The 4 Best Shower Foot Scrubbers, According To Amazon Reviewers

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If your feet are in need of some exfoliation or massage, consider purchasing a foot scrubber for the shower. The best shower foot scrubbers feature hundreds, if not thousands, of bristles to help gently massage and clean your feet as you shower or bathe. They are also made with durable, easy-to-maintain materials (commonly silicone and plastic), and they incorporate suction cups that provide a secure grip on slippery shower floors.

Ultimately, the best foot scrubbers come in a variety of sizes and styles — but no matter the design, they should make it easier (and more fun!) to clean your feet. While all the foot scrubbers on this list suction to the floor, they aren’t all used the same way. Some foot scrubbers are large enough to stand on with two feet, while others are more compact and provide a more targeted surface for you to scrub on. Alternatively, some shower foot scrubbers have a sandal-like design that you can slip your foot into, but they’re not always meant to hold weight — so if you can’t comfortably and safely maneuver on one foot, it may be best to sit down to use them.

Some shower foot scrubbers offer bonus features such as built-in smoothing pumice stones or multiple types of bristles for added foot exfoliation. Other scrubbers are designed with raised bumps to help you apply pressure and massage your feet. While these extras aren’t always necessary, they can be a nice added touch.

Keep scrolling for the best shower foot scrubbers you can score on Amazon — plus a handheld option that combines four tools in one.

1. The Overall Best Shower Foot Scrubber

  • Dimensions: 10.59 x 7.4 x 4.41 inches

This plastic shower foot scrubber has both soft and dense bristles — which are great for massaging and scrubbing tough skin, respectively. According to one reviewer: “The brushes on this scrubber are not too stiff nor are they too soft. They are just the right firmness to clean and loosen the dead skin!” Plus, the versatile scrubber has a built-in replaceable pumice stone to further help remove dead skin. The foot scrubber comes with one replacement pumice stone, and more are available for purchase here.

The suction-cup base keeps the scrubber in place — or you can opt to pick it up and use it as a handheld scrubber. If you choose to use it while standing, the manufacturer recommends placing one foot on the pad and one foot on the bristled surface to maintain your balance. When it comes time to clean the scrubber, simply rinse it and hang it to dry.

Promising Amazon review: “Excellent foot scrubber. No more bending over to exfoliate my feet. The stiff bristles and pumice stone work great! Wish I would have bought this years ago.”

2. The Cult-Favorite Shower Foot Scrubber With 10,000+ Reviews

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 10.5 x 1.3 inches

With more than 10,000 Amazon ratings, this silicone shower foot scrubber is a fan-favorite thanks to its hundreds of bristles and relatively large size. Its unique design also features raised “acupressure points” for a deeper massage. One reviewer described, “Great massage and helps with removal of rough patches. Tickles a bit but feels great once you get use to it.” While the base is equipped with nonslip suction cups to keep it in place, some reviewers have suggested that it can slide around on uneven shower floors. It can be rinsed and hung dry to clean, and it is available in four colors.

Promising Amazon review: “If you are anything like me and you live in flip flops 365 days a year, your feet are black at the end of the day or you just have sore achy feet at the end of the day, this awesome little contraption is for you! [...] I love it. It feels so relaxes when you get in the shower and the little nubbies massage your feet. <3 I just put a little bit of whatever cleanser on the scrubbers and bam, feet clean. I just rub them back and forth and get a massage at the same time! Saves me from grabbing anymore washrags and staining them with my black foot ew. Save the wash cloths! Buy the Shower Foot Scrubber!”

3. The Best Shower Foot Scrubber With A Sandal-Like Design

  • Dimensions: 12.44 x 5.47 x 4.69 inches

This plastic shower foot scrubber looks like a sandal and is designed for you to slip in one foot at a time. “I just had hip surgery and this was what I needed to scrub my feet. Just add soap or shampoo and slide your foot back and forth. It feels amazing. I love it!” raved one customer. Even though it looks like a sandal, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend standing on it, as it could cause the bristles to bend. The tool is equipped with six suction cups to stick it to the shower floor.

It has brush-like bristles — more than 1,000 of them, to be exact — to clean your feet. “The firmness of the bristles really does a great job of exfoliating the skin all around the foot,” one reviewer wrote. There’s also a built-in pumice stone, which one reviewer dubbed “the perfect touch.” Reviewers have reported that cleaning it is as simple as rinsing and hang-drying it.

Promising Amazon review: “This product is so easy to use in the shower and makes cleaning my feet so easy! It is the perfect thing for my feet in between pedicures to keep my feet soft.”

4. The Best Compact Foot Scrubber

  • Dimensions: 7.25 x 1 x 4.75 inches

This plastic scrubber sticks to both shower and tub surfaces, and its compact size makes it especially ideal for those with small spaces or for travel. The bristles clean and massage feet “effortlessly,” according to one reviewer. Another described: “Item is easy to use and stays put. [...] Bristles are coarse enough to get the job done but soft enough not to be uncomfortable.” Plus, it even comes with a free sample of liquid soap. To clean, rinse it in warm water and set it out to dry. It’s available in this blue version, as well as gold. (Looking for a scrubber that’s slightly larger but still compact? Consider this one.)

Promising Amazon review: “I used to have the full size version and found it to be a little larger than I needed. I saw this travel size and was so excited! It is just the right size and these work so good! I have tried other brands in the past but this is by far the best foot scrubber that I have found!”

Also Great: A Handheld 4-In-1 Foot Scrubber

Looking for a handheld option? This four-in-one pedicure tool features a brush for scrubbing away dead skin and debris, a pumice stone for exfoliation, a fine sandpaper surface for smoothing, and a stainless steel foot file for rough calluses. One reviewer described the tool as a “game changer,” while another wrote: ”My feet feel and look so much better.” To prevent bacterial growth, the manufacturer recommends rinsing in warm water. Choose from two colors.

Promising Amazon review: “This is a great tool. It takes away the dead skin. It is easy to hold and I love that it has a brush. It works well.”