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Bustle’s B.Happy Event Was Basically A Joy Market

From breathwork sessions to a drag-queen sing-along.

Bustle's B.Happy event featured special guests.

When you think about all the things that make you happy, what comes to mind? Doughnuts? Makeup? Jewelry, self-care, drag-queen karaoke, and plenty of glitter? Well, all that and more was available at Bustle’s aptly named B.Happy event, held Saturday, June 29 in Hollywood, California.

B.Happy was a colorful day full of fun, interactive spaces for Bustle readers to explore, presented by the All-New Toyota Camry and kicking off with their car-wash-themed “maze of merriment” that led people through a winding path toward a glimmering coffee corner, a cute claw machine, and a mirror room. There was also a prize wheel that revealed whether you are, in fact, passenger royalty, and tarot readers Sophia Knapp and Kate Van Horn were on standby, too, to offer directional guidance for anyone who needed it.

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While DJ Daisy O’Dell mixed girly pop tunes, attendees spent the afternoon perusing booths from the event’s partners, which were all specifically curated to spark joy. Lifestyle brand Dairy Boy offered DIY embroidery at a denim bar, while clothing brand Artless Forever hosted illustrator Creating With Jade, who was busy doing live sketches.

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Brooklyn-based jewelry brand Rellery was, quite literally, hooking people up with permanent jewelry featuring angel numbers (777, anyone?). For those feeling crafty, the brand agency Air Milkshake was at the ready with a fun paint-by-numbers station with kits from Paint Anywhere.

For a quick snack, people hit up the Wellness Bar from Woo More Play. Its Glazing Station was piled high with doughnuts from San Diego-based Donut Bar, while beverage line Human Desire was doling out mood-enhancing tonics, which might explain part of the cheery vibe in the air.

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On The Stage

Inside the venue, everyone was welcome to settle in for the #HappyCore panel, where Bustle Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Owen chatted with Whitney Port, mental health advocate Tay Lautner, and actor/life coach Nazanin Mandi about how to feel, well, happy.

“For me, it’s about letting go of that person who was letting everybody call the shots,” Port said of her early rise to fame and how she’s found happiness in her 30s. “I’m standing more strong in her power as a woman who is not that person anymore and can make my own future.”

Later, Owen spoke with Jessica Knoll, the author of Bright Young Women, about her development plans for the book and all things #BookTok, while creators Payton Sartain and Alyssa Amoroso sat down with hosts Kamie Crawford and Krista Williams to discuss what they do to find joy. Finally, makeup artist Donni Davy and hairstylist Scotty Cunha appeared on stage to talk about all things glam and finding beauty inside and out.

Author Jessica Knoll and Charlotte Owen, Bustle Editor-in-Chief Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Nazanin Mandi, Tay Lautner, Whitney Port, and Charlotte OwenMatt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
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Wellness On Demand

In between chats, fitness expert Bec Donlan popped in with a mini workout to keep everyone’s blood pumping. For those who were looking for a moment of Zen, Open’s lead meditation expert, Olivia Otten, was there to take the crowd on a guided meditation journey.

Wellness coach Millana Snow also led guests through a breathwork experience, because nothing will make you happier that feeling ~at peace~ in your own body. With Snow slowly moving around the stage, guests were able to take a moment of stillness to connect with themselves out of the baking hot L.A. sunshine.

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The Joy Mart

Nobody left Bustle B.Happy empty-handed. The Joy Mart featured feel-good gifts from various vendors, with guests invited to grab a bag and load up with treats, including:

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The Happiest Hour

No joy-themed event would be complete without karaoke and a lively performance from a drag queen, and that’s where Laylah Amor stepped in. Leading the crowd in a sing-along to the Spice Girls and Katy Perry, many guests took to the stage, microphone in hand, while silver-sequined roller skaters performed in formation up front.

It was the perfect end to a truly happy day, made all the better by the delivery of Shake Shack burgers and fries, with bags of Fonuts to send attendees on their way.

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