The 7 Best Flashlights For Dog Walking, According To Reviewers

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For the safety of both you and your dog, it’s important for you to be able to see where you’re going when you take your pup on walks in low-light situations — not to mention the fact that it makes picking up dog poop a whole lot easier. The best flashlights for dog walking can usually be used hands-free, so you can hold the leash and attend to other tasks as needed. As you shop, consider how you’d like to attach the light to yourself or your gear. There are tons of options including chest lights, neck lights, headlamps, and flashlights that attach to the leash via a carabiner. If you want to opt for a more traditional flashlight, having a wrist strap to prevent drops can be helpful.

Before investing in your new gear for dog walking, think about if you’d prefer a flashlight that requires replaceable batteries or one that’s rechargeable. Rechargeable flashlights are great because they don’t require you to toss out old batteries, but if you’d rather not add another device to your long list of things to charge, one with replaceable batteries could be the way to go.

Water-resistance is another feature worth considering, since it’s bound to rain at some point during a daily walk. A device’s water-resistance is often measured with an IP rating, with the first digit representing protection against solids like dust and the second representing protection against liquid. The liquid protection numbers range from “0” to “9,” with a nine being the most waterproof, and a rating of IPX4 or higher should suffice on rainy days.

These flashlights — available in a range of carrying styles — can make your early morning or late-night dog walks safer and more comfortable. Although the specifications of the lights on this list vary, Amazon reviewers have confirmed that they’re all practical for the task. Plus, I’ve added a hands-free dog leash that wraps around your torso to give you even more freedom of movement.

1. A Chest Light With Reflective Strips

Made for runners, this adjustable light is designed to strap securely to your chest and stay in place as you walk. You can adjust the angle of the front light, and a red light on the back flashes to alert passersby. It also has lots of reflective strips for maximum visibility. With a IPX5 rating, it should easily hold up to rainy walks, and it’s USB-rechargeable with a battery that can last up to five hours. It comes in a black (pictured) and a yellow version.

One reviewer wrote: “I wear this chest running light when we are out walking our small dog at night. I have great visibility, and our dog appreciates being able to see ahead of her. The light beam is adjustable, which is great. It can be adjusted so light beam shines lower to the ground. The harness is easy to put on, is comfortable, and the strap is adjustable. I like the fact that there is a pulsing light on the back. Also, I am able to wear it over a coat as well. One great feature is the fact that it is rechargeable, and the USB cable is included with the product. I now feel safe walking at night. I would highly recommend this AVANTO product.”

2. This Budget-Friendly Flashlight With A Poop Bag Dispenser

Thanks to the included carabiner and hook-and-loop straps, this combination flashlight and poop bag dispenser in one attaches directly to the leash for hands-free carrying. It runs on three included LR44 batteries, which can last up to four hours before they need to be replaced, making it best for anyone who needs a light for short walks or occasional use. The poop bag dispenser measures 4.3 by 1.6 inches, and it comes with one roll of bags. The flashlight has one brightness setting and doesn’t have a specified waterproof rating. While one reviewer reported that “the light didn’t get any water damage” in the rain, it might be best for those who live in places with limited precipitation. It’s available in four colors.

One reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love this flashlight and poop bag holder. It's very bright and easy to turn on and off quickly. It's very lightweight and easy to attach to a leash. I normally turn it on and leave it hanging from the leash as I walk in the dark and hold it up as cars past so they can see me.”

3. A Versatile Light That Clips To Your Clothing

This clip-on light uses magnets to attach to your pants, shirt, or jacket and keep a strong hold on the fabric. It has one brightness setting, as well as two different flashing settings just in case. As for water resistance, it has a rating of IP54, so you don’t have to worry if it starts to rain. It’s also micro-USB rechargeable with a battery that can last up to three hours.

One reviewer wrote: “Excellent product! It is very bright, almost blinding. I use it to walk my dogs and jog. I was at [first] concerned that it would not hold on to my sweatshirt while running, but it did a good job of staying on. I am pleased with my purchase.”

