The 25 Best Peloton Accessories

Take your home workout to the next level.

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You did it: you bought a Peloton, but that is just the beginning of your obsession. Peloton is more than a bike — it’s practically a way of life. The best Peloton accessories make your home workout feel like a boutique fitness class. The list below includes accessories on Amazon that Peloton riders rave about. Even if you don’t own a Peloton-branded bike but want to outfit your at-home spin studio, this list is for you.

What To Look For When Choosing Peloton Accessories

If you're new to Peloton and need the basic gear, you’ll want a bike mat to protect your floors and a pair of shoes (you need Delta-compatible cleats). Alternatively, you can replace the Peloton pedals with a pair of pedals and toe clips that are SPD compatible (if you already own SPD cycle shoes). A chest strap heart rate monitor is what Peloton uses because it provides the most accurate measurements, and you can pick up a reliable (affordable!) version on Amazon that syncs with your bikejust make sure it is ANT+ compatible. Since Peloton weights are only available up to three pounds, you may want to consider investing in a pair that gives you more resistance options, whether that’s just a heavier weight or an entire set. Also consider a pair of padded cycling shorts and some sweat-wicking headbands, because nothing will throw off a workout faster than being uncomfortable.

To upgrade your home Peloton studio, think about how you want to customize your ride. A dedicated Peloton towel hook will keep your sweat towel handy and out of your way. To create a more immersive sound for your workout, there’s a Reddit-approved Bluetooth speaker — but if you need to sweat quietly, veterans recommend a pair of good wireless earbuds so you can turn it up without disturbing your neighbors. While you’re at it, throw in a small fan that wraps around your handlebars and a Peloton-collab water bottle so you can end each workout feeling good.

Ahead, the 25 Peloton accessories that will take your at-home spin class to the next level.


An Accessible Mount To Hook Your Towel

You won’t have to worry about dropping your towel and pausing your workout ever again. This convenient towel mount keeps the included Peloton-branded microfiber towel readily available to mop up sweat. It affixes firmly to the side of your bike with a single reliable bolt so that your towel is easily accessible without getting in the way.

A helpful review: “This is awesome! I love that I do not have to find somewhere to hang my towel. Now I can just hang it ON the bike. And I DEFINITELY need a towel at hand. So this is perfect for me. You cannot hang a huge towel, but I just need a small cooling one. It was also very easy to install.”


A Wireless Speaker To Pump Up The Immersion

Reddit Peloton users recommend this affordable Bluetooth speaker for its sound quality and battery life — and it’s even small enough to fit in the cup holder. With an IPX5 water-resistant rating, it can handle some sweat, but the 100-foot range means you can set it up across the room — you'll be able to hear just fine. There's an aux-in jack and a built-in microphone which means you can take calls through the speaker, too, so you could answer your phone in the middle of a workout if needed. It can play for up to 14 hours between charges, and it easily juices back up via USB, so it's a handy little Amazon find with a big impact.

A helpful review: “Connects easily to Bluetooth on my Peloton. Place it in window sill next to bike and class is taken to a whole new level. Perfect for what I need. Neighbors have told me it works loud and clear. (maybe a little too good) No regret purchase!”

Colors: 7


Some Bluetooth Earbuds If You Need To Get Your Sweat On Silently

These Bluetooth sports headphones let you work out to a high-intensity beat without incurring your roommates' or neighbors' wrath. The budge-proof ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit that feels secure without weighing you down, and you get three sizes of earbuds to guarantee a fit. They have an LED display that shows how much of their impressively long battery life (up to 48 hours on a full charge) is left, and they will remember your last device to pair automatically the next time you want to use them. With a waterproof IPX-8 rating, they’re designed to handle even your most challenging sweat sessions.

A helpful review: “These fit great. All I can say is that I was getting prepared to shell out a lot of money for one of the like fancy name brands so I could have the ear phones that really worked well. These are incredible. They are way better than the more expensive pairs that I’ve owned in the past, they’re super comfortable and easy to connect to your device.”

Colors: 5


A Water Bottle That Fits Your Bike Perfectly

CamelBak collaborated with Peloton to create a branded water bottle, but you can get this similarly great one in a more vibrant color. The CamelBak Podium 21-ounce water bottle was designed to be optimized for bottle cages and is notably BPA, BPS, and BPF free. It’s double-walled yet flexible for superior chilling power that's still squeezable. The sports cap has a short self-sealing mouthpiece that was designed for maximum flow minus the vacuum when you take a swig.

If you prefer a stainless steel version, this water bottle comes with a sports cap that features a straw so you don't have to slow down.

A helpful review: "This water bottle is great! It fits perfectly in my bikes water bottle holder. It is easy to clean and is leak proof. Great quality Camelbak product.”


