The 5 Best Skirt Hangers

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by Lauren Moison

There's nothing more annoying than digging through the closet to find the skirt you want, only to discover the waistband is dented or there’s a crease through the middle. Fortunately, the best skirt hangers feature padded clips and nonslip linings to keep your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free, and they come in materials and colors to match your dream closet aesthetic.

Types Of Skirt Hangers

When shopping for skirt hangers, there are three main types:

  • Metal clip hangers feature two individual clips that secure your skirt at the waistband and can be slid along the length of the hanger bar to adjust the width. These hangers tend to be very budget-friendly and allow your skirt to hang straight, helping to prevent wrinkles. The most important detail to look for, however, is a rubber or plastic coating on each clip that will reduce the chances of creating a mark on the waistband of your skirt.
  • Wooden clamp hangers feature two long bars that clamp together to hold skirts and pants in place, providing uniform pressure along the length of the waistband to help avoid dents and creases. However, these may not be able to support heavy skirts or get a good grip on thin materials.
  • Open-ended hangers allow for easy hanging and removal of skirts and pants, and many of them feature thick, anti-slip coatings on the hanging bar that help keep clothes in place. But if the skirt material is prone to wrinkles, these hangers may create a crease.

Extra Features To Look For

Some additional nice-to-have features to consider include 360-degree swivel hooks that allow you to easily view and hang your clothing, as well as tiered, space-saving designs that provide multiple hanging bars on one hook.

No matter which type of hanger you prefer, the best skirt hangers on Amazon come in a variety of colors to suit your style and wardrobe needs, and they’re available at budget-friendly prices (think: under $2 per hanger).

1. A 20-Pack Of Velvet Hangers With Clips

These clip-style skirt hangers use two vinyl-lined metal clips that can slide along the hanging bar to accommodate all kinds of skirts and protect them from dents and marks. The top of the hanger is flocked with soft, black velvet to prevent slipping and has small notches that cradle thin straps to reduce the chances of slipping when used for tops or full-length dresses. Each hanger boasts a convenient 360-degree, rotating hook for easy hanging and viewing, and the hooks are made with a corrosion-resistant chrome finish for a shiny, polished look.

One reviewer wrote: “I wear pencils skirts to work, and got tired of looking in my closet which had different hangers for everything. I purchased these after upgrading my tops and dresses hangers to the velvet nonslip kind. These work terrific for skirts (I am sure pants too, I just don't wear them). Hangers are sturdy, and slip on even my thickest winter skirts. They do take up more room in the closet though, so keep that in mind if you're short on space.”

Type: Vinyl-covered clips with velvet flocking | Dimensions: 17 x 10.25 x 0.2 inches (width x height x thickness) | Maximum Weight: 7 pounds each

2. These 4-Tiered Space-Saving Hangers

To maximize your closet space, these four-tiered stainless steel hangers feature four horizontal bars with a total of eight clips that can hang four skirts or pants on just one hanger. The sliding, chrome-plated clips have anti-slip rubber coatings on them to help grip clothing tightly without leaving marks, and the rubber caps on the bar ends are a nice safety plus. Plus, they’re available in a three-pack or six-pack. Just note that according to some reviewers, these hangers don’t have the 360-degree swivel function like some others do.

One reviewer wrote: “I am so glad I bought these hangers. They are perfect. The clasps are adjustable. [...] They also are not sharp, they don’t have teeth on them, so they won’t ruin your delicate skirts like some hangers will. And (maybe obviously, but I didn’t think about this) you can hang your items on either side. If you have skirts or pants on the top and bottom, It would be inconvenient to use the two middle ones, but you can just hang things on the other side. So no matter which of the four you’re using, it’s always easy to put things on and take them off. I really love these and will always have some from now on.”

Type: Tiered hanger with rubber-coated clips | Dimensions: 12.75 x 13.35 x 1 inches (width x height x thickness) | Maximum Weight: 15 pounds each

3. A Set Of Wooden Bar Clamp Hangers

These wooden skirt hangers use two wooden bars to secure clothing evenly along the waistband without leaving dents or marks. These particular hangers are made with walnut and eucalyptus wood, feature a 360-degree swivel hook, and have nonslip felt liners to help hold your clothing in place. To use, simply fold the metal hook back (which will open the two wooden bars) and place your clothing in between. Then, pull the metal hook forward to close the wooden bars and secure the item in place. There are two wood tones to choose from: walnut and natural.

One reviewer wrote: “These hangers are pretty sturdy and the price is great! I am definitely getting these hangers again. It holds my thin skirts and pants but also great for clamping jeans or thick pants.”

Type: Wooden clamp hanger | Dimensions: 9.75 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches (width x height x thickness) | Maximum Weight: n/a

4. These Metal Hangers With Rubber-Coated Clips

Coming in at just $1.17 per hanger, these budget-friendly skirt hangers are ideal for giving your closet a makeover without spending a fortune. Each hanger features two metal clips with protective rubber coatings that can slide along the stainless steel bar for an adjustable width up to 12 inches. While you won’t be able to swivel and spin these hangers, they do come in 12, 30, and 50-pack options to accommodate any closet overhaul.

One reviewer wrote: “In my attempt to get away from plastic hangers, I purchased this set & WOW. The space I saved adding a few pants and skirts to these vs. std. hangers - unbeliveable”

Type: Rubber-coated clip hanger | Dimensions: 11.8 x 3.46 inches (width x height; thickness not mentioned) | Maximum Weight: n/a

5. A Set Of Nonslip Open-Ended Hangers

These clip-free, open-ended skirt hangers have more than 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and make hanging and removing skirts, pants, and other clothing from your closet so much easier. The heavy-duty chrome hanger features a rubber coating on the bottom bar that keeps skirts and pants in place and makes the bar thicker to reduce creasing. They’re available in 20, 30, or 40-pack options.

One reviewer wrote: “They help me hang slacks and skirts with ease. The coating is gentle on the pants not leaving a harsh crease while holding them firm.”

Type: Open-ended with a rubber coating | Dimensions: 14 x 6.25 inches (width x height; thickness not mentioned) | Maximum Weight: 10 pounds each

Also Great: A Set Of Clips To Add To Your Existing Hangers

These individual hanger clips use a 0.16-inch slot that clips onto the bar of your current hangers to conveniently hang your skirts and pants. The clips feature a velvet lining that provides an anti-slip grip to hold clothing securely in place and can open up to 0.39 inches wide to accommodate most skirts and pants. While these clips can only be used on thinner hangers, they do come in five colors and are available in a 24 or 50-pack.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these guys. Saved me money from having to buy more hangers since I have enough. Used with the velvet hangers, can now hang my skirts, scarves, pants, skirts and blouses with wide necks. Plan on getting some more.”