40 Extremely Smart Products You Should Have Around The House

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Whether your home is big or small, it's always beneficial to have smart and convenient products on hand to make life simple. Gadgets, personal-use items, and storage solutions are just some of the ways to make life more comfortable and manageable. Thanks to Amazon, finding items such as these is now easier than ever. To make things more straightforward, I've come up with a list of some of the best.

You'll find every category of product on this list. There are laptop cooling pads and wireless charging stations that help keep your electronic devices in their best working condition. Meanwhile, personal items such as a facial roller, two-in-one hairdryer brush combo, or double-sided tape add simplicity to your wardrobe and beauty routine. Home improvement products like smart outlets and bulbs, universal sockets, and voice-activated dimmer switches are great for an instant technology upgrade to your dwelling space.

This list also features genius inventions like an armrest table, cup-holding pillow, and bathroom sink cover to provide amazing convenience to life's everyday tasks while keeping your area organized and easy to navigate.

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This Toothpaste Dispenser & Toothbrush Holder Duo Saves A Ton Of Space

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder is so much more than just a toothbrush holder — it’s really more like a bathroom organizer. It has a little shelf, drawer, and storage compartment to hold things like cosmetics, razors, and hairbrushes; it has three cups that attach to the bottom of the unit via magnets; and of course, it also holds up to three toothbrushes and even has a toothpaste dispenser. No tools are necessary when hanging this holder as the strong adhesive-backing is strong enough to keep it in place.


These Soap Sheets That Allow You To Clean Your Hands Everywhere You Go

These soap sheets make hand cleaning on the go easier than ever. The three packs contain 300 paper thins scented in orange, lavender, and tea tree that foam in a light lather to clean without drying the skin. Use them during travel or while hiking, camping, and beyond.


A Slicer That Makes Perfectly Cut Fries & Snacks

Made of plastic and durable stainless steel blades, this potato and apple slicer makes precisely cuts snacks in seconds. Enjoy fresh and delicious fries, apple slices, and other fruits and veggies as much as you'd like. This device can be washed under running water and is dishwasher safe for your convenience.


This Pet Hair Remover Cleans Carpets In An Instant

This mini detailer removes pet fur from any area. It's great for cleaning carpet, couches, blankets, and more with ease. Use it, wash it with soap and water, and repeat.


A Dishwasher Magnet That Lets You Know When Dishes Are Dirty & Clean

This sliding indicator sign lets you know when dishes are dirty or clean. Backed with a strong magnet, it sticks onto the outside without scratching or causing damage. Great for large families, it's great for organization.


These All-Natural Cleaning Tablets Keep Water Bottles & Tumblers Clean

Clean your personal water bottles and mugs with these all-natural cleaning tablets. They work hard to remove stains and odors without scrubbing. Each tablet is biodegradable, chlorine-free, and environmentally safe.


A Self-Watering Planter Pot That Keeps Plants Hydrated

Use this self-watering pot to keep your plants hydrated and thriving. It comes with a clip-on watering attachment and a deep reservoir that prevents overflow. The sleek design is 100% BPA-free and resistant to fading.


A Set Of Motion Sensor Light Bulbs For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

These motion sensor bulbs help keep your home safe and secure. They're great for indoor use and outdoor use and automatically power off after the no motion for 45 to 60 seconds. There's also a dusk-to-dawn sensor that can be set to turn on and off day and night. Two bulbs come in each pack.


The 3-in-1 Charging Station That Powers All Of Your Devices At Once

Power up your electronic devices with this wireless charging dock. The three-in-one charger supports three devices charging to accommodate your phone, earbuds, and smartwatch at the same time. Plug it in to get quick, safe, and powerful charging whenever needed.


A Jewelry Cleaner That's Gentle & Non-Toxic

This jewelry cleaner will safely clean your precious gems and metals with ease. It's completely free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals to gently remove tarnish and debris in a non-toxic manner. Safe for you and the environment, simply toss your jewelry in and allow it to work its magic.


