7 Dos & Don'ts For July's New Moon In Cancer

Are you ready to surrender control?

Dos and don'ts for the July new moon in Cancer
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Get ready for nostalgia, star babes! The July new moon arrives on July 17, 2023 at 2:32 p.m. ET in warmhearted Cancer, reminding us how important it is to keep our circle small. Retreat to your safe haven and read these dos and don'ts to make the most of this intuitive lunation.

DO: Surrender Control

Cancer is basically the mother of the zodiac, meaning over-protectiveness comes with the territory. But since this lunation sits opposite from Pluto, the planet of power, it's a major lesson in giving up control and letting life take its natural course.

DON’T: Take On Everyone's Problems

Being a caretaker is Cancer's specialty, but remember, you can’t (and shouldn’t) fix everyone else’s issues. Avoid inserting yourself in your loved one's problems or taking on more than you can handle. Take this time to rest and relax.

DO: Prepare for Changes

New moons naturally prompt beginnings, but with la luna making a sextile to Uranus, we're posed with unexpected turn of events, possibly throwing a wrench in your plans. Have a blueprint but best to leave room open for twists and delays ahead.

DON’T: Seek External Validation

Leaning on others is healthy, but Cancer can err on the needy side. You don’t need to rely on other people (IRL or on social media) to boost your confidence. Look inward during this new moon, and give yourself the comfort you seek in others.

DO: Follow Your Intuition

As Cancer's planetary ruler, the moon handles everything that deals with our intuition. Don’t ignore your hunches right now. Pay attention to angel numbers, premonitions, and dreams; this could save you a headache later.

DON’T: Lash Out

Moody Cancer has a reputation for being hard with a soft center. Rather than respond hastily in the face of conflict, keep yourself grounded and lead the conversation with Cancerian compassion.

DO: Dream Work

Cancer naturally pulls us into our intuition, but la luna also makes an auspicious aspect to Neptune, aka the planet of dreams. This sets us up for spiritual downloads from the Universe. The best way to keep track of these synchronicities? Working with your dreams.