48 Cool Things For Your Home Selling Out Fast On Amazon

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Housework is one of those things that I never want to do, but I’m always glad after I’ve done it. It’s right up there with scheduling dental appointments and remembering to drink water before I’m actually thirsty. Still, regardless of how motivated to clean, upgrade, or decorate the house, I’m going to end up doing so eventually. Thankfully, there are a bunch of cool things for you home on Amazon, and they’re selling out fast.

A quick browse online or through your favorite retailer of choice confirms that there are endless products and ideas out there for streamlining household tasks, whether it’s fixing the worn-out couch cushions or adding a new dish-drying rack to your kitchen. These amazing products for your home are available on Amazon — and while they may not be the items you buy on a treat-yourself kind of day, they’re the ones you keep on hand and then think, “I’m so glad I got that,” after you’ve use it.

Maybe you’re someone who’s naturally neat and tidy, who always has housework under control, and who just wants a few extras to help you stay organized and streamlined. Or maybe you’re someone who — like me — needs as much help as possible when it comes to homemaking. Regardless of your skill level, these products and gadgets will help you make your house, or condo, or apartment, or room, into a legit home — and they’re really cool.


A Wireless Doorbell That’s Sleek & Simple To Install

This wireless doorbell allows you to customize where and how your doorbell alerts you. It comes with 32 different pre-programmed ring tones and a blinking LED light notification (which still works even when the mute option is enabled). It comes already synced, and many buyers loved the versatility this gadget provides.


This Small Security Camera That Offers A Peace Of Mind

With a 4.5-star average from more than 110,000 ratings, this smart security camera can show you what’s going on inside your home at any given time. It also offers additional features, like motion detection alerts and two-way audio. The device itself is small — with no side measuring more than 2 inches — and can be mounted or used with the attached stand.


A Fogless Mirror That You Can Hang In The Shower

Save time with a fogless shower mirror that allows you to easily shave or tweeze in the shower. Three colors are available, and there’s a built-in razor hook, too. Not only that, installation is simply and only requires the included locking suction cup (be sure to follow instructions, since some reviewers mentioned some trouble with this).


These Fan-Favorite Pillowcases Available In A Rainbow Of Colors

With three sizes available — including a zip-up body pillow cover — and sixteen colors to choose from (from classic white to a bright purple), this versatile set of pillowcases can work in nearly any home. Made with a machine washable polyester microfiber, they’ve earned a 4.7-star average from more than 35,000 ratings.


A Best-Selling Shower Curtain To Complete Your Bathroom

As you might expect, the top-selling shower curtain on Amazon comes with high praise from a number of enthusiastic reviewers, with many highlighting its durability and the clear stones to weight down the bottom. It’s available in clear and colored options, and there are a number of sizes to pick from, too.


A Mini Battery-Powered Fan You Can Use Anywhere

This small clip-on fan is battery-powered and rechargeable, so you’re not limited to outlets when positioning it. Flexible tripod legs allow it standing on surfaces, hang from exercise equipment, wrap around stroller trays, and more. One reviewer wrote, “I wish I had know about these sooner!”


A Multipurpose Ottoman That Holds Blankets, Pillows, Toys & More

Why have a regular ottoman when you can have an ottoman with hidden storage? This one also happens to fold up when not in use. It’s available in grey, blue, and beige — and if you’re not already convinced, be warned that a number of reviewers included photos of their pets enjoying it too.


A Way To Organize Cables That Looks Neat & Contemporary

Cords often feel like a necessary evil — but thankfully, there are cable organizers out there to save us. This set comes with two boxes, plus additional accessories like color-coded cable clips and ties and a neoprene cable sleeve. One reviewer described it as “everything you could want for better cable management.”


This Subtle Way To Extend The Life Of Your Furniture

If you’re bothered by a saggy sofa, look no further. This couch cushion supporter, made of wood and vinyl panels, slips underneath cushions for “instant firmness and comfort.” The folding panels make it adjustable and usable in seats spaces starting at nine inches wide (and all the way up to 67 inches).


A Set Of Drain Covers In Pretty Pastel Colors

Sink and shower maintenance is rarely fun — but luckily for us, drain protectors exist. This pack gives you five differently colored protectors, each with a 5.1-inch diameter so that they’re suitable for a variety of drains in bathrooms or kitchens. Plus, the silicon is durable and easy to clean.


