The 4 Best Furniture Sliders For Carpet

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If you have a habit of rearranging your furniture, or just like to get into every nook and cranny when you vacuum, chances are you know how difficult it can be to move heavy items across carpeted surfaces. Boasting smooth undersides, the best furniture sliders for carpet reduce friction between furniture and carpeting, so even heavy items like sofas or beds can be moved with minimal effort and less risk of damage.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Furniture Sliders For Carpet

Furniture sliders feature hard, slightly rounded plastic bottoms that allow you to move fixtures more easily without them catching on carpeting fibers or loops. (You’ll want to avoid any sliders with felt bottoms, as these are designed for moving furniture across hard-surface floors.) Some sliders attach to furniture legs with adhesive or screws, and some allow furniture legs to simply rest on top. Here’s what to know about your choices.

  • “Coaster” style sliders: Similar to drink coasters, these stay in place thanks to the weight of your furniture and have foam surfaces that cradle furniture legs to keep them from budging. This means you can keep them in position or seamlessly reuse them on other furnishings. They’re the best option for moving large or heavy items like a bed or a chest, but lighter-weight items like dining room chairs may not have enough heft to stay in place on them. You may need help getting these coasters under bulky or heavy furniture for the first time, but once there, they’ll stay put.
  • Adhesive sliders: Adhesive carpet furniture sliders attach to the undersides of your furniture’s legs and are best used for lightweight items that won’t cause too much drag when they’re being used. Since they use a sticky adhesive, it’s important to make sure your furniture is totally clean of dirt and dust before applying them. Adhesive sliders may lose their grip over time and are generally not reusable, though they’re often sold in large packs, so you can have a stash on hand if they need to be replaced.
  • Screw-on sliders: Screw-on sliders for furniture are best for people who move their items frequently and don’t want to worry about adhesive sliders popping off. They install easily on the underside of your furnishing’s legs or base with the help of a drill, giving them a sturdy, long-lasting fit on heavy and lightweight furniture alike.

Furniture-moving sliders come in a wide range of sizes. To find the best fit, take measurements of the feet or underside of your item, as this will allow you to match your sliders to your furniture, without drawing unnecessary attention to them.

Whether you’re moving a hulking credenza or a heavy coffee table, these carpet sliders will make the job a bit easier — professional movers not required.

Shop The Best Furniture Sliders For Carpet

In a hurry? These are the best furniture sliders for carpet:

  1. The Best Coaster-Style Sliders For Mid-Size Items: Super Sliders Reusable Round Furniture Sliders
  2. The Best Coaster-Style Sliders For Large Or Heavy Items: Super Sliders Oval Furniture Sliders
  3. The Best Adhesive Carpet Sliders For Lightweight Furniture: X-PROTECTOR Furniture Carpet Sliders
  4. The Best Screw-On Carpet Sliders: GorillaGlides Screw-On Furniture Sliders

1. The Best Coaster-Style Sliders For Mid-Size Items


  • Great for mid-size furniture
  • Range of colors and sizes
  • No permanent installation required


  • Won’t work as well with lightweight furniture

Ideal for mid-size furniture, these reusable carpet gliders feature hard plastic on the undersides, which allows them to move smoothly over carpeting. Thick and durable foam lines the top surfaces, offering a secure grip for furniture legs without the need for nails or screws, but keep in mind that lighter-weight pieces (like dining room chairs) may not have enough heft to stay in place on the sliders.

The round gliders are available in two sizes — 3.5 inches across or 2.5 inches across — so you can find a close fit. You can also choose between multiple colors, including black, brown, and beige. They’re designed to be reused, however you can also leave them in place if you reposition your furniture frequently.

A reviewer wrote: “Got these for moving furniture when i got new carpet installed. Now i keep them under legs of heaviest furniture in the house, including media console, dresser, bed, big bookshelf, and buffet. Makes it easy for this 62-year-old woman to move these items without needing any help. [...] They are also great for when electrical outlet is behind furniture, for moving bed away from wall when changing sheets, or just for rearranging furniture in a room.”

