Bustle Newsletter: December 20, 2021

On how to assess the difference between a fear of commitment and an ill-suited relationship, the most standout beauty moments from 2021, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Michaela Coel wearing highlighter yellow eyeliner.
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I'm So Anxious About Moving In With My Boyfriend. What Does That Mean?

It’s easy to think about your relationship in forever terms when things are going smoothly with your partner, but when you hit a rough patch, you catch yourself wondering, Is this really the right relationship? Is there someone out there who would be a better fit? Does the mere fact that I’m thinking about this mean that something’s amiss? “It’s hard for anyone to decipher what The Line is in a relationship, the point at which staying with a person tips into not-worth-it territory,” writes Bustle’s relationship columnist Sophia Benoit. “But I want you to hear something: Doubt is normal, questions are normal. Misery is not.” Read More

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The Most Standout Beauty Moments From 2021

With the return of red carpet events came more opportunities for your fave celebs to embrace the biggest beauty trends of the moment. From Michaela Coel’s electric neon eyeliner to Anya Taylor-Joy’s Old Hollywood curls, here are the looks we’re *still* not over. Read More

The Best Under-$20 Gifts For Your Bestie

This time of year, it’s unlikely that your bank account is overflowing with funds, but you don’t have to spend a ton on a thoughtful gift for your ride-or-die. Here, we rounded up our favorite ideas — matching BFF necklaces not included. Read More

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If, in the cooler months, you notice some less-than-cute flaking on your forehead and chin, your skin might be thirstier than usual (shoutout to radiators everywhere). Even if a facial oil is normally too heavy for you, it might be just the ticket to keep your skin healthy and hydrated through winter. For Bustle beauty writer Hilary Shepherd, this one by Flora Mirabilis checked all the boxes: amazing smell, potion-like packaging, and a formula that didn’t clog her pores. Read More

How To Hack Your Dating Profile & Get Better Matches

Over 44 million Americans used dating apps in 2020, but only 12% of users say they found a committed relationship with someone they met online. With odds like that, it’s no wonder everyone’s suffering from app fatigue. But dating coaches let us in on how you can game the algorithm to swipe smarter, not harder. Read More

Where To Shop The Best Looks From And Just Like That…

Though the new show’s lacking in some areas (namely the Samantha department), the clothes are as aspirational as ever. So if you’ve been pining for a light pink coat like Carrie’s, the Bustle style team has the dupes for you. Read More


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