45 Cheap Gifts On Amazon Prime That Ship Quickly & Are Clever AF

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Shopping online is fun, but it can be a daunting when you don't know when your package will be delivered. But with fast and convenient online marketplaces such as Amazon, the waiting times have become less mysterious. In fact, Amazon Prime offers tons of impressive products with lightning-fast shipping. Don't believe me? Just take a look at this list of cheap, clever things on Amazon Prime that ship quickly. It includes some pretty cool stuff, all of which will arrive at your doorstep in record time (if you're using Amazon Prime, that is).

Like, who couldn't use an automatic hand soap dispenser that lets everyone clean their hands without touching the container? There's also a super unique spatula here that helps grip and lift food for simple serving. And what about a car humidifier that doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser, or a rechargeable hand warmer that fits into your purse or pocket for easy access? These things are all included in this roundup, and they should be delivered quickly.

With that being said, there are so many clever Amazon products on this list to explore. Sift through to find your favorite picks, or even buy something for a loved one.

A Pair Of Multifunction Food Scissors That Cut, Slice, & Peel

You can cut food quickly and easily using this food cutter, peeler, bottle opener, and chopper. The multifunction tool is simple to use, working as a pair of scissors to cut through vegetables and fruits. It can also be disassembled and used as a regular kitchen knife.

A Compact Multitool That Fits Different Types Of Screws & Bolts

This multitool adjusts to grip different types of nuts, bolts, and screws for all-in-one use. The design is made to fit basically any size or shape, and it's small enough to fit in any toolbox or bag for simple portability. It's easy to use and perfect for any at-home project.

These Reusable Makeup-Removing Cloths That Work With Just Water

You can effortlessly remove all of your makeup while exfoliating your skin with this soft microfiber towel. The material is gentle and only needs to be wet with water in order to work. Plus, this set comes with two reusable cloths that are each equipped with a loop that allows you to hang and dry them on any hook.

The Amazon Echo Flex Plug-In That's 60% Off Right Now

Expand your Alexa throughout your home with the Echo Flex, which has 36,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. It plugs into any open outlet so you can control your smart electronics, manage your day, and ask for instant information — plus it has a built-in USB port for your phone charger or an add-on night light.

These Magnetic Key Holders That Attach To Your Light Switch

These magnetic key holders attach to your light switch and can secure up to three pounds each. Simply install them by removing the existing screws and replacing them with the magnetic screws. There are six in each pack, giving you a great place to keep your keys, dog leash, and more.

This Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer For On-The-Go Cleaning

You can remove bacteria on the go with the help of this toothbrush sanitizer. The portable design contains powerful ultraviolet bulbs that get rid of 99.9% of germs. It's also super easy to use and automatically turns on as soon as your toothbrush is inserted. Plus, it'll power down after five minutes of doing its job.

The Moisturizing Gloves With Touchscreen Capabilities (Bonus: They Come With Spa Socks)

This set of moisturizing gel socks and gloves will have your hands and feet smooth in no time. Both pieces help lock in moisture and are comfortable and stretchy, while the gloves feature touchscreen capability to alleviate downtime as you wear them. Use this duo two to three times a week for best results.

A Must-Have Tool For Avocado Lovers: It Pits & Slices With Ease

You can use this avocado tool to pit and slice your avocados quickly and easily. It has an easy-to-grip plastic handle that doubles as a slicer, along with a stainless steel opening that grips and pits each seed. Place the tool in the dishwasher for simple cleaning between uses.

An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller Made With Volcanic Stone

Glide this face roller over your complexion to refresh and soak up unwanted oil for a shine-free finish. Made of authentic volcanic stone, this matte face roller works like blotting paper (but without the waste). You can use it with or without makeup.

These Clear Spiral Hair Ties That Shouldn't Leave Dents After Ponytails

This set of ponytail holders are durable and gentle enough for any hair type. The plastic spiral design of each hair tie helps prevent tangling and breakage. Not to mention, they're clear and feature a great amount of stretch that's perfect for both thick and fine hair.

