25 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Find On TikTok

Loaded mashed potatoes, mini pumpkin pie, and more brag-worthy dishes.

by Mia Mercado
Turkey, mashed potatoes, and more Thanksgiving recipes from TikTok.

If you think TikTok is just for dance trends and pet videos, you need to get on food TikTok. It'll turn your For You page into an endless scroll of everything from vegan comfort food to leveled up recipe basics to food trends that will have you questioning everything you know. As we approach the year's most food-centric holiday, the Thanksgiving recipes on TikTok have already started popping up. They're carby. They're cheesy. They're going to make you want to create an entire TikTok-inspired menu.

TikTok food trends have become synonymous with internet food trends as a whole. There was the now-infamous whipped coffee, also known as dalgona coffee, that had everyone stocking up on instant grounds throughout quarantine. There's the three-ingredient cloud bread that looks like a pillow you can eat. There was even a moment when pancake cereal was the food of the moment, giving us all further proof that most everything is better when it's itty bitty and there's lots of it.

Whether you're a novice cooking Thanksgiving for the first time or you're forever on a quest to find the best side dishes for your holiday dinner, there is something for everyone on food TikTok. Here are 25 Thanksgiving recipes courtesy of the culinary minds of TikTok. Let's dig in.


Bacon Mac & Cheese

@nishcooks's mac and cheese is topped with toasted panko and crispy bacon. It's as close to a perfect side dish as you're going to get.


Loaded Mashed Potatoes

If you like your mashed potatoes like you like your bank account (loaded) @flakeysalt's recipe is what you seek.


Mini Pumpkin Pie

@thebalesky will teach you how to make bite-sized pumpkin pies from an actual pumpkin, giving you something to brag about for the entirety of thanksgiving.


Homemade Dinner Rolls

@flakeysalt's dinner rolls topped with garlic butter and flakey salt will make all other dinner rolls feel inferior.


M&M Pretzel Bites

This TikTok from @kaseybarnharat isn't exactly a recipe, but it's a good reminder that you can't go wrong topping pretzels with chocolate and M&Ms.


Southern-style Mac & Cheese

Did @playboicatie's grandma swipe this three-cheese mac and cheese recipe from someone else and claim it as her own? Absolutely. It's so good it'll make you wanna plagiarize.


Crockpot Candy

@marine_mom_to_faler99's is the ultimate combination of peanuts and chocolate and is further proof that crockpots can do anything.


Butter Roasted Turkey

Whether you're cooking the turkey for the first time or trying to perfect your technique, @thebalesky's recipe is for you.


Classic Apple Pie

If you're on dessert duty, @omnivorousadam has a classic apple pie recipe that'll be a hit with everyone.


Fall Ratatouille

Start a new tradition with this autumnal side dish featuring apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Delicata squash from @Tasty.


Cheese Board

For a charcuterie board almost too pretty to eat, watch @magsmeals assemble a board of cheese and snacks you can get from Trader Joe's .


Perfectly Whipped Cream

You've probably been whisking your whipping your cream incorrectly but fear not: @thatdudecancook will set you straight.


Vegan Pie Crust

@eitan's pie crust recipe is flaky and dairy-free.


Blueberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding

If you've yet to try making bread pudding, this blueberry white chocolate bread pudding recipe from @sulheejessica is the perfect one to start with.


Cinnamon Toast Rice Krispies Treats

For a dessert cereal lovers of all ages will enjoy, check out @mythicalkitchen's Cinnamon Toast Rice Krispies Treats.


Apple Crisp

@spurweezy's take on apple crisp is comfort food at its peak.


Classic Mashed Potatoes

@cookingwithshereen's creamy, buttery mashed potatoes topped with truffle oil is as close to perfection as humankind can get.


Crispy Potatoes

These crispy potatoes from @jeremyscheck are Kylie Jenner approved and thus they speak for themselves.


Okra Salad

You absolutely need more @iamtabithabrown in your life. She is perhaps the only person who can make a salad sound this delicious.


Ranch Pumpkin Seeds

Don't throw away those pumpkin seeds after you make your pumpkin pie from scratch! Follow @jessiesayhey's recipe for ranch pumpkin seeds and thank me later.


Apple Pie Filling

@tiemyapron has an apple pie filling recipe that will taste good in any form: in a pie crust, with a crumble, atop some ice cream, eaten by the spoonful.


Pumpkin Cake

Not big into pie? This pumpkin cake recipe from @thebalesky is the seasonal dessert made for you.


Vegan Mac & Cheese

Even if you do dairy, this vegan mac and cheese, made with butternut squash and potato, from @iamtabithabrown is worth adding to your Thanksgiving menu.


Bacon Lentils

For a more unique side dish, try @jennymartinezzz's bacon lentils and wonder how you've gone this long without this recipe in your life.


Rosemary Salt

Want to enhance any dish? Try this rosemary salt from @thatdudecancook. It's a simple garnish that'll go a long way.

If all else fails, you can always serve up several batches of whipped coffee. Happy cooking!