The 5 Best Alternatives To PopSockets For Wireless Charging

Amazon shoppers love these stylish stands and finger grips that don’t get in the way of Qi technology.

Best Alternatives To PopSockets For Wireless Charging
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As it is, a great phone grip is a difficult thing to find. A phone grip that works with wireless charging is even more of a challenge, since traditional PopSockets usually get in the way of Qi technology. Luckily, the best alternatives to PopSockets for wireless charging offer a secure grip and Qi compatibility at the same time.

What To Look For In A Phone Grip For Wireless Charging

First and foremost, you’ll want something that won’t stop your phone from making contact with its wireless charger. For that reason, you’ll either need a design that lays virtually flat against the phone/case, or is easily removable so you can take it out of the equation come charging time.

After that, you’ll want to consider the other features that make for a great PopSocket alternative. PopSockets work as both a phone grip and a stand, so if both are important to you, look for something equally as versatile. However, this list also contains grip-only options to consider.

Plus, all of the options on this list should work alongside most smartphones and cases (except for the last product, which is specifically designed for MagSafe Apple products).

Shop The Best Phone Grips That Work With Wireless Charging

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for phone grips and stands that work with Qi.

  1. The Overall Best PopSockets Alternative For Wireless Charging: Sinjimoru Detachable Phone Grip Kickstand
  2. The Fan-Favorite Phone Grip: LOVEHANDLE Phone Grip
  3. The Most Versatile Phone Grip: Monidea Phone Grip Finger Kickstand
  4. A Cheap Phone Grip You Can Reposition: Phone Loops Non-Elastic Phone Grip
  5. A Phone Ring Designed For MagSafe: metisinno Magnetic Phone Ring MagSafe Holder

1. The Overall Best PopSockets Alternative For Wireless Charging


  • Works as both a stand and a finger grip
  • Quickly detaches for wireless charging
  • Comfortable, sturdy, and easy to use, according to reviewers


  • The adhesive is very difficult to remove after being applied

When attached, the Sinjimoru phone holder uses a strong but flexible silicone band to both grip your fingers and prop your phone up horizontally for easy viewing. That said, if you simply twist it to the side, the holder pops off, leaving you with a tiny base that won’t get in the way of wireless charging. More than 1,500 reviewers have awarded it 4.4 stars overall because it’s “really cool,” “simple to use,” and “much easier on [your hands than a] PopSocket.”

One reviewer wrote: “I normally don't write a review for stuff, but this is my favorite cellphone loop that I have purchased. I love that it comes off so you can stick it in your pocket or use a wireless charger[...]. It is bigger than it looks on the website, but super comfortable.”

Dimensions: 3.46 by 1.57 by 0.39 inches | Method of attachment: adhesive | Available colors: Black, Blue, Clementine, Navy, Olive Grey

2. The Fan-Favorite Phone Grip


  • One of the most low-profile phone grips available
  • Has an overall 4.5-star rating after more than 6,000 reviews


  • Doesn’t double as a stand
  • Off-center placement works best for wireless charging

If you’re looking for a basic phone grip without a built-in stand, the LOVEHANDLE has thousands of five-star ratings. Why? It’s simple, comes in countless designs, and typically works alongside wireless charging. (It’s thin enough that the phone should lay almost flat on a Qi charger, but some reviewers recommend that you still stick it to the bottom or to the side to ensure better contact.) Most importantly, the elastic band adapts to your fingers and is “so much more comfortable than PopSockets,” according to one shopper.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve had loopy cases and pop sockets and hate that they don’t sit flat and inhibit wireless charging. I saw this product and decided to try it when I got a new phone and I love it! My phone sits flat on the table and I can use wireless charging with it attached. And they had cute colors that matched my case! Highly recommend!”

Dimensions: 2.63 by 0.88 by 0.13 inches | Method of attachment: adhesive | Available colors: American Flag, Beached Pineapple, Bumble Bee, Cherry Blossom, Crystal Blush, Happy Daisy, Hibiscus Purple, Hula Girl, I Love Dogs, Magic Marble, Mermaid Scales, Midnight Dream, Neon Flowers, Paws, Solid Blush, Solid Magenta, Stars Blush, Sun Flower Chic, Tie Dye, among others

3. The Most Versatile Phone Grip


  • Functions as a grip, holder, stand, and magnetic mount
  • Ring detaches for wireless charging
  • Made with sturdy metal and a strong adhesive


  • Doesn’t have as many reviews as other options on this list yet

Extendable ring grips are a popular option because they’re super versatile, often functioning as a grip, kickstand, holder, and magnetic mount in one. Unfortunately, most don’t work with wireless chargers — but this phone ring holder is an exception. It attaches to your phone with a durable adhesive; then the two foldable rings allow you to grip, magnetize, and prop up your phone in various ways, especially considering the 360-degree rotation. That said, when it’s time for charging, the ring plate is easily detachable and the base is flat enough for use alongside Qi technology. It’s also available in an impressive range of colors.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a handy little ring. And it's nice to be able to slip it off to use with a wireless charger. The double ring is a great benefit - it extends much longer than the single ring and gives you a lot of options for positions. So far it has been very sturdy.”

Dimensions: 1.65 by 1.38 by 0.31 inches | Method of attachment: adhesive | Available colors: Black, Black Carbonite Weave, Black White Heart, Marble Black, Rose Gold, Silver Carbonite Weave, Black Sparkle, Blue Sparkle, Purple Sparkle, Rose Sparkle, White Blue Sparkle, White Orange Sparkle, White Rose Sparkle, White Snow Sparkle, White Opal

4. A Cheap Phone Grip You Can Reposition


  • Installs in seconds without adhesive
  • Works with any phone case
  • Sits flat against your phone


  • Not the most secure hold
  • Doesn’t work as a stand

Instead of sticking to your phone with an adhesive, Phone Loops are non-elastic bands that thread through just about any case. As a result, they sit flat against your phone for wireless charging, and they allow you to position (and re-position) the angle and tension. They also come in a handful of designs to express your personality.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve been looking for a solution that allowed me to use my wireless chargers (both car and at home) and not have to remove anything from the back of the phone when charging. This works great. It’s comfortable and also keeps my fingers in place as well as the phone in place when typing. I like that the strap isn’t elastic for this reason.”

Dimensions: 12 by 0.5 by 0.02 inches | Method of attachment: threaded through the case | Available colors: Bloom, Cactus, Carpet, Floral, Fragile, Icepop, Leopard, Maze, Midnight, Oracle, Plant-Based, Polka, Pride, Retro, Stars, Zebra

5. A Phone Ring Designed For MagSafe


  • Magnetically adheres in seconds
  • Detaches just as easily for charging/mounting
  • Works as both a stand and finger ring


  • Only works with MagSafe Apple products

First available with 2020’s iPhone 12, MagSafe is a built-in technology that allows for faster wireless charging — but its magnetic design also allows your phone to effortlessly grab onto mounts and finger rings. This magnetic phone ring snaps onto MagSafe Apple phones, and it detaches just as easily for wireless charging. The aluminum alloy is lightweight but sturdy, and it has a rotating finger grip that doubles as a kickstand.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this!! These phones are so big in my hands and I always needed a pop-socket or loop or ring to hold it easier but wireless charging and MagSafe made me choose between wireless charging or a comfortable grip, this is the best of both worlds. It connects magnetically and holds strong, but I can remove it to charge my phone as needed.”

Dimensions: 2.17 by 2.17 by 0.3 inches | Method of attachment: MagSafe magnet | Available colors: Black, Chalk Pink, Sky Blue, White, Chalk Pink with Cubic Zirconia