Reusable? Yes | Available sizes: 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches | Available colors: 5

2. The Best Coaster-Style Sliders For Large Or Heavy Items


  • Great for heavy furniture (especially pieces with oblong legs)
  • Range of colors
  • No permanent installation required


  • Won’t work as well with lightweight furniture

Also from Super Sliders, these heavy furniture sliders have an oval shape that’s ideal for furniture with wide supports or oblong legs, such as upholstered bed frames and large sectional sofas. Plus, the coaster-style construction makes them some of the best heavy furniture sliders for carpet since you don’t have to flip any hefty pieces over for installation. The hard plastic underside reduces friction on flooring, while the top surface is fashioned from hard foam to help give furniture legs a firm grip. They have a reusable design, but can also be left in place under items that need to be moved regularly. Multiple users reported using these sliders to move very heavy pieces including vintage desks, king-size beds, and workout equipment.

A reviewer wrote: “These are larger than any I could find in a store- including the big box stores, and that’s what I needed. I purchased two packages so I could set up a carpeted room move without stopping often during the transition. On my own I moved a large dresser and large chest (I did take out a few drawers ) and a few other heavy items - with ease! Also, they did not slip out as some I’ve had in the past would. Heavy furniture and carpet - no problem.”

Reusable? Yes | Available sizes: 5.75 x 9.5 inches | Available colors: 4

3. The Best Adhesive Carpet Sliders


  • Works well with lightweight furniture
  • No permanent installation required


  • Only 1 color and size option
  • Adhesive may lose its grip over time

Along with smooth plastic undersides, X-Protector’s furniture gliders feature a felt layer topped by heavy-duty adhesive that grips the feet of narrower furniture legs. These sliders are ideal for fine or spindle-leg furnishings, including dining chairs and lightweight desks or tables, but they’re not likely to stand up well to heavier pieces. Since the adhesive isn’t reusable, these sliders are more of a temporary solution, but since they’re sold in a pack of 40, you’ll have plenty on hand in case they pop off after some use. Some reviewers noted that they work best with low-pile versus shag carpeting, which might otherwise catch the edges of the sliders.

A reviewer wrote: “I put these under almost all my furniture, so I can move it around any time I want. I can literally redecorate in just a few minutes. Outstanding!”

Reusable? No | Available sizes: 1 inch | Available colors: 1 (beige)

4. The Best Screw-On Carpet Sliders


  • Screws provide a permanent, secure fit that won’t pop off
  • Works well with both heavy and lightweight furniture
  • Range of sizes


  • Only 1 color option
  • Tools required for installation

The screws on the undersides of these permanent furniture sliders for carpet allow you to securely attach them to the legs of armchairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and other furnishings for long-lasting use. Once in place, an additional smooth plastic insert pops onto the slider to provide quiet, friction-free gliding across carpeted surfaces. Because of the ultra-secure fit, these are a good choice for lighter-weight items that might not otherwise stay in place on coaster sliders. The screw-on design also makes them some of the best chair leg sliders for the kitchen or dining room, since they’ll stand up to heavy day-to-day use.

If you prefer a less permanent fix, these gliders come with a strong adhesive backing, which can be used in place of the screws. They’re only available in one color — gray — but unlike with coaster-style sliders, you can choose a size that’s slightly smaller than your furniture legs for a nearly invisible appearance.

A reviewer wrote: “Having tried the other brands, I was skeptical, but decided to try anyway! I am so glad I did, these sliders are better than all the rest combined. We have 10 dining chairs, so I needed 40 sliders. Hubby installed all of them without difficulty, and they actually slide across the carpet on our sun porch! None of the other brands would slide, they would get stuck or pull out a carpet loop! NOT WITH GORILLA SLIDERS!! These work perfectly and are the only type I will buy in the future.”

Reusable: No | Available sizes: 0.75 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch 2 inches | Available colors: 1 (gray)