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TikTok's "Enrichment Time In My Enclosure" Movement Embraces The Chill

It’s gremlin o’clock.

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If your FYP on TikTok gets a whiff of folks partaking in bed-rotting days, rat girl summers, or other gremlin-like behaviors, it’s only a matter of time before you hear, “Shh, don’t bother me. I’m having enrichment time in my enclosure.” This super-relatable sound by creator @khaotickayleee has over 25 million views and 20,000 videos with people showing off their go-to enrichment activities. (Hint: There’s a lot of sweatpants, snacks, and wall-staring.)

On the non-feral side of TikTok, you’ll see dreamy European vacations, early morning routines, and photographable tomato girl summers. While that’s all well and good, we don’t always get three cheers for staying home and doing nothing, even though so many people are clearly into it. It’s why @khaotickaylee’s sound has officially become a TikTok fave: Everyone wants and craves a little enrichment time in their enclosure, so we might as well admit it.

“Enrichment time in your enclosure is just being in your own space doing your own little hobbies or activities,” Kaylee, aka @khaotickayleee, tells Bustle. “The vibe is like a creature at a zoo doing little creature things inside their habitat.” It may not be aesthetically pleasing or exciting, but it’s comfy, cozy — and enriching.

Kaylee says she posted this video after a busy weekend when all she wanted was to be alone — and it immediately struck a chord. One person commented, “This is me in my car, parked outside Michael’s, iced coffee and a Krispy Kreme treat, watching TikTok.” Another said, “Thank you, yes! I am a sea otter in captivity and I am having some fun.” Clearly, the girlies who get it, get it.

Having enrichment time in your enclosure can mean anything — and that’s the beauty of it. You can have enrichment time in the stockroom at work, in your car with fresh Taco Bell on your lap, or on your couch surrounded by blankets and board games. “It’s whatever entertains you in your own little space,” Kaylee says. Personally, she’s a fan of staying in and watching scary movies — or loads of TikToks — while eating snacks. “There's always snacks involved.” Rat snacks are welcome.

The more videos you watch under this sound, the more relatable it becomes. Creator @brizhatesyou has enrichment time while washing dishes at work as a way to hide from customers, while @birdyskwert has enrichment time in bed with six pounds of Aquaphor on her lips, freshly shaved legs, and a water bottle nearby that’s 90% ice.

While anyone can have enrichment time in their enclosure, the vibe speaks directly to the introverts of the world. “I definitely think introverts enjoy enrichment time the most,” Kaylee says. “I'm an introvert and I always need time to do my own thing and recharge before I have to go back out into the world.” Like the chillest panda at the zoo, sometimes the best thing you can do for your mental health is sit in a corner and munch on a snack.

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