13 Halloween Costume Ideas That Pay Homage To Britney Spears

All these looks scream, “It’s Britney, b*tch.”

13 Britney Spears Halloween Costume Ideas
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Following the release of her 1999 breakthrough hit, “...Baby One More Time,” Britney Spears immediately became a household name. Young fans everywhere scrambled to be just like Britney, emulating her dance moves, crop tops, and pigtails (often to the horror of conservative parents and commentators). Simply put, Spears was — and still is — the blueprint.

Lots of artists have stepped up to salute Spears’ impact as something of a prototype to the modern-day pop icon. Tributes like Lorde’s recent cover of “Break the Ice” are ensuring that Spears’ work continues to be shared with a new generation of fans. And whether we realize it or not, so many of our everyday fashion choices, favorite songs, and pop culture references are thanks to Spears.

So, why not nod to one of your favorite Britney moments by dressing in one of her iconic outfits this Halloween? After all, cosplaying as Spears was arguably one of the most universal pastimes of ‘90s kids. From her “Oops!... I Did It Again” red latex catsuit to her snake-charming performance at the 2001 VMAs, the memories are endless — and many of them are surprisingly easy to recreate. Relive your days of singing into your hairbrush with one of these Britney Spears Halloween costumes.

“I’m A Slave 4 U” Performance


Whether you have access to a live boa constrictor, yellow feather boa, or, of course, a stuffed animal snake, this iconic Britney moment from her 2001 VMAs performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” is surefire recognizable pop culture reference. Grab a green bralette or swimsuit top and some blue low-rise, short-shorts with a few blue scarves attached to the sides. Get generous with some stick-on sequins, and let your wild side out.

“Oops, I Did It Again” Red Latex Catsuit

Dress up as Britney performing “Oops, I did it again.”

This one is arguably the most frequent Britney costume you’ll see on Halloween, but ... oops, we’re wearing it again. Sure, a full-body red latex jumpsuit isn’t something you’ll typically have lying around in your closet. But, if you can track one down, all you really need is some blue eyeshadow to complete the look.

“...Baby One More Time” Schoolgirl Outfit

Ex-private school students rejoice! That uniform you’ve been keeping in your closet for sentimental reasons unbeknownst to you can finally be repurposed. (And, this time around, you don’t need to worry about dress code violations.) Any tied button down, cardigan, skirt, and knee socks will do the trick. But, if you’re looking to truly honor this relic of the Britney canon, try to get your hands on some fuzzy pink scrunchies and pink ribbons for your pigtails.

Britney’s 1999 In-Concert Look

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Here’s an under-appreciated look from Britney’s early career that not only captures her pop star glam, but feels like a textile time capsule of the ‘90s. You might need to DIY the hot pink vinyl kneepads, but the matching bandeau and white cargo pants should be easy enough to find. Throw your hair in pigtails and, of course, bring your mic for showtime.

“Toxic” Flight Attendant

Sadly, even the finest airlines don’t offer the same level of in-flight entertainment that travelers received in Britney’s “Toxic” music video. But, you can get fellow partygoers moving and grooving about the cabin in this flight attendant costume. Party City’s Adult Flight Attendant Costume Kit is strikingly similar to Britney’s own outfit in the music video, but you can always DIY before you fly.

Britney & Justin’s Double-Denim Moment

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Whether you have a partner to pull off this perfect pair costume, or just have some boyfriend jeans ready to be patched into a dress, this is a jeanius idea. and the good news is that people will likely get the reference with or without a JT counterpart by your side, because... well, no one has ever worn a denim dress quite like Britney. You can wear a basic denim dress, or make it custom by patching on some scraps from old jeans. Finish the look with a chain link belt and voila.

“Circus” Ringmaster

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If you’re ready to have all eyes on you this Halloween, Britney’s “Circus” ringmaster costume is perfect for you. Though she’s also worn a full ringmaster uniform (complete with a red tailcoat, shoulder pads, and a lion-taming whip), this stripped down version is the perfect DIY ringmaster costume. All you’ll need is a cropped black long sleeve, black leather pants, and a top hat. Step right up and let the show begin.

2000 Billboard Music Awards

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It’s hard to say whether this outfit could ever be replicated. The current supply and demand for orange and purple crushed velvet robes is, presumably, not very high. Which is to say that there might not be a single garment like this in existence — let alone a matching feathered fedora. That said, this outfit is begging to be turned into a Halloween costume. And, in the words of Britney, if you want to make things happen, “You better work.” Grab an orange bath robe, bust out your sewing machine, do whatever it takes. We believe in you.

“If U Seek Amy” Housewife

As a performer with countless iconic costume changes, it’s easy for some stellar fashion moments to be overlooked. And Britney’s tongue-in-cheek housewife costume at the end of the “If U Seek Amy” music video is one of them. Throw on your blonde wig, a pale pink polo, white skirt, and a sweater to drape around your shoulders, and smile for the camera. Don’t forget to bring a freshly baked pie for the photo op.

2003 MTV Bash “Page Six” Outfit

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This outfit is something of a hidden gem in Britney’s fashion canon. That said, any true Britney fan would know about her penchant for fedoras and subtly lampooning the paparazzi. Track down a Page Six tee, throw on a sparkly bowtie and mini skirt, and, for some extra pizazz, find a pair Lichtenstein-esque tights. Here’s a look that will scream, “No pictures, please,” when you step onto the scene at your next Halloween party.

“You Drive Me Crazy” Waitress

Here’s a costume that will have partygoers asking, “When do you get off?” From Britney’s 1999 music video for the hit, “You Drive Me Crazy,” this waitress costume has the perfect touch of retro chic for your Halloween. Suit up in a classic ‘50s car hop outfit, and complete the look with some pink cat eye glasses and fuzzy scrunchies. Don’t forget a tray to carry your refreshments around for the night. Order up!

2000 Grammys Outfit

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Nothing says throwback Britney like bringing back her 2000 Grammys look. Nominated for Best New Artist that night alongside Christina Aguilera, then-budding star Britney appeared on the red carpet in a sleek white gown and white fur shawl. Stepping out in this look will make it clear that a cultural reset has arrived.

2002 VMAs Outfit

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Some might argue that Britney donning the red star at the 2002 VMAs was the first premonition of Comrade Britney. Either way, this is the perfect look whether you’re trying to make a political statement or fashion statement. For this leather look, don a black leather dress, black lace arm sleeves, and top off the look with an iconic black baker boy cap. You can also go full throttle with lace-up stilettos.