The 8 Best Fridge Organizer Bins To Tidy Everything From Produce To Drinks

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Why are refrigerators so difficult to keep organized? The world may never know, but you can invest in some handy-dandy organizational tools to help. The best fridge organizer bins help you store produce, packaged goods, drinks, condiments, and more in an orderly fashion that allows you to see exactly what you have. As you shop, you’ll want to think about what exactly you need to organize as well as your fridge’s overall size and individual shelf dimensions.

How To Choose Fridge Organizer Bins

While refrigerator organization bins all have the same basic function, there are still multiple styles to pick from to suit your needs. There are basic, stacking, and lidded clear bins, wire bins, and even bins that attach to your refrigerator shelves to function as additional drawers. There are also more specialized bins that are designed to hold beverages or eggs.

Fridge organizer bins come in a variety of sets ranging from single bins to large multipacks. Think about what you want to store and how many bins you have room for. If you’re interested in multiple kinds of bins, opt for a variety pack. (Pro tip: You might want to opt for a larger pack of bins that you can use in both your fridge and your pantry for double-duty storage.)

Bins also come in a range of sizes. Some also stack to make better use of vertical space in the fridge. Consider measuring your refrigerator shelves to see what you have room for and picture how much space the bins will ideally take up.

Shop The Best Fridge Organizer Bins

In a hurry? These are the best fridge organizer bins:

  1. A Reviewer-Loved Set Of Versatile Bins: HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins (Set Of 8)
  2. The Best Set Of Stackable Fridge Bins: Seseno Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins (Set Of 6)
  3. The Best Fridge Storage Containers For Produce: onesmile Fridge Organizer With Freshness Timer Lid (Set Of 4)
  4. The Best Refrigerator Bins With Built-In Dividers: CLEARSPACE Plastic Storage Bins With Dividers (Set Of 4)
  5. The Best Storage Bin Variety Pack With An Egg Holder & Can Organizer: Seseno Refrigerator Pantry Organizer Bins (Set Of 8)
  6. The Best Wire Organizer Baskets For The Fridge: iSPECLE Wire Storage Baskets (Set Of 4)
  7. The Best Standalone Fridge Organizer For Cans: iDesign Plastic Beverage Fridge Organizer With Lid
  8. The Best Organizer Bin That Attaches To Your Fridge’s Shelves: YekouMax Fridge Drawer Organizer

Here are some of the best storage containers for refrigerators to keep your fridge better organized and help you crack a smile every time you reach for a snack.

1. A Reviewer-Loved Set Of Versatile Bins

Looking to get a starter set of bins to jump-start your fridge organization? Look no further than this set, which has garnered a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon from over 20,000 customers and counting. The variety of sets and sizes ensure that anyone can find the perfect fit for their fridge, and all of the bins have built-in handles so you can easily slide them out to grab whatever you need.

One reviewer wrote: “Bins are sturdy & make it so much easier easier when trying to pull out day condiments for a sandwich as I’ve grouped these in one bin, drinks in one, dairy in one, etc. No more ‘lost’ leftovers hiding behind those jars in the fridge! WELL WORTH the expense - Oh and makes it a great deal easier to clean as well.”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: No | Lidded: No | Available in packs of: 2, 4, 6, and 8 | Available sizes: 4

2. A Popular Set Of Stackable Fridge Bins

If the perfect fridge you see in your mind’s eye features stacking containers, try this set of organizer bins that easily sit on one another. Stacking can be even more space-saving, but keep in mind that the six organizers will be less accommodating to taller items. Luckily, they can also be used solo for anything that would peek over the top. They also have open handles for easy carrying.

