The 5 Best Cold Weather Extension Cords

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best cold weather extension cords
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The combination of electricity and extreme weather can be downright dangerous — which is why the best cold weather extension cords are a worthy investment. Like any outdoor extension cord, it should be durable and resistant to water, not to mention the right length and color for your needs. That said, a cold-weather extension cord should also be well-insulated and temperature-rated for your particular climate.

Why? Even if an extension cord is designed for outdoor use, cold weather adds an additional element that can cause the cord to malfunction or snap — which can potentially cause electrical shock or fire due to exposed wires. The cords below, on the other hand, are extra-thick (from 10 to 16 gauge) and heavily insulated in order to keep them protected and flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. Many of them can be used outside in weather as cold as -58 degrees Fahrenheit, but I’ve listed the specific temperature ratings below each product.

Once you’ve found an extension cord that suits your climate, you’ll also want to consider the length and the color. The cords on this list range from 1 foot to 200 feet long, so you have as little or as much slack as you need for the job at hand. They also come in a range of colors to help the cord blend into your landscaping or stand out so you can easily spot them. Most importantly, they’re all highly rated by thousands of reviewers who have used them in weather that’s well below freezing.

1. The Overall Best Cold Weather Extension Cord

With almost 5,000 ratings and a near-perfect overall rating of 4.8 stars, the Clear Power Extreme Cold outdoor extension cord is one of the most popular options on Amazon. Thanks to its flame-retardant, well-insulated, ultra-durable construction, it can handle temperatures as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a grounded, three-prong nickel-coated brass plug for rust resistance and an indicator light that lets you know when you’re getting power — all for a great price. (While there are other lengths, styles, and colors listed on the Amazon page, keep in mind that only the blue 16/3 cord is designed for extreme weather.)

  • For temperatures as low as: -58 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thickness: 16-gauge
  • Available sizes: 15 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet

One reviewer wrote: “I wanted a cord that I could use to plug in my electric snowblower. This was bought after trying many others. Each one prior was very stiff and brittle in the -20 degree weather we can get. This was as advertised, flexible into that cold. The lock on the connection end is very nice. Helps keep the plugs from vibrating apart. I recommend it for any climate zone.”

2. The Extension Cord Designed To Stay Flexible

Most extension cords become rigid in cold weather (which may cause them to snap), but as per its name, the Flexzilla Pro extension cord is specifically designed to remain flexible in climates as cold as -58 degrees Fahrenheit. For that reason, reviewers love it for use in workshops, on construction sites, and for snow removal jobs. It’s also water-resistant, kink-resistant, corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant, and easy to wrap. Plus, it has a glow-in-the-dark stripe and a power indicator light.

  • For temperatures as low as: -58 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thickness: 12-gauge (also available in 10-gauge and 14-gauge)
  • Available sizes: 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet

One reviewer wrote: “This is IMO one of the Best All-weather Extension cords. I use mine @ work to plug in the car block heater when it's -10 to -30 here in Mn. It stays flexible after I leave it out for 8-16 hours of use. Then I roll it back up and put it in the car and drive off. It is NEVER Frozen stiff like the other ‘Heavy Duty’ Extension cords that aren't a flexible sheathing like this one.”

3. The Longest (& Shortest) Extension Cord

The majority of outdoor extension cords are offered in lengths up to 100 feet — but you can get the Iron Forge outdoor extension cord in almost 10 different lengths, including 200 feet long (and 1 foot, if you want a shorter one!). While it doesn’t have a specific temperature rating, it’s thick, coated in a durable, flexible vinyl material, has a power indicator light, and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. More than 6,500 reviewers have awarded it an overall 4.8-star rating, and some have written things like: “works well in cold weather” and “[this] cord has been outdoors 365 on a floating dock powering lights and receptacles for three New England years.” Needless to say, if you’re in a milder climate and looking for a specific length for a particular job (whether it's 1 foot or 200 feet), this is the way to go.

  • For temperatures as low as: N/A
  • Thickness: 12-gauge
  • Available sizes: 1 foot, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet, 200 feet

One reviewer wrote: “Finally an extension cord made to last. It sits outside all winter for my block heater and gets run over pretty regularly. Holding up excellent and hasnt come close to disappointing me.”

4. A Great Multi-Plug Extension Cord

If you need to power multiple things at once, a single outlet extension cord won’t cut it. Cue the TerraBloom outdoor extension cord, which has three outlets at the end of the thick, rubber-insulated copper wire. It won’t kink or coil, even in freezing weather, and it has an LED indicator light so you know when you’re getting power. Finally, the brand offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and the black color is easy to camouflage into your landscaping. For that reason, reviewers love it for their outdoor lights, fountains, and holiday decor.

  • For temperatures as low as: -35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thickness: 14-gauge
  • Available sizes: 15 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet

One reviewer wrote: “We needed these for a Christmas light-up for a small Colorado [mountain] town. Great, heavy-duty product. Don't anticipate any problems with getting through cold snowy winters.”

5. The Best Retractable Extension Cord

In addition to its three sockets at the end, this retractable extension cord has a convenient reel that automatically rewinds the 65-foot cord when you’re done. That way, clean-up is a breeze and storage is neat and tidy — especially since it has a 135-degree swivel bracket which you can mount to a wall or the ceiling. Most importantly, though, it’s grounded and wrapped in a special thermoplastic vinyl jacket that can withstand kinks, acid, water, and temperatures well below freezing.

  • For temperatures as low as: -58 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thickness: 12-gauge
  • Available sizes: 65 feet

One reviewer wrote: “Really like this cord [retractor], used it this winter to use my leaf blower to blow snow off driveway, recoiled fine, and it was a -40c winter here! I recommend the 65’ one as it seems bigger and holds cord easily.”