The 11 Best Dressers For Small Spaces

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A great dresser pulls double duty as storage and a room accent. The best dressers for small spaces are the size you need, with the right amount of space for your stuff, and in a style that fits your aesthetic. Handy features to consider include casters for mobility or extra shelving and storage accessories, so look for the add-ons that will complement and up the versatility of your room.

What To Consider When Looking For Dressers For Small Spaces

Before you pick a dresser for your small space, it is essential to measure the area where you’ll place it and think about how high you want it to be. Typically, a standard dresser has anywhere from six to nine drawers and measures about 26 to 44 inches tall, 36 to 60 inches wide, and 16 to 20 inches deep, but you might have different spatial requirements for your small area. You could go with a narrow, tall dresser to make the most of your vertical space or a longer, wide dresser that can give you extra counter space to put things on or use as a work surface. What you want to keep in your drawers can also be a deciding factor. Some dressers have a lot of little drawers for compact items, while others have just a few deep drawers for bulkier pieces. Below I’ve indicated each dresser’s dimensions and the number of drawers to help you make a decision.

Additionally, dressers come in a few different materials and styles. They can be made of solid wood, which is heavy but sturdy, or engineered wood, which is typically cheaper but less durable. You can also find metal-frame dressers with fabric drawers that are not as sturdy, but they usually come with a lower price tag and can be pretty lightweight. Whether it comes with a modern look, classic feel, bright color, or woven accents, it comes down to your personal preference, how you want to organize, and the style you want.

The right dresser will declutter your space without taking up a lot of room, so scroll on for the best dressers for small spaces on Amazon.

1. A Tall Dresser With 6 Drawers


  • Over 50 inches tall
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Drawers glide easily


  • May need two people to stand it up once assembled

If you’re looking for a tall, slender dresser with a lot of height and a minimal footprint, this is the one for you. Measuring 53 inches high, it’s one of the tallest on this list and features six drawers with pewter-finished metal knobs and a scalloped base panel. The top of the dresser has a weight capacity of 25 pounds, and each drawer can hold up to 8 pounds. The drawers also have built-in safety stops with all-metal roller glides for smooth opening and closing. Assembly is required and may take a few hours, according to reviewers, but one shopper wrote, “the end result is something to be proud of.” Pictured here is the dresser in a cherry wood finish, but it’s also available in white laminate.

According to a reviewer: “This dresser is beautiful, it's made well, sturdy, and I'm very happy I purchased it. It wasn't hard to put together, the instructions were easy to read, it only took me 1.5 hours. This dresser is perfect for small spaces.”

Dimensions: 17.65 x 23.25 x 53 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 6

2. A Metal Frame Dresser With 8 Fabric Drawers In Several Colors


  • Available in five colors
  • Sturdy steel frame


  • According to some reviewers, while assembly is relatively easy, some of the instructions can be confusing

With four larger fabric drawers and four smaller fabric drawers, this sturdy, steel-frame dresser can hold bulkier and more compact items. The front is made of scratch-resistant fabric that’s available in gray, beige, brown, green, and pink. And on top, there’s a durable, waterproof wooden surface that can give you extra counter space (it holds up to 44 pounds). An anti-toppling kit is included, and the protective feet are adjustable to keep it even while preventing scratches on your floors. Minimal assembly is required; however, reviewers report that the written instructions can be a little confusing.

According to a reviewer: “Great Dresser! I love the modern style and colorway! The quality and finish are excellent as well. Assembly was a breeze, It only took me about 20 minutes and came with the required tools. It even came with drywall anchors, perfect for securing it in my kids bedroom so they can't tip it over. Works perfectly for keeping the kids' clothes and diapers all in one place.”

Dimensions: 11.8 x 34.25 x 35.82 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Steel, Fabric, Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 8

3. A Budget Metal Frame Dresser With 4 Fabric Drawers


  • Over 9,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating
  • Available in gray, dark gray, and espresso
  • Lowest price on this list


  • Drawers don’t close well if overstuffed, according to some reviewers

If you’re looking for a lightweight, budget dresser that can fit in a small space or a closet, this metal frame dresser with four fabric drawers is a great option. In the back, there’s a cross support bar for stability, and on the top, the engineered wood surface can hold up to 50 pounds. Featured here is a gray set of drawers, but you can also get them in dark gray or espresso — just make sure not to overstuff them, or they can be hard to close, according to reviewers. Tools and accessories for assembly are included, and the brand reports it should take 20 minutes to complete.