Turn Your Ride Into A Smart Car With The Echo Auto For 60% Off Right Now

Add Alexa to your car with the Echo Auto, which syncs to your phone and plays directly through your car’s speakers. Use it to check traffic and weather, stream music, listen to books on Audible, and more — all hands free.

The Slim Wireless Charger That's Sleek & Powerful

This thin wireless charger is durable and efficient. It's free of plugs and cables, supporting rapid, wireless charging. The device's built-in LED lights alert you when your phone is charging and also signals when the job is complete. Compatible with many modern phone types, this sleek design is sure to look great on any desk or nightstand.

These Self-Watering Spikes That Keep Your Plants Healthy & Hydrated — Even When You Forget

Use these unique self-watering posts to keep your plants hydrated regularly. They're easy to use and completely transparent, so you can see exactly how much water is left inside. Each one features a bird-shaped design and can hold enough water for three to seven days, depending on the plant type. There are four colors in each pack.

An Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar That Eliminates The Need For Bottled Shampoo

This sustainable shampoo bar is great for both your hair and the environment. The biodegradable cleaning bar reduces waste since it's free of the plastic container that typically holds traditional shampoo. The bar, which contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, and peppermint, offers the equivalent of three bottles of product.

The Fire TV Stick Lite For 40% Off Right Now — Alexa Voice Remote Included

For less than $20 while it's on sale, get the new 2020 Lite version of the fan-favorite Fire TV Stick. If you don't need to control your television with the Fire Stick, this affordable little unit has you covered for effortless streaming you can control with your voice. It doesn't just work for Netflix and Prime video, either. Use it to play music, watch live TV, and more. It has a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 18,000 reviews, so you know it's a tried and true option. For another great deal, check out the Fire Stick 4K that comes with a voice-controlled Alexa remote. It's on sale for $39, which is 20% off its original price of $49.

This Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser That No One Has To Actually Touch

How perfect is this touchless hand soap dispenser? It uses motion detection to dispense foaming soap. Not only does it cut down on waste, but it also keep things sanitary and mess-free on your bathroom or kitchen counter. The tank can also dispense hand sanitizer, lotion, dishwashing liquid, and more.

This Compact Holder That'll Keep Your Face Masks Together

Tuck your masks in this holder and you'll always know where they are. Made of durable BPA plastic, this case can hold up to five disposable masks — but it can also accommodate reusable face coverings, if desired. Choose from white, pink, and blue.

The High-Rise Leggings That Have Convenient Pockets

These leggings offer four-way stretch that allows comfortable movement. They also feature a high-rise fit and are constructed with durable, yet breathable materials. These pants also come equipped with two side pockets and an inner waistband pocket for convenience. Select your fave of seven colors.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large
The Herb Stripper That Removes Leaves From Stems Quickly

This herb stripper helps you easily remove the leaves from the stems of your small vegetables and herbs. It offers a comfortable grip and features eight closed holes and three semi-closed holes in various sizes to use (according to your produce). This tool is a deal for stripping kale, rosemary, thyme, basil, rosemary, and more.

The Stackable Wine Rack That You Can Customize

This customizable wine storage can be adjusted to fit pretty much any space. Made of lightweight plastic, it's durable and easy to stack and reconfigure to suit your needs. Each set can hold up to 10 wine bottles at a time.

This Coffee Filter Cone That Makes Fresh Cups Every Time

Use this filter cone to brew individual cups of coffee as needed. Designed to make coffee using the pour-over method, this cup helps alleviate the occurrence of stale or burned beverages. The cone, which is both reusable and dishwasher safe, holds a 2 to 6 cup capacity, making it the perfect gift for that special coffee lover in your family. You can also get one for your own kitchen.