This Smart Dimmer Switch For A Smooth Home Lighting Experience

With this smart light switch, you can dim and control lights with your voice from home, or via app from your phone. The app also offers a guided installation process and requires some tools, so be ready for that. But as one reviewer said, “Once installed and calibrated, this thing is outstanding.”


The Bath Mat That’s Like A Loofah For Your Feet

Safety first, as they say. This quick-drying loofah shower mat has a nonslip bottom and soft, textured top for comfortable and sturdy showering. Many reviewers loved that it stays in place without suction cups, too. It comes in five colors and three sizes to fit a variety of spaces.


An Alternative To Old-School Power Strips That Has Way More Features

A sleek addition to most rooms, this smart outlet extender offers three USB ports, six outlets (three that are always on, and three smart plugs), plus voice control and app capabilities. Tons of buyers found it easy to use and easy to set-up, and many gladly shared that it works well.


This Mattress Cover To Keep Your Bed Clean & Protected From Spills

A waterproof mattress protector can save your bed in case of spills, drips, or, you know, entire cups of coffee getting splashed on your white comforter (ahem). This particular set is available in twin through king sizes, and comes in packages of two, giving you a spare for when one needs to be washed.


A Roll-Up Dish-Drying Rack To Save Counter Space

A roll-up drying rack offers one thing many of us need: more space in the kitchen. This bamboo and silicone option can hold up to 22 pounds of weight and offers a surface that’s roughly 16 by 13 inches. As one reviewer wrote, it’s “inexpensive yet remarkably sturdy and attractive.”


A Classic Cast Iron Skillet For Culinary Adventures

A cast iron skillet is a kitchen staple for many types of cooking, so you may want to keep this versatile one at hand. It’s available in four sizes, comes pre-seasoned, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Heads up that cast iron pans can take extra care — but when well-maintained, you can expect them to last for years or even decades.


This Transparent Showerhead With Multiple Functions To Make Your Shower Feel Luxurious

Some days, you want your shower to feel like a rainfall — and some days, you want it to feel like a shower. Whatever your mood, this filtered shower head has got you covered. It offers three shower modes as well as a water filtration system. Many reviewers raved about how it both softens their hard water and offers strong water pressure.


These Motion Sensor Lights That You Can Stick To Nearly Anything

This set of battery-powered motion sensor lights reacts to movement that occurs within a 10-foot radius, and they turn off automatically after 15 seconds of stillness. These come in packs of six and require three AAA batteries a piece, so you’ll want to have plenty on hand for when they arrive.


A Tried And True Plant Food For Nearly Anything You’re Growing

I was not born with a green thumb, so I’ve learned to trust those with more experience than me when it comes to gardening. This nutrient-packed plant food has earned a 4.7-star average from more than 20,000 ratings, and the reviews of full of buyers sharing success stories with different kinds of plants. Plus, there are different options available depending on what you’re growing.


This Best-Selling Wireless Charging Pad That Looks Great Wherever You Use It

If you ask me, a wireless charger instantly updates your space and charging game. This sleek version from Yootech has earned more than 114,000 ratings (nope, not a typo), along with a 4.3-star average. Not only that, it works with a variety of phones and devices with wireless charging capabilities — including AirPods.


A Bendable Toilet Brush That Will Change The Way You Clean

Bathroom cleaning is necessary, so I’m here for tricks tools that can simplify it and shorten the time we spend on it. This bendable silicone toilet brush, which is easy to use and store, fits the bill because it bends into your toilet to reach all spots as it cleans. As one reviewer put it, “This is not something I'd normally be excited about, but I've got to say I'm really happy with this brush.”


These Lazy Susan-Style Organizers That Hold Your Loose Bottles And Jars

Made of food-safe plastic, these spinning lazy Susan organizers are transparent so you can see what’s in them, and they have a 3-inch edge to keep everything in place. They work underneath your sink, in cupboards or the fridge, or even out on display. The best part? Each set comes as a two-pack.


These Decorative Outdoor Lights That Are Solar-Powered

Light your way with a 12-pack of waterproof and weatherproof solar lights. They’re meant more for decorating than illumination (according to the manufacturer), and they can work well for marking paths, walkways, or other obstacles. One buyer said they event brought a “bit of mystery and romance to my space.”