According to a reviewer: “I like how easy the dresser is to assemble, I mainly use the dresser to put my socks, underwear, and lay around t-shirts in. The height can be slightly adjusted to your liking. Overall this is a excellent dresser if you live in a small apartment and need something lightweight that doesn’t take a ton of space.”

Dimensions: 11.7 x 17.7 x 36.4 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Engineered Wood, Steel, Fabric | Number of Drawers: 4

4. A Taller Dresser With 5 Big Drawers


  • Available in four colors
  • Easy assembly


  • Ships in a heavy box

For bulkier item storage, this five-drawer dresser is a solid pick. It’s a little over 4 feet tall, with a good amount of depth and width, and two wooden knobs on each drawer — however, weight capacity isn’t listed. Featured here is a soft gray, but you can also get it in chocolate, black, and white, all made of engineered wood. The dresser comes with a wall anchor kit, and assembly is easy, according to multiple reviewers. One shopper noted, “Super easy to assemble! Took about 3.5 hours to assemble it all by myself.” However, reviewers also note the dresser arrives in one large box that weighs approximately 89 pounds, so it might require two people to carry it indoors.

According to a reviewer: “It is the perfect size for a smaller space. I love this dresser, definitely worth the money in my opinion.”

Dimensions: 19.38 x 31.13 x 48.75 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 5

5. A Metal Frame Dresser With 8 Fabric Drawers & Extra Shelves On Top


  • Two waterproof shelves on top for extra storage
  • Easy assembly


  • The drawers aren’t super sturdy, according to some reviewers

The Kamiler dresser has eight foldable fabric drawers with gray faux suede on the front and wooden handles, offering a 7-pound capacity with each drawer. Plus, there are two wooden shelves on the top for extra storage, boasting a total weight capacity of over 100 pounds. The feet are adjustable, and the frame is made of sturdy steel. Tools are included for assembly, and one reviewer reports that the instructions were easy to follow and “took less than an hour for me and my girlfriend to put it up.” And if you’d like a different look, the dresser is also available with gray drawers and black shelving.

According to a reviewer: “This product was exactly as advertised and exactly what I expected. First, it's beautiful, sturdy, and was easy to assemble. The value for the cost was exceptional. I was most concerned about finding something to fit this very small area in the laundry closet of this condo. [...] I need storage for laundry items, seasonal items, and gift bags/tissue paper. The bins are deep and sturdy. I needed the wood at the top for folding and stacking piles of laundry as I folded each piece. [...] Love it!”

Dimensions: 11.81 x 31.5 x 40.6 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Fabric, Metal, Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 8

6. A Dresser With 5 Drawers, An Open Cabinet, & Casters


  • Set on lockable casters for mobility
  • Sturdy drawers


  • Reviewers report there are a lot of small pieces when assembling

If you’re looking for a dresser for your smaller items but also want the ability to move it around a room or a closet, this slim dresser is a great choice. Set on four lockable casters, with five shallow drawers that can hold up to 10 pounds each, the dresser also features a cabinet for extra storage. It’s made of engineered wood with white laminate, which makes it durable and easy to wipe clean. Tools are included for assembly, but one reviewer reports, “It's not super easy to assemble, it will take you a couple of hours, and 1 person can do it. Lots and lots of little pieces, but I loved how they put stickers on the parts so you know which one you are using.” The dresser is also available in black and comes in a larger size, too.

According to a reviewer: “The drawer is wide and has casters easy to roll. I like the accent of white as it accommodates my room by adding this special effects to it. The printer I have is an Epson all in one printer, which lay on about half of the space on this dresser chest. I still have plenty of rooms for the rest of my other stuff. The drawers are handy since it divided into multiple sections.”