These Padded Cycling Capris That Won’t Ride Up

To prevent that all-too-common beginner Peloton soreness, a pair of padded cycling pants cushions your seat through long sessions. These popular cycling capris from BALEAF are made with anatomically molded silica gel, foam, and chamois for a comfortable ride. In addition to being wildly comfortable on a bike, they're also moisture-wicking with UPF 50+ for superior sun protection, so they're great for cycling indoors or out. A bit of silicone along each cuff ensures your pants legs never ride up.

A helpful review: “Amazing bike pants! I use them on our Peloton every day and have never gotten sore from the saddle!”

Colors: 4 | Sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large


And These Bike Shorts With A State-Of-The-Art Chamois

For rides when you know things are going to heat up fast, you need a pair of reliable cycling shorts to round out your Peloton wardrobe — and this pair from Terry is top-notch. They feature a seamless, padded chamois that is entirely perforated so you feel constant airflow. The fit offers mid-compression to keep muscles happy, and the nylon-spandex material is moisture-wicking and anti-chafing. With an 8.5-inch inseam, these shorts are perfect for long sessions in the saddle — indoors or out.

A helpful review: “These bike shorts fit so nicely and are so comfortable. I have other bike shorts that I really like but these are so much more comfy- I wish I tried these years ago! I have worn them on both outdoor and spin rides up to 2 hours and the cushioning was great.”

Colors: 2 | Sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


The Bike Mat On Amazon That Peloton Users Prefer

Hundreds of Peloton users on Amazon have weighed in on this exercise equipment mat, which has garnered an impressive 4.8-star rating. It comes in seven different sizes to suit your space and your bike, and the soft material is made from 7-millimeters-thick PVC, which is one of the best materials for bike mats. Roll yours out to create a nonslip surface for your equipment that catches sweat and preserves your floors.

A helpful review: "It’s a perfect thickness and quality. Thick enough to soften noise and protect floor but not too soft that it would make the bike uneven or tipsy. [...] It didn’t smell when I rolled it out. If you’re looking for a mat to fit under your exercise bike, look no further."

Sizes: 7, ranging from 24 x 48 inches to 36 x 94 inches


These Peloton-Compatible Cycling Shoes

These great cycling shoes are offered with the option for Look Delta or SPD cleats. They're made with a faux leather upper and a bit of padding, with three wide adjustable straps for a perfect fit. The fiberglass sole was designed for excellent energy transfer that maximizes every stroke of the pedal. Vented mesh ensures your feet still get some airflow, and a two-year warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects.

A helpful review: "I am so happy with these shoes!!! [...] I have a narrow foot and I really like the three Velcro straps that I can use to adjust the shoes to the perfect fit across the top of the shoes. I bought these to replace my original Peloton cycling shoes. They are well padded on the sides inside the shoe. I have a little more room in toe box than the Peloton shoes which I appreciate. I normally wear a 9-9.5 shoe and I purchased size 41. Perfect fit for me.”

Colors and styles: 15 | Sizes: 6 — 11


Or These Best-Selling SPD Pedals With Toe Cages That Are Peloton-Compatible

Peloton uses Look Delta pedals, but SPD pedals are already common for indoor cycling — and cyclists with SPD clip-in shoes may want to replace their Peloton pedals in order to use their preferred footwear at home. These Venzo toe clips and cleats are compatible with Peloton bikes and most cycle shoes (though not Peloton shoes). They also flip over to let you cycle in regular sneakers, too, so they're pretty versatile for the money.

A helpful review: "We bought these to replace the pedals that come with the Peloton bike. I already have a pair of SPD cleats that I like and rather than purchase new shoes for the Peloton we decided to swap the pedals. Very easy to install and to clip in and out of. My shoes also feel very secure while riding in and out of the saddle with these pedals. Great purchase!"

Styles: 2


These Awesomely Grippy Hand Weights

Peloton sells their own pairs of one- to three-pound weights that feature a cast iron core with a nubby coating for grip. But these budget-friendly CAP dumbbells get rave reviews for similar materials at a lower price point, with an iron core and thick neoprene coating that's easy to hold onto. Plus, they're available in more weight options. The AmazonEssentials weights are also great and recommended by Peloton users on Reddit, although they sell out frequently.

A helpful review: "Very happy with these. Got them as my beginner weights for home workouts. Love the color, love the feel of them in my hand, the coating is great. No slipping and sliding when I start to sweat."

Weight: 2 — 32 pounds | Colors: 13


These Wearable Towels That Double As Cooling Bibs

Not only do these lightweight, quick-drying wearable towels provide the easiest way to clear sweat beads during a ride, they can also be used as cooling bibs if you dip them in water, ring, and snap before putting one on. Available in several different pack sizes and colors, these bibs are a must-have for Peloton riders looking for easy access to a workout towel.

