The 5 Best LED Dog Collars To Keep Your Pup Safe At Night

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When it comes to keeping your pup safe on walks at night, LED dog collars can certainly help make your pup easy to spot in the dark. The best LED dog collars are adjustable and are made with durable materials (such as nylon, polyester, and sturdy plastic) for long-lasting wear. They are rechargeable for added convenience and have a battery life of at least five hours. Many also come with optional flashing or color-changing light settings for a more eye-catching glow.

Any dog collar with lights will make them easier to see when light is low, but if you live in a more populated area, consider getting one that has flashing or high-beam lights to better alert nearby bikers and drivers. However, some LED dog collars skip out on those settings and offer different light colors instead. Additionally, certain LED dog collars are water-resistant — or, even better, waterproof — which can be especially convenient if your pup loves to swim or if you think you might face occasional downpours on your walks.

Most LED dog collars are available in different sizes so that you can find one that fits your pup’s neck, but some budget-friendly options are one-size only and designed to be cut down to size. And while most have a D-ring so that they can be used with a leash, others are intended to be used as a complement to your dog’s usual collar or harness.

Read on for a few of the best LED dog collars you can score on Amazon now — plus a small but powerful light that clips onto any standard collar.

1. The Fan-Favorite Dog Collar With 16,000+ Ratings

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true option, this Illumiseen LED dog collar is the way to go. It has amassed more than 16,000 Amazon ratings — and more than 12,000 of those are perfect five-star ratings. The collar features a plastic buckle closure and metal D-ring. While the device is isn’t waterproof, the manufacturer specifies that it can hold up to rain. (Just make sure it doesn’t get dunked underwater!) Pet owners can also choose from three lighting modes: steady, rapid flashing, and slow flashing. One reviewer described, “The button to activate the light is easy to reach and is tactile with an audible click” — just press it again to switch between the different settings. According to one reviewer, the collar offers about five hours of light on each charge and takes about an hour to charge via USB.

Promising Amazon review: “This collar is extremely bright and vibrant. It's easy and fast to charge. It feels like it's way better quality than other similar light up collars.”

  • Available sizes: X-X-Small (8.6 – 11.4”), X-Small (9 – 13.7”), Small (13 – 17”), Medium (16 – 20”), Large (19 – 24”), X-Large (21.6 – 27.5”)

2. The LED Collar With The Longest-Lasting Battery

This LED dog collar is constructed with a nylon strap that’s available in eight colors, a D-ring, and a plastic buckle closure — plus, it offers you the choice of seven different light colors, all set to steady-on mode. Depending on what color light you use, the battery can last up to 20 hours on each charge. (The white option burns through the battery fastest, only lasting about four hours.) While this LED dog collar is described as waterproof, the manufacturer does not specify how much exposure to water the product can handle. It also warns customers to make sure the charging port is closed to prevent any water from getting in. The collar takes about two hours to charge via USB.

Promising Amazon review: “The charge lasts about a week, and we use it every single day for our dog. The charger is very small and unique, but it's perfect. I would buy again. It lights up every color, and you can pick the color of the actual collar.”

  • Available sizes: S (11-15.9”), M (15-19.7”), L (19-23.6")

3. A LED Collar That Can Be Seen Up To 350 Yards Away

The water-resistant Blazin’ Safety LED dog collar offers 350 yards of visibility and a battery life of about eight hours. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify specific charging times, one reviewer reported it took around three hours to charge via the included USB cord. The collar has a nylon strap that you secure with a plastic buckle and a D-ring to attach a leash. The color of the strap matches the color of the attached LED lights. It comes in 10 color and strap combinations in four adjustable sizes.

Press the button on the outside of the battery pack to choose from three lighting modes (on, strobe, and blink). According to one reviewer, the button that allows you to switch between the lighting modes is located outside the collar.

Promising Amazon review: “Great quality collar, by no means cheap material and very well put together. Didn’t expect the quality for what seemed to be a low price, but found out quickly the price is awesome for the quality. Should really cost more! Very bright from 200 feet away, so the dogs are easily seen at night. Rechargeable is a big plus.”

  • Available sizes: XSmall (8.1-10.75”), Small (9.8-14.2”), Medium (13.8-19.7”), Large (19.3- 27.6”)

4. A Waterproof LED Dog Collar With Flashing Lights

Not only does this LED dog collar with a polyester strap offer up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, but it also has an IP rating of IPX7 (which means it can withstand up to 1 meter of water for half an hour) and is constructed with rust-proof parts. While MASBRILL doesn’t specify how long recharging takes, one reviewer estimated that it “takes about 3 hours.” You can also easily switch between three light modes: fast flash, steady fast, and constant. Choose from six colors and three adjustable sizes — all of which have a D-ring and plastic buckle.

Promising Amazon review: “This is amazing and waterproof! At night, before my dog goes out, I turn it on so I can see him in the yard. It's really cool!! Don't really need to charge it much unless I use it a lot.”

  • Available sizes: S (15.75"), M (19.69"), L (23.62")

5. The Best Budget LED Dog Collar

This one-size LED dog collar has a unique plastic tube-like design that measures 27.6 inches long. Just cut it to the right length that will fit comfortably around your dog’s neck. It’s worth noting that the manufacturer doesn’t specify whether this collar is water-resistant, and it’s the only model on the list that isn’t designed to be attached to a leash — instead, it should be used as a supplement to your dog’s usual collar or harness. It does, however, come in five colors and offer three lighting modes (steady, quick flash, and slow flash). Use the silicone button located right on the connector to switch between the lighting options.

One reviewer noted that the USB-rechargeable collar’s “battery charge lasts surprisingly long,” while several other users have confirmed that “it charges quickly.” While the manufacturer doesn’t specify exactly how long it can go between charges, one reviewer outlined how long it typically lasts depending on the different settings: “Usage time:>8 hours for quick flash, >12 hours for slow flash, >3 hours for steady glow.”

Promising Amazon review: “Very durable, holds the battery charge and really bright. Like the options for blinking or steady light. Easy to adjust size to your dog. Easy to charge.”

  • Available sizes: One adjustable size

Also Great: These Rechargeable Clip-On LED Lights

These clip-on LED lights for dogs securely attach to any collar, leash, or harness, and they offer three brightness modes: high, medium, or red flashing. “The light is super powerful,” one reviewer reported. “The clip and light is durable.” Each clip-on light is made of shatterproof plastic, and the IP65 rating ensures that they’re water-resistant, even against low-pressure water jets.

The battery life lasts up to 20 hours depending on the brightness mode: up to eight hours in high brightness, up to 15 in medium brightness, and up to 20 in flashing mode, according to the manufacturer. While charging times are not specified, one reviewer wrote that they charge “really fast!!”

Promising Amazon review: “We love this light for after dark dog walks. Feels safer knowing if our pup bolts he’ll be seen. And we can see where he is in the yard for late night potty time. Lots of neighborhood friends have admired it’s practicality.”