

For additional under-the-sink storage, this tiered organizer is the pick of the season. With two shelves of extra vertical space, you can display soaps, creams, and other compact items in an uber-organized fashion. The assembly is also complete with a simple snap so you can get to a clearer bathroom situation in virtually no time.

Bathroom Storage Basket Set

Utilizing the empty space on top of your toilet tank is key to creating and maintaining an organized bathroom. Luckily, these wicker baskets are both perfect for storage and easy on the eyes. Just pop in extra toilet paper or towels and you’re good to go.

“These baskets are amazing for storage and have an equally amazing price. Completely satisfied. Of course I read the description when I ordered them but they feel so much bigger,” one reviewer wrote.

Over The Toilet Shelf

Speaking of near-toilet storage, this space-saving shelf is a must if you have a lot of items in need of a home. Built with four stainless steel tiers and detailed with a chrome finish, this shelf works perfectly over the toilet. Place a plant, towels, and other compact baskets on the unit and reap the benefits of breezy access to essentials by the throne.

Shower Caddy Basket

Every shower needs a shower caddy, and this mounted basket shelf with hooks is the gold standard. Perfect for holding razors, shower brushes, and other soaps, this rustproof organizer installs easily and provides ample storage. Cheers to shampoos staying in place and not toppling over for once.

Standalone Storage Cabinet

Keep things discreet with this slim storage cabinet that features two slatted doors, a compact shelf, and a crisp finish. This piece is the answer for those who need extra storage but aren’t keen on displaying their belongings front and center. Simply set by the toilet and fill with items like air freshener and tissue to use this cabinet to its full capacity.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This fit perfectly in my bathroom and looks great. It added some much needed shelving space in an otherwise unused area.”

Floating Storage Shelves

Use up empty wall space with these floating shelves that will make guests do a double take. Just in case your built-in cabinets and additional storage bins couldn’t hold all of your self-care items, these mounted shelves come in sets of two and a selection of bathroom-friendly colors.

Hotel Bath Towel Rack

Set up a towel station with this hotel-style towel rack that allows for hanging and shelf storage. All you need to do is mount to the wall and voila — clean, crisp towel storage. In case you were wondering, this piece is available in four sizes and three finishes to match your bathroom style.

Matte Towel Ring

If you don’t already have a specified spot for your hand towel, look no further than this matte towel ring that keeps your towel in place at all times. Available in three finishes and made with heavy-duty stainless steel, this ring is a no-brainer for all bathrooms.

Mounted Towel Rack

For those with tons of towels, this mounted towel rack is golden. Made to hold five large towels and a small towel, this mounted metal rack is chic and smart. Plus, you can choose from an array of finishes ranging from chrome and white to antique bronze and black.

Soap Dispenser Shower System

Tired of shower bottles spilling over and causing extra stress during your self-care session? Meet the shower dispenser system that takes care of it all. Available in various count sets, this waterproof, adhesive dispenser holds up to 300 milliliters of shampoo and conditioner per unit. With its clog-proof pump design, just push the button for soap and enjoy a shower space with no excessive bottles.

Reviews read along the lines of, “Lightweight, pretty, and easy to use,” and “I am quite happy with my soap dispenser and also impressed with the adhesive backing.”