The 3 Best Eyeglass Cleaners For A Streak-Free Shine

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After struggling with fingerprint and foggy lenses, investing in one of the best eyeglass cleaners has changed my point of view (literally). But, since glasses are an investment, there are a few things you'll want to be sure of before you pick up an eyeglass cleaner. For a safe and effective clean, look for coating-safe ingredients and don't forget the accessories like microfiber clothes to achieve that streak-free shine.

Firstly, if your lenses have an anti-glare coating, you want to check the label to be sure that your eyeglass cleaner is safe to use on them. In some cases, chemical-based ingredients can strip your glasses of their coating, which can potentially damage your lenses permanently. You should also steer clear of any alcohol-based cleaners, as they can potentially damage eyeglasses as well.

When it comes down to it, a great eyeglass cleaner isn't the only accessory you need for streak-free lenses. For spotless glasses, you'll also want a soft microfiber cloth that won't scratch up your lenses like a paper towel can. Or if you travel a lot, you could always opt for a glasses cleaning kit that comes with a purse-sized spray bottle and foldable cloth.

Here's a round-up of some of the most effective glasses cleaners to help you get started.

1. The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Not only does this eyeglass cleaning kit come with a streak-free cleaner that's safe for all types of glasses (even anti-glare lenses), but it has tons of accessories, too. It comes with two 8-ounce bottles of ammonia-, alcohol-, and silicone-free cleaner that clears your glasses without leaving a residue behind. It also comes with a 2-ounce bottle, which is the perfect size to travel with, as well as two reusable microfiber clothes and six individually wrapped wet cloths. Best yet, this kit can be used on other screens or lenses, and many reviewers also use it to clean their televisions, phones, and computers.

According to one reviewer: "This lens cleaner is wonderful. I bought it for my husband and he says it is the best cleaner he has ever used. His glasses are held close to his eyes because he uses a band to keep them on his head. He has problems with his lenses getting greasy or fogged all of the time. He says that he has never used a better cleaner. I agree."

2. The Runner-Up

It may not be quite as affordable, but this plant-based lens cleaner is a favorite amongst reviewers. Not only is it alcohol- and fragrance-free, it's also nontoxic. This cleaning solution comes in two full-sized, 8-ounce bottles, and a 2-ounce travel bottle, and also comes with three microfiber clothes so you can leave one in your purse or pocket, and still have some to spare. This American-made lens cleaner even offers a money-back guarantee, should you try it out and not love it.

According to one reviewer: "With a family whom all wears glasses, and kids who have daily grimy lens cleaning at night. The quicker the better and this product works very well, and the included cloths are honestly the best I have used for cleaning glasses. No smears and they come out great, unlike other sprays and cloths."

3. The Best Travel Set

If you're looking for something more compact, this travel cleaner kit comes with three 2-ounce spray bottles you can easily tuck into your carry-on or purse while you're traveling, as well as two soft microfiber cloths that you can wash and reuse over and over again. And the best part? This cleaner is so gentle that you can use it on virtually any electronic screen or lenses — even the ones with special coating.

According to one reviewer: "The anti-glare coating on my glasses makes them a grease and grime magnet. After using the cleaner and cloth, my glasses haven't been this clean since I purchased them."

Also Great: This Spray That Prevents Your Glasses From Fogging

If your glasses tend to get hazy, you may want to add this best-selling anti-fog spray to your shopping cart. It's made from a special, silicone-free formula that prevents your lenses from fogging up even in high humidity. This spray is so effective that it's even used by first responders and military personnel to keep their glasses and protective eyewear clear, according to the manufacturer, so you can feel confident knowing that this stuff really works.

According to one reviewer: "Completely prevents my glasses from fogging up with a mask! I clean my glasses in the morning before leaving for work, and they stay fog-free all day. This product may not be cheap, but it works exceptionally well, so it's well worth the price."