The 5 Best Floating Desks

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Written by Vanessa Spilios

Having a dedicated spot for work or creative pursuits can help keep you motivated and organized, but a standard desk often comes at the cost of wasted living space when not in use. To give you back a little real estate, the best floating desks mount directly to a wall but still offer plenty of surface area for working. They come in folding designs that lie flat against the wall when not in use, as well as fixed options that offer substantial storage for office supplies.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Floating Desks

The main things you’ll want to consider when shopping for a floating desk is how much wall space you’re willing to give up and how much storage you want. This will guide you as you evaluate your options, which range from slim desks that fold down completely flat, to more permanent solutions like credenza-style desks or options with built-in bookcases.

Folding Or Fixed Design

If you only need space for a laptop, you can get away with a compact desk that folds down to sit flush against the wall when not in use. Similar to an airline tray table, these desks secure to your wall and are supported with metal hinges or arms. When not in use, they take up almost no living space, making them a convenient option for particularly cramped areas. They range in size from just big enough for a laptop and notebook to larger styles that are sturdy enough to double as space-saving dining tables.

If you use an external monitor or need space for bigger projects, you may want a slightly more permanent solution, like a fixed-in-place desk and bookcase combo. These pieces function as part of your room’s decor, and while they take up a bit more space than folding desks, they still do a good job of keeping your living area open for other activities or furnishings.


Most floating desks feature shelves or cubbies that allow you to tuck away the day’s work as well as store small office items. However, keep in mind that the more storage a desk offers, the more space it’ll take up in a room. If you don’t care about storage at all, you can get away with a minimalist fold-down desk that’ll get the job done without any bells or whistles.

Even if you’re short on space, the best floating desks will give you a devoted area for work, crafting, and everything in between.

Shop The Best Floating Desks

In a hurry? These are the best floating desks:

  1. A Fixed Console Desk: Giantex Wall-Mounted Floating Desk
  2. A Simple Folding Desk: Tangkula Wall-Mounted Murphy Desk
  3. A Fixed Desk & Bookcase Combo: Prepac Home Office Floating Desk
  4. A Folding Desk With Ample Storage: Tangkula Wall-Mounted Floating Desk
  5. A Compact Folding Desk With Storage: Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Desk

1. This Fixed Console Desk With Cubbies

This wall-mounted floating desk can function as a work surface or a console table, and it comes with three deep storage cubes for stashing books, a keyboard, or your laptop when the workday is done. The slanted supports on either end of the desk give it a polished look while staying out of the way of legs when seated. Of the options here, this looks the most like a traditional desk, making it a good pick for anyone who wants the feel of a permanent home office without giving up unnecessary space.

A reviewer wrote: “These wall desks were just what I needed; they fit my space perfectly. Easy to assemble. Look great.”

Work surface dimensions: 42.5 x 21 inches | Style: Fixed | Capacity: 44 pounds | Available colors: 2

2. A Simple Folding Desk That’s Straightforward

If you’re looking for a simple option that still offers decent surface area while working, this fold-down wall desk is a great pick. The tri-fold desk is supported by a sturdy wall mount and a swinging arm with an adjustable slide — lower one of the sections if you need more floor space and less desk space, or keep them both up if you want to spread out while you work. When you’re not using it, the whole unit can be stored flat against the wall, making it one of the best floating desks for small spaces.

A reviewer wrote: “The desk fits my needs perfectly. It was quick and easy to assemble. We used a power drill and with just a 2nd person to help hold the desk while it was mounted on the wall, things were a breeze. We have dry wall, so we screwed the desk into the studs behind the wall to provide the best, most stable support. [...] Folding/converting the table is simple and fast. Several weeks later, I still love it!”

Work surface dimensions: 31.5 x 23.5 inches | Style: Folding | Capacity: 44 pounds | Available colors: 3

3. This Fixed Desk & Bookcase Combo

This modern floating desk and bookcase combo has a modular design that makes the most of your wall space. It features a generous fixed desk surface and four storage compartments that can be used to store books, office supplies, or other objects. The top two compartments have open backs for additional design interest, and a cutout at the back of the desk surface allows you to snake electrical wires through for a clean, uncluttered look.

The brand also offers smaller options with a little less storage, including one with a slide-out keyboard tray.

A reviewer wrote: “I love this desk. It fits perfectly in the space we had, there is plenty of leg room, and I have an attractive, functional workspace. [...] I have space for a 14 inch laptop, a bluetooth mouse, my planner, coffee, and a notebook, and the cubbies provide space for supplies etc. It really is the perfect space/functionality compromise. The desk is sturdy and attractive. I'm pleased with my choice.”

Work surface dimensions: 29.5 x 18.5 inches | Style: Fixed | Capacity: 40 pounds (desktop), 15 pounds (shelves) | Available colors: 1

4. A Folding Desk With Ample Storage

If you want a generously sized work surface plus a variety of hidden storage options, this wall-mounted fold-down desk has a work surface that comes down to reveal cubbies, shelves, and file slots. The front panel of the wall unit has a chalkboard surface for your creative expression, and, when unfolded, it provides additional support to the roomy desktop surface. When folded up, the desk looks like a simple chalkboard on the wall, and a latch at the top of the shelving area keeps items locked and out of sight.

This is the only pick on the list that lets you face away from the wall as you work — perfect if you prefer to position your desk so that you’re looking out onto your living space or toward a window. Plus, the design means you can even use it as a dining table for up to two people. Last, with a 220-pound capacity, the desk surface is the sturdiest on the list.

A reviewer wrote: “Just moved to a new apartment, My new apartment is small so I did not have room for a full desk. This desk is the perfect size, holds my monitor, keyboard and laptop perfectly with ample space.”

Work surface dimensions: 31 x 23.5 inches | Style: Folding | Capacity: 220 pounds (desk), 50 pounds (shelves) | Available colors: 3

5. This Compact Folding Desk With Storage

Offering the best of both worlds, this foldable wall desk is super compact but still offers some storage. The desk has a generous surface area for working and a variety of shelves and compartments above. While the shelves are a bit smaller compared to the other options here, the compartments can still accommodate small paperback books and desk accessories. When you’re not using the desk surface, it folds down to lie flush against the wall, leaving the shelves and cubbies open and accessible.

A reviewer wrote: “I needed a desk to put in my toddlers room so I could get work done while she played. I didn’t want to take up her playing space so this was a game changer. It’s sturdy and has a great amount of space for writing.”

Work surface dimensions: 35.4 x 18.9 inches | Style: Folding | Capacity: 44 pounds | Available colors: 1