Here’s How Dispo’s Different From Instagram

Don’t sweat your screentime.

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Daniel Gonzalez/Moment/Getty Images

Over the last decade, every so often, a new app emerges that claims to be “the new Instagram” — and while some of them go on to be popular in their own way, none have actually come for the crown. So when David Dobrik’s new app Dispo arrived, and murmurs of the competition started to amplify, potential users might be wondering if it’s time to jump ship or make room for two apps in town.

To decide, you’ll want to take a closer look at how Dispo compares to Instagram. Because while a photo sharing social media platform might sound pretty straightforward, the two apps are not as alike, or as complementary as they might seem. Here are the differences between Dispo and Instagram.

Instagram Feed Vs. Dispo Rolls

Your Instagram feed is calculated by an algorithm to show you content from the people that you follow in an order that should be most appealing to you. On Dispo, the feed shows chronological activity from accounts that you follow and updates on people who have followed you. You can be added to public Rolls, or photo feeds from friends, which will update with new photos every morning at 9 a.m. (versus Instagram’s continuous stream of content).

While following accounts on Instagram gives the app a better idea of what kinds of content to present to you, you don’t actually need to follow anyone to scroll through endless content — there’s not just hashtags to explore, but also Stories, Reels, and Shop features to tab through. On Dispo, there is no public explore page, so if you don’t follow people, you won’t be greeted with any content other than your own. To “explore” on Dispo, you’ll have to search directly for an account, or click around on your friend’s feeds.

Camera Filters In Instagram vs. Dispo

The camera effects, or lack thereof, highlight the biggest differences between the two apps. Dispo is offers no editing software, but does automatically give pics taken on the app a certain nostalgic vibe. Beyond opting to use a flash or selecting a forward or rear-facing camera, Dispo encourages a candid approach to picture-taking. Instagram has endless editing opportunities, filters, and effects, plus the ability to upload content from your camera roll that’s been edited elsewhere.

Dispo vs. Instagram Profiles & Followings

On both Instagram and Dispo your profile includes a brief bio, a picture of yourself, and your public photos. Dispo opts for a scroll down list of photos, while Instagram offers a grid view. Unlike Instagram, which makes you categorize your entire page as public or private, Dispo allows you to decide what photos are public, and which are just for you.

If you’re looking to grow a brand, gain a following, or connect with tons of people, Instagram is going to have more opportunity for you. If you’re looking to lean into a Finsta-like casual online persona, connecting only with a handful of friends who are willing to venture over to the new app, or connect with people by doing a lot of clicking around, Dispo is the anti-Instagram you’ve been waiting for.

Dispo vs. Instagram Screen Time

If your goal is to spend less time on your phone, Dispo is going to burn less screen time, simply because there’s less to do. You’re not as likely to fall into rabbit hole of content on Dispo because it’s simply not there — yet.