The Rechargeable Hand Warmer That Doubles As A Power Bank

Tuck this hand warmer inside your pocket warmth whenever you need it. The three heat levels allow you to make it as comfortable as you'd like, and it can be powered through a USB charging port that connects easily to your phone or computer. This device also serves as a power bank for convenience.

These Reusable Food Huggers That Help Keep Your Food Fresh

These colorful food saver lids are a great replacements for plastic baggies and large containers that might take up ample space in your refrigerator. They're made of durable, eco-friendly silicone that can wrap around container lids or even fruits and veggies that've already been sliced (like an onion or a tomato).

The Set Of Headrest Hooks That Help Keep Your Car Organized

Install these hooks around the headrests of your car to hang items such as purses, backpacks, grocery bags, and more. They're made to fit the seat of any car, SUV, or truck and feature rotatable designs that allow you to swing them towards the front or back of your car as desired. Purchase them in packs of one, two, four, six, and eight.

These Hand Sanitizer Bottles With Holders & A Refilling Funnel

Keep your sanitizer nearby with these mini bottles and holders. They're offered in a set of four and come with a funnel for easy refilling as needed. Each silicone attachment is designed with a loop that allows it to fit on your keychain, purse, backpack, and more.

These Kitchen Tongs Allow You To Scoop & Serve Food Easily

Lift, flip, and serve hot food with ease by using these cradle tongs. Made of silicone on a stainless steel frame, they're non-stick and resistant to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This four-pack features two large and two small grips that are simple to use and store.

A Hydrating Facial Scrub Made With Brazilian Black Sugar

Refresh your skin with this highly effective facial scrub and mask. It's exfoliating and hydrating, made with Brazilian black sugar granules that are full of vitamins and minerals (amongst other ingredients like macadamia nut oil, meadow foam seed oil, shea butter, and more). Gently massage it into your skin, let it set, then wash it off to see the results.

This Gap Cleaning Tool That Effortlessly Cleans The Crevices In Your Windows, Doors, & More

Give your home, car, or office a deep cleaning with this groove brush cleaner. Made to fit in the crevices of windows, doors, and other tight spaces, this tool removes dust, dirt, and debris with ease. The curved handle allows for easy navigation, while finger grooves offer simple and easy gripping.

This Upgraded Echo Dot That's 40% Off Right Now

The all-new Echo Dot is back with a new design, and is seriously discounted while sales last. With all the same features that made the Echo Dot a best-seller, this smart speaker has Alexa built in, can be used as a hub for your smart home devices, can play music, tell you the weather, and so much more. Get it for less than $30 if you act fast.

The Essential Oil Diffuser That's Made For Your Car's Cup Holder

Place this portable essential oil diffuser into your car's cup holder for a pleasant-smelling and well-humidified atmosphere. The device is lightweight, easy to travel with, and features a USB power supply so you can easily charge it as needed. The misting options are modifiable to your preferred settings, and the device also illuminates to showcase great colors — whether you're using it in your car or at your desk.

The Gooseneck Phone Holder That Clips Onto Basically Any Surface

This phone holder features a strong clip base that attaches to any surface for easy, hands-free use. It's compatible with most mobile devices and features adjustable height and angling for absolute convenience. The flexible gooseneck offers viewing from many directions, too, so you don't have to stress about how you're holding your phone while you're cooking, FaceTiming, or watching a movie.

This Magnetic Eyelash & Eyeliner Set That Gives You Quick, Glamorous Lashes

This magnetic eyelash and eyeliner kit offers an easy way to get glamorous lashes. It comes with five pairs of lashes, two magnetic eyeliners, and an applicator tool. Each lash strip is long-lasting and reusable, and the liner is both smudge-proof and waterproof.

These Novelty Wine Condoms That Help Keep Open Bottles Fresh

Preserve and protect your open wine with these novelty wine condoms. They offer "shrink to fit" technology that creates a water-tight and air-tight seal on open bottles. The leak-proof technology also allows you to keep bottles upright or on their sides without creating a mess.