Dimensions: 15.75 x 18.7 x 40.95 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 5

7. A Metal Frame Dresser With 10 Drawers & Extra Accessories


  • Includes two underwear drawer organizers, two drawer dividers, four dresser side pockets, and two steel hooks
  • Easy assembly


  • No color options

What sets this metal frame dresser apart is the added accessories that can provide more organization to small spaces. There are side pockets for slippers, books, or tablets, steel hooks to hang bags or hats, plus two underwear drawer organizers and two drawer dividers to keep clothing organized. The tabletop can hold up to 35 pounds, and the eight larger drawers and two smaller drawers can hold both small and bulky items. It’s also available in an eight-drawer design within the same listing. Plus, reviewers report that assembly is easy and all hardware is included.

According to a reviewer: “It was easy to assemble. I was able to do it by myself. I love the dividers and side pockets. It fits great for small spaces.”

Dimensions: 11.81 x 39.37 x 45.16 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Metal, Fabric, Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 10

8. A Tall Metal Frame Dresser With 12 Fabric Drawers


  • Features support bars for stability
  • Over 50 inches tall
  • Includes anti-tip kit, adjustable feet, and installation tools


  • Some included installation tools may not work

With 12 fabric drawers, a weight capacity of 220 pounds, and a height of over 50 inches, you can fit a lot in this Enhomee dresser. It’s made of a rust-proof metal frame with a crossbar support in the back, so it feels stable and secure, plus there’s a waterproof, engineered wood tabletop to rest other items on. The drawers feature a rustic wood look but also come in a dark gray. Plus, the brand promises that assembly only takes 30 minutes, and one reviewer notes, “they even provide you with a screwdriver.” However, some reviewers noted that not all the tools work well. The dresser also includes an anti-tip kit and adjustable feet to keep it steady.

According to a reviewer: “Perfect for our small space. Love the colors, is sturdy. Each drawer is big and fits a lot of clothes. Was very easy to build.”

Dimensions: 11.8 x 34.6 x 52.3 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Metal, Fabric, Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 12

9. A 3-Drawer Dresser With A Textured, Wooden Look


  • Minimal assembly
  • Art deco-inspired design on the drawers


  • Expensive

This mid-century modern style dresser is made from a blend of real mango wood and faux wood. The drawers are embellished with a textured, art deco design with antique brass knobs that gives it a unique, contemporary look. One reviewer raves, “Incredible quality and one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in my home.” This is one of the smaller dressers on this list, so can be ideal for tight spaces, but weight capacity isn’t listed. Minimal assembly is required, just attach the legs and the knobs to the base.

According to a reviewer: “Really interesting, well built and useful. It is hard to find unique furniture that is stylish and functional. This three drawer chest is it.”

Dimensions: 15 x 28 x 30.5 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Mango Wood, Faux Wood | Number of Drawers: 3

10. A Dresser With 3 Rattan-Accented Drawers


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Drawers accented with natural rattan webbing


  • Expensive

This three-drawer dresser may not have the height of some of the other dressers on this list, but its stylish look makes up for that. Featuring natural rattan webbing on the front, with brass knobs and accents of white or black, it has three spacious drawers and plenty of room on top to stack other objects — weight capacity isn’t mentioned, however. One reviewer reports, “The finishes are true to what you see. The rattan is a perfect color.” Best of all, the dresser comes assembled, you just need to screw on the legs.

According to a reviewer: “No assembly. Super sturdy. Looks exactly like the pictures. Drawers are large lots of space for storage.”

Dimensions: 15.75 x 31.5 x 30.3 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Engineered Wood | Number of Drawers: 3

11. A Modern Dresser With 4 Drawers


  • Modern look
  • Available in black, blue, gray, and white


  • Assembling takes some time

With a metal base, metal handles, and a geometric design, this four-drawer dresser has a modern look that’s available in four colors. Each drawer can hold up to 22 pounds and features a roller design for smooth opening and closing. Assembly is required, and reviewers note that it can take some time. One shopper reports, “It's just like putting together Ikea furniture to me.” An anti-toppling kit is also included to make sure the dresser stays stable in your space.

According to a reviewer: “This took me about three hours to put together on my own. The end product is really cute and great for small/tight spaces.”

Dimensions: 13.4 x 23.6 x 35.8 inches (depth x width x height) | Material: Engineered Wood, Metal | Number of Drawers: 4