A helpful review: “This bib served a wonderful purpose. It freed up my hands when I’m cycling. No reaching for a towel in my back kit pocket. It also soaks up an excessive amount of sweat as well. An excellent purchase!”

Colors: 3


A Great Budget-Friendly Bike Cover

A bike cover protects your equipment from dust and debris when it’s not in use. This one is vetted to fit tons of brands, including Peloton. It's sturdy enough for indoor/outdoor use and made with wind-resistant 240-denier nylon Oxford cloth — but it's still thin enough to easily throw on your bike. There's a drawcord at the bottom for a snug fit, and you can hose the whole thing off for an easy clean if it gets dirty — or pop it under the showerhead if you're in an apartment.

A helpful review: “We use it for our peloton and it works perfect. Hits all the way to the ground and goes right on."

Dimensions: 49 x 23 x 58 inches (length x width x height)


An Affordable Alternative To The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

Peloton offers its own chest strap heart rate monitor, but you can get this comparable chest strap heart rate monitor for ultra-accurate readings. It has the same Bluetooth and ANT+ technology that syncs with Peloton bikes, in addition to being compatible with iPhone, Android, and most common fitness apps and GPS. The fabric is finely woven and soft, with nonslip grip. It's also backed by a one-year warranty, a nice touch for a budget tech piece.

A helpful review: “I purchased this with the introduction of the Strive score on the Peloton platform. I have an Apple Watch, but the base Peloton bike does not recognize it as a heart rate monitor. I am pleased with its functionality and ease of use so far! I definitely recommend this product to other Peloton bike users as it works seamlessly and easily!"


A Gel Seat Cover That's Great To Have From Day One

Over 500 Peloton users weighed in on this gel bicycle seat cover — and many noted that it made all the difference to prevent soreness (especially for newbies). This gel seat cover has a narrow cut for sports saddles and a firm gel fill. It's easy to mount and the fit is adjustable, plus it comes with a water- and dust-busting cover to keep it fresh.

A helpful review: "Amazing. I got this for my Peloton plus, and I love it. The Peloton seat gets easier with time, and padded pants can ease the adjustment, but this bike seat is the very best solution. A snap to put on, very stable, looks sharp and feels great. I will bring it along if I ever leave the house for a spin class again."

Colors: 6 | Styles: 2 (small and wide)


A Swivel Screen Adjuster For Optimal Viewing Of All Your Workouts

Whether you’re looking for a better viewing angle as you ride or your workout takes you off the bike, this fully rotating monitor adjuster lets you move your screen both horizontally and vertically to find just the right angle. It’s easy to install and rustproof. One Amazon reviewer said that it works to “better utilize the breadth of the Peloton experience.” And with an impressive 4.7-star rating, this is an affordable bike upgrade that many Peloton riders say is “worth every penny.” Note: The adjuster is compatible with Peloton bikes but not Peloton +.

A helpful review: “Why spend the hundreds of dollars on the Peloton Plus when you can just order this? Literally took 10 min to install, highly recommend enlisting a friend just for an extra set of arms for support. [...] Makes all the other classes so much easier to take. Best purchase for the Peloton, hands down.”


This Clip-On Fan To Keep You Cool When You're Heating Up

This little fan has a flexible tripod for affixing to your bike's handlebars to create the perfect breeze. It has three adjustable fan speeds and will run up to six hours on a charge, depending on your speed setting. Its 360-degree rotation means you can place it at exactly the right angle to cool off your workout. It’s even equipped with a misting feature that has a 50-milliliter tank. Charge it up with a USB cable, and it's ready to go for another week of workouts.

A helpful review: “This is a great fan that works well on our peloton. The stand grips around the middle part of the handlebars and doesn't interfere with riding at all. I like that you can also just deattach the top of the fan to charge it and not have to remove the legs that are wrapped around the bike's handlebar.”

Colors: 2


A Tray For Keeping Your Phone & Laptop Close

If you’re the ultimate multitasker, you need this Peloton-compatible tray. The durable, easy-to-clean acrylic tray slides in between the handlebars for simple installation, and it’s large enough to hold a book, tablet, e-book, or laptop. It includes a neoprene rubber ledge insert and a gel pad coaster to keep everything in place, and while this model is made for the original Peloton bikes, they make a tray with similar features for the Bike+.

If you’re only looking for a place to store your phone, this highly-rated phone mount is another great option.

A helpful review: “Love this accessory!! I can do easy rides during virtual meetings and a little more intense with just day to day tasks. My daughter even jumps on while doing homework. Definitely a must have!”


A Wall-Mount Organizer For All Your Peloton Gear

Keep all your Peloton gear organized and conveniently accessible with this easily mountable shelf organizer. Made of sturdy bamboo, it can hold up to 110 pounds of equipment, like resistance bands, shoes, towels, yoga mats, weights, and more. The dimensions are 19.75 inches wide by 27 inches tall by 8 inches deep. Note: assembly is required unless you purchase the ‘expert assembly’ package for an additional fee.

