The 6 Best Dog Towels For Cleaning Up After Baths, Walks & More

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Any dog owner knows that a good towel can serve many purposes, including drying up your pup’s wet messes after a bath and wiping down muddy paws after a walk in the rain. While any towel might do in a pinch, the benefits of having a designated towel for your pup is that you won’t have to deal with any lingering smells, stains, or fur on other household towels. The best dog towels are made with an absorbent, quick-drying microfiber that’s machine washable and durable enough to last repeated cycles in the wash. As you browse, consider what size towel your dog will need and if you would get more use out of a basic rectangular towel or one with added features.

When shopping for dog towels, it’s best to look for ones that are made from microfiber. This synthetic material is absorbent, but it dries quickly and is lint free, too. Microfiber is also lightweight and durable, making it easy to maneuver around hard-to-reach areas like under your dog’s belly. One thing to note is that while microfiber towels are typically machine washable, it’s best to launder them with other lint-free fabrics and skip the fabric softener or bleach. A good tip is to wring out as much water as possible after each use to prolong the towel’s lifespan.

You’ll also want to consider the size and style of towel that will best fit your pup. Many towels come in multiple sizes, and some come in a variety of fun colors or prints to differentiate them from your other towels. Some basic options come in extra-large sizes and/or in packs of multiple towels — either of which can be a great choice if you’re on a budget, have more than one pet, or have a dog with lots of hair (you might want to snag a good brush for heavy shedders while you’re at it). You can find towels with pockets you can slip your hands into for a more secure grip. There are even some bathrobe-like designs that wrap around the dog’s body, which might come in handy if your pup tends to shake off a lot of water after baths.

With all this in mind, keep reading to see the best dog towels Amazon has to offer.

1. A Basic Microfiber Towel In 20+ Colors

Reviewers have attested that this microfiber terry towel is absorbent and cuts down on drying time — all at a reasonable price. It comes in a wide range of colorful solids and stripes, each with an embroidered image of a paw print or bone. The towel is machine-washable and lightweight enough to pack away for travel. You can snag the towel in an extra-large size or a pack of three smaller towels. The manufacturer also offers a version of the towel that functions as a robe with a hood.

  • Available sizes: Small (30 x 15 inches) — X-Large (41 x 23.5 inches)

One dog owner wrote: “I have to admit I had my doubts about these towels. They feel kind of thin, and my dog has that annoying hair that just absorbs moisture, we normally use 2-3 towel[s] to get him dry after a bath. When I went to use those the towel seemed to get wet really quickly and I was kind of worried it wasn’t going to work out, but then I realized it was getting wet because it was just sopping up the moisture from my dogs fur. This towel worked amazing and I only needed one towel this time.”

2. This Chenille Dog Towel With Hand Pockets

If you have a wiggly dog, the pockets on this super-absorbent dog towel can offer you extra grip. It’s made with chenille microfiber (a material that’s often used for household cleaning), and while it’s on the smaller side, it can hold up to seven times its weight in water. Reviewers have noted that it works on both short and long hair breeds. Plus, it’s machine washable and dries quickly — meaning it’ll be less likely to retain that musty wet-dog smell long after you use it. One reviewer wrote, “I hang it outside to dry and it's ready for the next drying without smelling.” You can choose from four different colors for your pup.

  • Available sizes: One size (31 x 14 inches)

One dog owner wrote: “Bathtime for pup requires 4 regular towels for what this one can absorb. Also it’s way easy to dry the undercarriage and paws with the pockets on either side!”

3. A Robe-Like Towel That Wraps Around Your Dog

If you want to save your furniture, walls, and your own body from getting drenched during post-bath time zoomies, consider this genius microfiber dog towel. It’s designed like a bathrobe that slips over the head and fastens under the belly. There are also extra elastic loops in the back that you can use to secure your dog’s hind legs if needed. Many reviewers have noted that it’s versatile and comfortable enough for their pets to wear around the house. It’s also easy to clean, but the manufacturer notes it’s best to machine wash it before the first use to avoid any color transfer.

  • Available sizes: X-Small (for dogs up to 12 inches long) — XXX-Large (for dogs up to 30 inches long)

One dog owner wrote: “Where has this been all my dog life? My dog has skin issues and requires a weekly bath, so the aftermath of the bath has always been an ordeal. No more sopping wet bathroom floor or walls. No more wet dog smears on the furniture. He’s 35 pounds, and the large fits him perfectly.”

4. This 2-Pack Of Dog Towels In A Cute Print

This two-pack is a great option if you’re looking for a cute set of long-lasting terry dog towels. One reviewer wrote that the machine-washable towels “launder easily and have lasted us for a year and a half since we purchased them and show no signs of needing replacement at this time.” Shoppers have noted that the towels are on the smaller size, but since they come in a two-pack they can still effectively dry large and long-haired dogs. Plus, the paw and bone print will easily differentiate these dog towels from your human ones.

  • Available sizes: One size (36 x 30 inches)

One dog owner wrote: “These towels are everything I expected. I ordered the two pack and will definitely make sure to always have these. They are perfect for bath time. They really do absorb a ton of water. They cut down on the amount of towels you need to wash after bathing your pet. I normally use two for my english bulldog and they get him almost completely dry. I was forced to go back to the beach towel once when my Zwipes were in the laundry and yuck! If you buy these you will not regret it.”

5. A Charming Character Hooded Dog Towel

The design makes this hooded dog towel the most charming option on the list — but the quality has won over reviewers, too. One customer described: “It’s absorbent and keeps the water from going everywhere when he shakes.” The microfiber towel features a hook-and-loop clasp at the chest and comes with an optional waistband to secure it like a bathrobe. It’s also machine washable for easy maintenance, with one reviewer noting, “I have washed it several times and it has held up well.” This towel can also double up as a lightweight jacket to keep your pup warm on chilly or drizzly walks, or as a travel towel for beach days. Choose from lion, rabbit, rhino, and rubber duck themes.

  • Available sizes: Small (20 x 18 inches) — Large (34 x 32 inches)

One dog owner wrote: “Loved everything about this doggy towel. Very absorbent, Velcro sticks very well. Super cute too!”

6. A Value Pack Of Large Towels

If you have more than one pet or simply a large or furry one that will need more than one towel, this pack of microfiber bath towels is a reliable option. They’re lightweight and absorbent, and since each order comes with six towels, so you’ll have enough to stow extras in your car or at different entrances to your home. Reviewers have confirmed that these towels wash well, and can be used in a variety of contexts. “I use these towels in my mobile dog grooming van and I love them,” wrote one reviewer. While these towels don’t come in dog-specific patterns, you can choose from more than a dozen solid or striped hues. They’re also the largest on the list and can serve as household towels in a pinch (if you’re willing to share with your pup, that is).

  • Available sizes: One size (55 x 27 inches)

One dog owner wrote: “These towels are very soft and absorbent. I use them to towel dry my dogs (short coats). They work much better than regular towels, and the dogs are much happier after their baths because they are drier and more comfortable.”