Everything You’ll Want To Buy From Target If You’re Turning 30 This Year
by Erin Cunningham
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A lot of being in your 30s is about getting rid of things you’ve held onto for too long. Think: one-sided friendships, a job that underpays, and those items kept for their sentimental value over practicality. You’re definitely not alone if you have a drawer full of oversized sleep T-shirts with one too many holes or are still using permanently stained hand-me-down pots. But turning 30 provides that perfect opportunity to start fresh — or, as the kids say, level up. Why not take it?

Start small by purging your overly stuffed closet or the falling-apart products you’ve been meaning to replace for the better part of a decade. Then, shop smart by purchasing affordable replacements that hit the trifecta of being sensible, stylish, and durable.

In the spirit of fully adulting, I’ve rounded up my favorite must-have products from Target that’ll show the world just how grown-up you can be. From luggage that’ll make travel a breeze to home entertaining essentials guaranteed to wow any guest, below are 11 affordable and functional picks that don’t compromise on style.

Whether you’ve just turned 30 or the big day is on the horizon, these will help you usher in the new decade looking — and feeling — your best.

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