How To Use “Bay Leaf Manifestation” To Cook Up Your Dream Life

Plus the four days a year this method is extra powerful.

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How to use bay leaf manifestation to achieve your dreams.
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Manifesting is a trusted way to turn your dreams into reality, but sometimes, it might take a while to find the method that’s best for you. If journal entries and repeated mantras aren’t yielding any results, there is another technique you can try. It’s called the “bay leaf manifestation method,” and TikTokers swear by it.

It’s no secret that the spiritual side of TikTok is filled with all kinds of technique suggestions, from the ultra dreamy pillow method to the seriously spicy O Method. But what sets the bay leaf approach apart from others is that it doesn’t rely on your subconscious or a high-frequency activity to make your manifestations come to fruition. Instead, to put the effective method into practice, all you need to do is write your manifestations on some bay leaves and safely burn the herbs once you’re finished. Finally, to make sure your manifestations are on their way to you, you’ll need to truly release your intended desires after the leaves are gone, just like you would with any other technique.

If you’re searching for an expert on the manifestation method, look no further than astrologer Ryan Lu, aka on TikTok. With a quick scroll through Lu’s account, you’ll find numerous videos singing the praises of the technique, some of which date back to 2021.

Given that Lu has been able to manifest “most, if not all” of his desires since discovering the bay leaf method in 2020, including his car, current apartment, and TikTok following, it’s no surprise why the creator has become one of the most vocal advocates for the herbaceous approach. But despite being a “big fan” of the technique, Lu only manifests with bay leaves four times a year — when a new moon occurs in a fire sign (because using fire during its season is a no-brainer), and during one of the luckiest days of the year, the Aug. 8 Lion’s Gate Portal. The creator explains that by reserving the method for special occasions, he has an easier time letting go of his desires, which is a must when manifesting.

You would think the method’s effectiveness would be a testament to its ingredients, but Lu suggests it’s a lot simpler than that. “I personally believe a lot of people have success manifesting with bay leaves due to the nature of just burning the leaf and being forced to move on after — it’s done,” the creator tells Bustle. “There are no other steps to take after finishing burning the leaves.”

If the method sounds too good to be true, don’t let that stop you from giving it a try. “Bay leaves are such a simple yet effective manifestation method, especially for beginners — we shouldn’t try to overcomplicate manifesting, it’s as easy as it sounds,” says Lu. In other words: It really is that easy to manifest your dream life.


Ryan Lu, astrologer and TikTok creator

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