A Multipurpose Toilet Paper Holder With Extra Storage Space

You can update your bathroom and save space with a sleek toilet paper holder. Plus, the cute top shelf will almost make you forget that it’s meant for bathrooms. Currently a bestseller in its category, this holder comes in two sizes and three colors (black, white, and brown), and has a cabinet-style door for the bottom compartment.


A Set Of Super Soft Cooling Bed Sheets That Are Beyond Comfy

A good night’s of sleep is worth the occasional extra purchase, in my humble opinion. These soft cooling sheets have an enthusiastic following, and one buyer even said, “By far the most comfortable and amazing sheets I've ever purchased.” They come in twin through California king sizes and are available in eight different colors. Plus, they’re made of bamboo viscose.


These Classic White Pillows That Will Freshen Up Your Couch Or Bed

These versatile throw pillows are available in ten different sizes up to 28-by-28 inches. Since they’re solid white, they’ll go with most décor styles. They also come recommended with a 4.7-star average from more than 76,000 buyers, and a number of enthusiastic reviews praise how fluffy and soft they are, too (especially after giving them time out of the packaging).


This Key Finder That’ll Help Save You From Losing Your Keys Again

Never lose your keys again with a remote control key finder. This set includes one remote and two color-coded receivers with both sound and light alerts. They can be attached in three different ways (two ring styles or Velcro), and they’ll work roughly 100 feet apart from one another.


A Light You Can Hang Under Your Umbrella Or In A Tent

If your string of twinkle lights no longer gets the job done, this battery-operated umbrella light may be your upgrade. You can clamp it around a pole or hang it using the included hooks. Three brightness settings make it versatile for yards, patios, or while camping, too.


These Fan-Favorite Bath Rugs That Your Feet Will Thank You For

You had me at “extra thick” and “chenille.” According to reviewers, these plush, cozy bath rugs are super soft — and they stay in position (thanks to mat backing). They come as a pack of two, and you can choose from two size options and thirteen different colors.


These Shower Curtain Hooks That Make It So Easy To Switch Out Your Curtain

With a sky-high 4.8-star average rating from more than 28,000 buyers, these shower curtain hooks are a game-changer (or technically, a shower changer). They’re made of metal and have two separate hooks for easy washing and swapping, along with extra rollers compared to standard shower hooks. Available in nine different colors, they come in packs of 12.


A Handy Indoor Thermometer To Help You Keep Track Of Temperature, Humidity, & More

Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of your space with this indoor thermometer. At less than 3 inches on each side, it’s a small and portable device. Plus, you have multiple options for mounting or displaying it: magnets, adhesive, or a stand. And since it’s battery operated, you’re not limited by plugs or cords.


This Indoor Bug Catcher That Works Without Zapping

If your housemates come and go as often as mine do (especially in the summer), an electric bug catcher can save you a lot of trouble. It uses an ultraviolet light and hidden glue strip to quietly trap bugs. As one reviewer wrote, “Since purchasing this simple machine, I can sleep easy.”


These Drain Stoppers That Work In Almost Any Sink

This two-pack of silicone drain stoppers is available in five different color pairings. More than 24,000 ratings have given them a 4.7-star average — and that’s a lot of plugged bathtubs and sinks. One buyer wrote, “These are awesome!! They’re huge — cover and seal the drain with ease.” These are 6 inches in diameter and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens — the choice is yours.


This Mosquito Repeller That Protects You From Up To Fifteen Feet Away

Does anyone actually like the smell of bug spray and citronella candles? According to one reviewer, this scent-free mosquito repeller “doesn't make noise, doesn't product a smell, and doesn't really take up any room at all.” It’s available in ten different styles — including three metal options — and it works by creating a 15-foot mosquito barrier, thanks to the fueling cartridge that helps it work.


A Magnetic Key Holder That’s Shaped Like A Cloud

This adorable cloud-shaped key holder holds onto your valuables with three magnets meant for three key rings. You can hang or install it wherever you choose with the included adhesive backing, which reviewers wrote was super easy. One buyer declared, “One of the most useful purchases I've ever made on Amazon.”