One reviewer wrote: “Easily stackable, perfect for organizing my fridge! Great price. Plan to order more for additional organization around my house”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: Yes | Lidded: No | Available in packs of: 6 | Available sizes: 1

3. The Best Fridge Storage Containers For Produce

If you’re looking for an effective way to store fruits and vegetables outside of the crisper drawer, the best refrigerator organizer for you on this list is likely this set. The four storage bins feature a slightly raised tray at the bottom so your produce won’t be sitting in water, which should help them stay fresh longer. Each lid is also equipped with a freshness tracker — a dial that allows you to make note of the date you put the produce in the bins. The bins also have sleek-looking corrugated sides and a unique handle so it’s a cinch to grab the ingredients you need.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this set, it’s of good size, enough to hold a lot of veggies/fruits, the stickability and handles help utilizing most space in the fridge. The timer lid is very helpful, it’s one of the small features that make a big impact that you don’t know you need until you use it. I’m very happy with this purchase and highly recommend”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: Yes | Lidded: Yes | Available in packs of: 4 | Available sizes: 1

4. The Best Refrigerator Bins With Built-In Dividers

This set of fridge bins with built-in dividers is perfect for storing small pre-packaged goods in a neat and orderly way. String cheese, juice boxes, applesauce packs, and so much more will be right at home — and right at hand — when it’s time to pack lunch or grab a snack. They would be equally useful in the pantry, so you might consider opting for a pack of four so you can use them in both locations. The bins are also stackable.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m very happy with this organizer the dividers make it easy section out different flavors or products that make it easier to find.”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: No | Lidded: No | Available in packs of: 2 and 4 | Available sizes: 1

5. The Best Storage Bin Variety Pack With An Egg Holder & Can Organizer

If you’re looking to score a variety of different fridge organizer bins in one convenient set, check out this option. The set comes with eight organizers: three wide bins, three narrow bins, an egg holder with a lid, and a can holder. The bins are budget-friendly at under $20 for the whole set, and they’re stackable for extra versatility, too.

One reviewer wrote: “Exactly what I needed, super easy to arrange and clean. I like the variety as well. Has given my fridge a new look and makes overall routine cleaning loads easier.”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: Yes | Lidded: Only the egg holder | Available in packs of: 1 | Available sizes: One variety pack with 4 sizes

6. The Best Wire Organizer Baskets For The Fridge

These wire storage baskets set themselves apart from other organizers with their sheer cuteness. The set arrives ready to make storing packaged goods in your fridge or pantry all the more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll get two large and two medium bins, and they’re available in black, white, or rose gold. These bins are also the longest on this list, reaching back about 16 inches into your fridge for maximum storage space.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these baskets. I use them in my fridge to corral all the same types of food ... eg: 1 for pickles; one for yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. They are also great for the pantry ... dried soups, individual Mac & Cheese as well , mashed potatoes.”

Made of: Metal | Stacking: No | Lidded: No | Available in packs of: 4 | Available sizes: One variety pack with 2 sizes

7. An Organizer For Cans

Calling all sparking water fans! This beverage organizer is here to make accessing cans an orderly affair. It holds up to 10 cans and serves them up in an opening in the front. Plus, since it has a lid, you can make use of space on top of the bin for storing smaller items.

If you tend to keep more bottles on hand, opt for the two-pack that includes an open-top bin with a wider size just for that purpose. Alternatively, you can opt for a two-pack with a can holder and a standard rectangular organizer bin.

One reviewer wrote: “Easy to assemble and use in fridge. I like the [solid] lid so you can put items on top as well as cans in the unit. Good value and I would recommend.”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: No | Lidded: Yes | Available in packs of: 1 (or a multipack of 2) | Available sizes: 2

8. The Best Organizer Bin That Attaches To Your Fridge’s Shelves

Ever wish you could add more drawers to your refrigerator? You can! These organizer drawers, which are sold as singles or in packs of two, attach to your refrigerator’s shelf. They don’t require any tools to install them, and they can provide you with an entirely new space to store produce and packaged goods. You can also split the drawers into two or four sections with included dividers.

One reviewer wrote: “When I ordered my new refrigerator I was very disappointed because it did not have a deli drawer. These bins are perfect. They are sturdy and hold all the things that I was previously able to put in a deli drawer. I am so glad that I found them. They make the organization of my refrigerator perfect.”

Made of: Plastic | Stacking: No | Lidded: No | Available in packs of: 1 and 2 | Available sizes: 1

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