This Fun Toilet Bowl Night Light That Turns On When You Walk Into The Bathroom

Give your bathroom a fun upgrade with this toilet night light. It offers 16 colors that operate through motion detection with five different brightness levels. This set is easy to install and powered by three AA batteries.

A Smart Light Switch That Can Be Controlled Via Voice Or App

Install this smart light switch for full control of your home's lighting. It operates through voice control and can also be manipulated through Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. There's even an associated app that'll help you control things when you're not at home.

The All-New Echo With Premium Sound For 30% Off Right Now

Upgrade your smart setup with the all-new Echo. In addition to its new spherical look, the round device offers impressive sound with a woofer and Dolby audio technology, and it can be controlled by your voice when connected to Alexa. You can stream music and ask questions — and thanks to the built-in Zigbee smart home hub, you even control other smart devices inside your house. With a 4.5-star rating and over 2,500 positive reviews, it's sure to impress.

An 80-Compartment Jewelry Organizer That You Can Hang Up

Made with 80 clear compartments, this double-sided jewelry hanger can be attached to any door, wall, or pole for easy access. It's durable and simple to use, featuring 40 transparent windows on each side for optimal storage and visibility. Choose your favorite of many colors.

The Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router That's 30% Off Right Now

If your Wi-Fi connection isn't as strong as you'd like it to be (or if there are a lot of areas in your house where it simply doesn't work), add this editor-approved eero router to your setup. On its own, it can cover a 1,500-square foot radius inside your space — but it can also be connected to your existing internet service and extend the coverage. You can even control it with your phone, which makes it that much easier to use. Not to mention, it currently boasts over 5,200 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

The RFID-Blocking Credit Card Wallet With An Attached Keychain

You'll feel confident traveling with this RFID-blocking wallet and keychain combo, which offers 13 card slot options and two coin and cash compartments. The attached keychain allows you to keep it on your keyring or clipped to your bag or purse. Choose from a wide variety of colors.

A Set Of Adjustable Mug Stackers That'll Help Organizer Your Cabinet

Get the most out of your cabinet or counter space with this mug stacker kit. It allows you to stack mugs on top of one another to maximize the storage area in your cabinets or on your counters. Each stack features adjustable legs that expand to fit any size mug, teacup, or glass.

An Insulated Wine Tumbler That Keeps Its Contents Cold For Hours

This insulated tumbler does an amazing job of keeping its contents either cold and hot. It features vacuum insulation that can hold cool beverages at their temps for more than nine hours (and hot for more than three). The BPA-free lid is designed with a straw hole and a slider that seals to help prevent leaks and spills.

The Rubber Cap That Fits Onto Bottles For On-The-Go Showers (Or Easier Pet Baths)

Great for camping, hiking, or hanging out at the beach, this portable shower head turns any plastic bottle into a showering device. To use it, simply screw it onto any soda bottle from 16 ounces to 2 liters, and you're good to go. The rubber head is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and simple and easy to use on humans and pets alike.

The Double-Sided Mat That'll Help You Clean & Air-Dry Your Makeup Brushes

This brush-cleaning mat set helps you wash and dry your makeup tools with ease. The top side of the mat is used for cleaning while the other side air-dries and organizes. Each set includes a cleaning pad and a carbon sponge that removes residual product from your brushes so you easily switch between them as you apply.

An Egg Peeler That Removes Eggshells In Seconds

You can crack and peel hard-boiled eggs in seconds with this egg-peeling device. Simply crack the egg's surface and use the tool to gently peel away its outer layer. The plastic tool is BPA-free and easy to clean in the dishwasher. It's also simple to stow away when not in use.

This Eyeglass & Sunglasses Holder That Attaches To Your Car's Dashboard

Keep your glasses within reach while you drive with this eyeglass and sunglass holder. It's durable and secure; simply mount it to your dashboard for easy access, and pull the loop down so you can fit your glasses over it. The device fits all eyewear types and is simple to use.