This Steam Cleaner That’s So Silly Yet So Efficient

This playful microwave cleaner refreshes your microwave with the traditional vinegar and water steam method, but with a twist because it comes right out of the figurine so you have microwave walls that are simpler to wipe. One buyer confirmed, “Several months worth of grime and splatter wiped away without any scrubbing or pressure.” It — or should I say, she — is available in four color combinations.


A Sleek Automatic Wine Bottle Opener To Give Your Hands A Rest

If you’ve ever struggled with a corkscrew (guilty), rest assured there’s a better way. This automatic wine opener removes corks with the push of a button, and also has a foil cutter, too. According to the manufacturer, it can handle up to 100 bottles in a row. It’s available in red or black, and it requires batteries.


These Highly-Rated Cotton Bath Towels That Are Absorbent & Pretty

A cozy bath towel waiting for you at the end of a long soak in the tub is so simple, yet it can feel so luxurious. This set of four bamboo and cotton towels comes in three colors — dibs on the duck egg blue — and are said to be both soft and durable.


A Decorative Charging Station That Comes With Extra Cables

This bamboo charging station will blend in with most décor styles while holding a variety of devices; even a smart watch can be positioned for screen visibility. The best part? Depending on the size of your tech products of choice, up to six devices can be charged at once while keeping cords neatly tucked away.


These Mesh Laundry Bags That Help Prolong The Lives Of Your Delicates

Protect clothes when you’re traveling or washing (or both) with set of mesh laundry bags. Many reviewers praised their high quality, and one commenter even wrote, “These bags are truly a laundry game changer.” A variety of sizes and styles are available (including shoe and delicate bags).


A Door Lock That Can Give You Some Extra Security

This portable door lock can be slipped onto a door quickly and easily — whether you’re at home or traveling. It blocks doors from being opened, even when someone else has the key. Buyers raved about how well they work, and as one reviewer put it, “You don’t know how much you needed this until you try it.”


These Blackout Curtains To Better Control Light And Heat In Your Home

I live in a part of the world with early sunrises and late sunsets in the summer, so I’ve seen firsthand how helpful blackout curtains can be. This particular pair is insulated, too, which means it helps with temperature control in both hot and cool weather. They’re available in nearly 30 colors and multiple sizes, and come with a strong 4.7-star average rating.


A Set Of Fancy Hangers To Upgrade Your Closets

This set of nonslip black velvet hangers has a sky-high 4.8-star average rating on Amazon from more than 32,000 responses. They come in packs of 30, 50, or 100, and can be turned or swiveled to hang in whichever direction you need. Plus, they can hold up to 10 pounds of weight, so even your heaviest jackets should stay secure.


A Self-Watering Planter That Practically Takes Care Of Plants For You

Whether you have a green thumb or not, a self-watering planter can come in handy. Plants absorb just the amount of water they need as they need it, giving you flexibility when it comes to maintenance. This pot can work indoors or outdoors, and it’s available in five colors and four sizes.


A Fun Ice Cube Tray That Makes Rose-Shaped Ice

If you’ve ever had a cold drink and thought, “I wish the shape of my ice wasn’t so boring,” then this is your lucky day. This silicone rose mold turns regular water — or candy, or candles, or soap, or whatever else your heart desires to mold — practically into works of art. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.


This Soap Dispenser That Can Hang In The Corner Or Flat Against The Wall

For those who want to save space (or those who simply appreciate having shower products available with a quick press of a button), this soap and shampoo dispenser may be just the perfect thing. There are three compartments, and installation is quick and easy since it comes with necessary adhesive and tape.


A Frosted Window Film That Still Lets Some Light Inside

This window film offers a quick and easy way to shade your windows that doesn’t require hardware or tools for installation. It’s available in multiple sizes and in both frosted and full-black shading, and reviewers especially appreciated how the frosted style allowed them to enjoy natural light without giving up their privacy.


This Rechargeable Light For Hard-To-Reach Parts Of Your Home

Gone are days spent reaching blindly into the crevices of your cabinets and closets. This rechargeable magnetic under-the-cabinet light is both easy to install and use; it’s controlled by touch, and you can adjust the direction of the light. Tons of reviewers especially appreciated how quickly it charges and how brightly the light shines.

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