A helpful review: “This is the perfect product to hang next to your Peloton bike! Extremely durable, high-quality product...highly recommended! I've been through a couple of similar products but had to return them due to quality issues. This one is built to last!”


Some Sweat-Wicking Headbands That Won’t Slip

These exercise headbands feature an absorbent, sweat-wicking polyester and nylon fabric blend that's backed by two thin silicone grips to keep them in place no matter how punishing your Peloton workout gets. The band is designed with extra ventilation, and the seams are hemmed with double stitching to secure a long-lasting finish. They're just over 1.5 inches wide and come in a nice palette of shades — you might actually find yourself wearing them off the bike, as well.

A helpful review: “These actually work! I have straight, smooth, thick hair that falls out of ponytails no matter what I do. I’ve tried so many headbands and they all fall off because my hair is so smooth. These stayed in place and kept my hair out of my face during an intense workout!"

Color and quantity options: 4


A Wildly Popular Foam Roller To Maximize Your Recovery

To help relieve muscle soreness and aid recovery, a foam roller works out tightness and knots so you can hit your fitness goals faster. This 12-inch roller is made from high-density polypropylene that's extra-firm and sturdy enough to support weight-bearing rehab, yet lightweight and easy to wipe clean. You can get it in four different sizes so you can do targeted work in addition to full-body stretches. This budget number has a 4.6-star Amazon average after over 90,000 reviews, so it's safe to say this little thing will be a welcome addition to your cool-down routine.

A helpful review: "I use this for the foam rolling classes on the peloton and it's great! Back and leg rolling is so good for lengthening the muscles."

Colors: 3 | Sizes: 4


A Shoe Hanger That Hooks On The Back Of Your Peloton

If you have an original Peloton Bike, the TrubliFit Deluxe shoe hanger conveniently clips onto the back of the metal rack and provides a place to keep your shoes stored. In fact, this hanger can hold up to four shoes making it perfect for couples. According to the manufacturer, this hanger sits approximately 2.5 inches further back than other latch-on shoe racks. Reviewers attest to its stability and note that it does not interfere with their ride.

A helpful review: “Super easy to install. Quality sturdy construction. No noise or bouncing around while I’m riding. Shoes stay secure and don’t fall off. Hanging allows for thoroughly drying out after sweaty rides. This is the most convenient and practical way to keep spin shoes within reach but also out of the way. Aesthetically, it looks like the bike came with the shoe holders. Extremely pleased!”


Some Colorful LED Smart Bulbs To Set The Vibe

For a fully immersive Peloton experience, install a couple of LED smart bulbs in your workout room. Choose a color that helps you really get in the zone and you’ll feel like you’re actually in a real Peloton studio. Since these are smart bulbs, you won’t even have to leave your bike in the middle of your workout to change the color or brightness. Simply command your Alexa Echo, Echo Dot, or Google Assistant to set the vibe for you.

A helpful review: “These Meross bulbs have surpassed my expectations. The versatility is phenomenal. [...] The color palate of these bulbs is enormous and the bulbs themselves look gorgeous with the various colors.”


A Reliable Pair Of Cycling Gloves

Just because you’re on a stationary bike doesn’t mean your hands are safe from callouses and sweat. If you're someone who rides a lot, consider a pair of reliable cycling gloves. These gloves are designed with anti-slip silicone gel on the palm to help your grip when your hands do get sweaty. They'll also prevent some of those callouses as well.

A helpful review: “Really great bicycle gloves! Really took the pressure off my hands. Helps hands stay fatigue free for my 17 mile ride. Breathable and easy to take off.”

Colors: 11 | Sizes: Small — X-Large


Sanitizing Wipes

Keep these Wipex natural fitness equipment wipes nearby your Peloton. One canister contains 75 wipes that safely clean the base of your bike and handlebars. These wipes do not contain any bleach or ammonia so they’re also safe to use on LCD screens without leaving any streaks. Instead, Wipex uses natural ingredients such as vinegar and lavender essential oil. You can also use these for yoga mats, exercise machines, and dumbbells.

A helpful review: “We use these every time we ride our Peloton bike. Works great to keep your equipment clean and prevent rust from sweat buildup.”


A Dryer & Deodorizer For Your Cycling Shoes

After an intense workout, you could be drenched in sweat from head to toe. And if you’ve been wearing the same cycling shoes for a while now, they’re probably well overdue for a good sanitation. This shoe dryer will do just that while also eliminating any bad odors. For best results, slip your shoes into these immediately following your ride.

A helpful review: “We have a Peloton and these have been amazing at drying out cycling shoes after each ride so we can ride with dry shoes the next day.”

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