4. A Budget-Friendly Headlamp

A headlamp can be great for camping and backpacking — but it can also be up to any kind of casual around-the-house task that may require light, including dog walking. This battery-powered LED headlamp runs on three AAA batteries which can last for up to 35 hours. It also features an impressive seven light modes, including a red light setting, that all automatically adjust depending on how dark it is. It comes in two colors, is water-resistant to IPX4, and the strap is adjustable, ensuring it fits as well as possible.

One reviewer wrote: “This Energizer forest green led headlamp has proved to be perfect to use when walking my dog at night. It provides plenty of light to see the path and is easy and convenient to wear. It is nice and bright, really a handy little light.”

5. An Adjustable Neck Light For Dog Walking

This hands-free light sits around your neck and points in whatever direction you’re facing. It has four brightness settings and the lights themselves are adjustable up and down. It runs on two AA batteries, but for a bit more money you can get a USB-rechargeable version. Both versions are rated to IPX4, so they’re safe to use in the rain.

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect for walking your dog when it’s dark out. Very bright, and the bendable ends help me not blind drivers, either. Wish it was rechargeable, but thankfully we keep rechargeable batteries on hand.”

6. This Clip-On Dog Collar Light

You can attach the clip on this dog light to your pup’s collar or leash, or simply hold the light in your hands. It has two brightness settings, as well as a flashing mode. It’s USB-rechargeable, and the battery lasts up to 15 hours between charges on its low setting. It’s dust- and water-resistant with a rating of IP65, so if you attach it to your dog so they can see where they’re walking clearly, no need to worry if they splash around in a mud puddle — which, let’s be honest, is rather likely.

One reviewer wrote: “This has been so great. We live part time in the mountains and there is very little light around our cabin. We put this on our black cockapoo when she goes out at night and it is so easy to keep up with her. And she seems to love it because usually she would run outside, do her business, and run back in. Now she investigates all the areas around her and is more inquisitive. It is very bright and very sturdy. Love it.”

7. A Rechargeable Flashlight With A Wrist Strap

If you’re in search of a reliable, basic flashlight to bring along on your walks, this rechargeable one should meet your needs. While you’ll have to hold it in your hand, it has a wrist strap to avoid accidental drops as you navigate in the dark. It’s rated IP65 for use in just about any weather conditions. The flashlight has three brightness settings and two flashing modes, and it is micro USB-rechargeable with a battery that lasts up to six hours.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a very well made and super bright flashlight. It is a little large for my small hands but I manage. It has a good grip, and several lighting options. I only use the solid lights, but strobes are good for running or biking. The battery lasts a while, I charge it about once a month, and use it for dog walking a few nights a week, plus when I take my pup out in the yard. It does charge very slowly and having to take the back cap off to plug it in is rather annoying, but not a big deal.”

Also Great: A Hands-Free Dog Leash

If you’re in an area where it’s safe, you might consider using a hands-free leash that clips around your waist so you can more easily carry a flashlight. This adjustable one can fit waists measuring between 24 and 48 inches, and it features a bungee design that prevents your dog from accidentally getting jerked around as you walk — or run — together. The leash incorporates two handles and reflective stitching down the length of the leash. You can also remove the waist attachment and use it as a regular leash if needed. It comes in eleven colors.

Looking for an option you can wear around your waist or loop across your chest, or for a dog weighing under 30 pounds? Check out this versatile — and unexpectedly chic — ZEE.DOG hands-free dog leash instead.

One reviewer wrote: “This is probably my favorite pet related product I’ve ever bought for my dog and has greatly improved our daily walks! [...] It’s the perfect length, I feel super secure, (ever accidentally dropped your leash before? mini heart attack!) the bungee on it is really strong, the two handles on the leash are in the perfect spot, and you can also quickly detach the leash from the waist belt if you need to. Now I have free hands for a flashlight, replying to a text, poop bags, or just to put my hands in my pockets when it’s cold out. Also it’s reflective which is great when you’re crossing a street. The only thing I’m mad about is that I didn’t try one sooner.”