Bud Light Just Dropped Its First No Carb Beer

Day drinking will never be the same.

Bud Light NEXT is the brand's first ever no carb beer.
Bud Light

Throwing back a couple of brews may not be everyone’s preference when it comes to drinking — it might feel a little bit too filling after the second or third can — but thankfully there’s a new solution for that. Ahead of day drinking weather, Budweiser is releasing an all-new beer called Bud Light NEXT — a no-carb option that will remind you that sometimes it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It took 10 years to perfect the taste on Bud Light NEXT and it’ll finally hit the market following its commercial premiere during the 2022 Super Bowl. NEXT joins the rankings of other low-carb beer options like Michelob Ultra and Corona Premier. The company assures Bud Light NEXT has the same light and refreshing taste as classic Bud Light beer but is specially brewed to offer the same drinkability as a hard seltzer, meaning you should stock your fridge up sooner rather than later. Before you head to the liquor store, there are a few things you should know about the new twist on Bud Light.

What Is Bud Light NEXT?

Bud Light NEXT comes in 12-ounce cans and either six-count or 12-count cases. It’s the first zero-carb beer of its kind by the brand. For reference, a traditional Bud Light beer has 6.6 grams of carbs, Bud Light Lemonade has 16 grams of carbs, and Bud Light’s hard seltzers have about two grams of carbs per can.

Bud Light Next Ingredients

Bud Light NEXT is brewed with the same ingredients as traditional Bud Light including malted barley, water, natural ingredients, and rice.​

Bud Light

How Much Alcohol Is In Bud Light NEXT?

Bud Light NEXT has 4% alcohol by volume, which is slightly less than a traditional Bud Light which clocks in at 4.2% alcohol by volume. Bud Light’s seltzers have 5% ABV per can for reference and Budweiser explains on their site that Bud Light NEXT “breaks the barriers of a traditional lager and offers the sessionability and stats of a seltzer.”

Where Can Bud Light NEXT Be Purchased?

Bud Light NEXT is a permanent addition to the Budweiser portfolio and is available wherever you buy your other products from the brand. To double-check where Bud Light retailers are near you, you can plug your zip code into their handy online store locator or see if your area has alcohol delivery services that will deliver it straight to your door.