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23 Super Sweet Things To Write In A Valentine's Day Card

Embrace the cheese.

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What to write in a Valentine's Day card.
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To some, Valentine's Day is incredible — to others, it's a bit of a chore. If your partner falls into the latter category, there's nothing better than a cute saying to write in a Valentine's Day card to remind them that the day doesn't necessarily need to be "commercial." Valentine's Day should be pretty simple — it's all about showing someone you love them. There's no right or wrong way to celebrate, but in general, being personal works best.

It might be hard for some people to really open up — if so, the love languages phenomenon wouldn't even exist. People express themselves differently, and once you learn to navigate that, effective communication turns into a breeze. Still, you might have trouble finding the perfect way to phrase terms of endearment — especially if you’re writing a Valentine's Day card for a new relationship.

Even if you think it's a little too cheesy, trust me — the holiday is the one day that's all about cheese. Close your eyes and think about the last nice thing that your partner did for you, and how it made you feel. Now, summarize that into a sentence. And, voila — "I appreciate the fact that you're always so considerate" is now the closer you'll use for your card.

If you're still looking for some inspiration for Valentine’s Day wishes, here are a few other cute things you can include in your card.


"You're the brightest part of my day."

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This one is cute since it's probably true. If you live with your partner, and can't wait to leave the office and come home to a nice hug, they truly make things better. The best part? It's not overly romantic. It's more of a simple way to say that they mean the world to you.


"Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what."

Everyone goes through stressful periods in life. Since the holidays just ended, you or your partner might have just stumbled out of one. (Seriously, why is it so hard for your folks to coordinate a plan that accommodates all of your family members?) In a good relationship, the two of you are a team. Thank your partner for constantly working with you, through thick and thin.


"You always find the perfect way to make me smile."

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Again, this one is more honest and cute, and less romantic and sensual. As people grow older, things just become... well, a lot tougher than everyone imagined as kids. Genuine smiles are often hard to come by — but, it's a guarantee that your partner will always say something to bring one on. It's easier said than done, so make sure to thank them for that.


"Things get better when I hold your hand."

Hand-holding doesn't hold the same weight as it did, say, high school. That doesn't mean it's not a truly sweet gesture. When you hold someone's hand, you unite as one. This one phrase — which is perfect for a new relationship — will make your significant other want to shower you with affection.


"My crush on you grows every single day."

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Even if you've been together for a decade, it's still sweet (and pretty darn cute) to crush on your significant other. Crushes show a sense of innocence and prove that your attraction has never dwindled — even during their weird fauxhawk phase.


"You make me want to be a better person."

OK, so this one was inspired by As Good As It Gets — but Melvin Udall really got it right. Sometimes as people grow older, they fall into their own schedule and routine. With a good partner, you want to try your hardest to compromise and be the best version of yourself possible. Even if it's a simple act — like, putting your laundry in a hamper, and not crumpled on the floor — attempts you make to grow are truly lovely, and a true sign that you obviously care a lot about your significant other.


"I didn't realize how good relationships could be until I met you."

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Sometimes people need to suffer through a few stinkers before finding someone that makes dating seem, dare I say, easy. Compatibility is a wonderful thing. This statement just says "I'm super compatible with you" in a cuter way, and is a sweet thing to write in a Valentine’s Day card for a new partner.


"I see myself growing old with you."

Again, this one was inspired by a movie — The Wedding Singer, to be exact. But, there's a reason why the romantic comedy ended with such a fun little Adam Sandler song. It's because it was romantic, and a cute way of saying that you could see your love standing through the test of time.


"You're everything I didn't even know I was looking for."

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When you start dating someone, you usually figure out who they are at a base level — you're obviously physically attracted to them, and likely share an interest or two. As the relationship started to grow, you probably realized more and more why you're such a good pair. The best relationships teach you a lot about yourself while they're occurring, and this statement sums that all up perfectly.


"You're the peanut butter to my jelly."

Or, the chocolate to my peanut butter. Or the Nutella to my everything. There's something cute about popular food pairings.


"Happiness is when I'm with you."

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Not to get into the definition of happiness, but obviously, it's an incredible emotion — and one that's often shoved aside. Your partner should always bring you happiness, but defining your happiness as your partner is definitely next-level cute.


"You are my favorite person, by far."

This goes beyond relationships — it extends to family and friendships, as well. It proves that you see your partner as more than just a significant other — they're typically the first person you'd go to when you have something big to share, either good or bad. Simply put, they're the person you'd choose to spend the most time with.


"Nothing is safer than the sound of you reading out loud to me — the perfect date”

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A poem from Rupi Kaur's Milk And Honey, this one will give your partner all the feels.


"I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything."

Sweet, simple, and straight to the point — this quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is the only line your Valentine’s Day card needs.


"I don't know what I'd do without you."


If your partner has been having a rough time lately, this cute line hits the spot.


“To me, you are perfect."

This line from Love Actually just sums it all up.


"You had me at... 'hey, how's your week going?"

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...or whatever opening line your partner used online to first get your attention. It's funny, cute, and a more updated version of the icon line from Jerry Maguire.


“Thank you for always making me feel like I’m at home, no matter where we are.”

Everyone deserves a partner who makes them feel safe and loved. If your partner is that person for you, V-Day is a great time to remind them.


“Waking up with you is always such a gift.”

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If you and your S.O. live together, this is a sweet way to let them know that seeing their face first thing in the morning never gets old.


“I’m so lucky that you’re my forever valentine.”

V-Day is the perfect time to get a little mushy, so why not lean in?


“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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This probably isn’t the kind of thing you say to your S.O. every single day, so use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to let them know how much you adore them.


“You’re my favorite person on the planet.”

Tell your partner that they’re number one in your eyes.


“I’m so grateful that I met you.”

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Add in some details about your first date to make this note extra special.

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