A Cell Phone Sanitizer That Sterilizes Electronic Devices & More

This UV cell phone sanitizer helps sterilize your device with ease. It also works to disinfects keys, toothbrushes, earphones, and just about anything else that fits inside. The device is completely portable, using a USB charger, to power up when needed.


An Electric Blanket With A Foot Pocket

Snuggle up in this plush electric blanket for warm and cozy lounging. It features a designated foot pocket to keep your toes nice and snug. There are different heating levels and a LED controller for convenience. Select from six amazing colors.


A 2-In-1 Hair Dryer & Volumizer That Makes Hair Styling Simple

This hairdryer and brush combination makes styling your hair simple and fuss-free. The oval brush smooths and creates volume while tufted bristles detangle and straighten. It comes with three heat and speed settings.


These Dimming Sheets That Reduce Light In Your Room

These dimming sheets help reduce the lighting in your room by dimming your alarm clock while still allowing you to see it. They stick via static cling and are non-damaging to any surface. Use them at home or while on the road traveling.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That Can Be Wall Mounted

Place this battery-operated automatic soap dispenser on your countertop for simple hands-free cleaning. The 17-ounce container features an on/off switch and adjustable volume control so you can customize as needed. The dispenser, which can also be wall-mounted, operates with four AA batteries (not included).


This Mug Warmer That Keeps Beverage Warmer Longer

Use this warming plate to keep your favorite hot beverages at an optimal temperature for an extended period. It's lightweight and compact and easy to use in any area of your home. Just plug it in and place your mug on top.


A Set Of Smart Plugs That Can Be Voice Controlled

These smart plugs allow you to control your electronic devices as desired. They work with Alexa and Google Home Assistant and can be voice-controlled or operated via an app. Simply plug it in, connect it to your wifi, and it's ready to use.


This Under Cabinet Lid & Bottle Opener That Saves Space

Install this easy jar opener under your cabinet, counter, or shelf to twist lids off with ease. It easily attaches with peel-and-stick adhesive and the three included screws. The space-saving design makes it great for smaller kitchens.


An Armrest Table That’s Easy To Clip On & Off

This amazing space-saving tray is perfect for holding foods, drinks, remotes, and more. It's made of durable rubberwood and features spring-loaded legs that help secure it to your favorite sofa or chair's armrest. Easy to use, there's no installation or assembly required.


These Key Finders Help You Located Missing Items

Attach these finders to keys, remote controls, cell phones, luggage, and more to locate items within 100 feet. They come in a set of six and operate through the use of a corresponding color-coded button on the remote that beeps until it's found. The long battery life ensures that they work as long as you need them.


This Double-Sided Tape That Prevents Wardrobe Malfunctions

This double-sided tape is a true savior when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions. Durable and easy to use, the transparent tape will hold your clothing and hemlines in place through any situation or occasion. It is safe for your skin and also prevents damage to your clothing.


These Shoe Racks With Durable Adhesive Backing

Made of durable ABS plastic, this four-piece shoe rack mounts to any surface to organize and store shoes. Each piece comes backed with adhesive for easy installation. They can be used for slippers, sandals, and heels and is perfect for any room.


This Cooling Pad Prevents Laptops & Gaming Devices From Overheating

This laptop cooling pad protects your laptop and gaming systems from overheating and damage. Compatible with most laptops and gaming systems, it features colorful lighting and four powerful fans that quickly cool things down when needed. You can select from red or blue lights.


An Echo Dot Speaker With Smart Capabilities

Who wouldn't love the convenience of a smart home device like this Echo Dot? The compact and user-friendly design makes it a great addition to any home. Use it to stream songs, make phone calls, ask questions, activate and control alarms, lights, and other devices.


This Cup Holder Pillow That Insulates Drinks

This cup holder pillow holds any size mug with ease. Each section is made to insulate your drink, keeping it hot or cold while other compartments hold snacks, remotes, and more. It comes with a removable cover that that be laundered as needed.


The Sink Topper That Increases Counter Space

This bathroom sink cover provides more counter space as you get ready in the morning. It's made of durable, waterproof silicone rubber that's heat resistant to 450 degrees. It folds neatly for storage when not in use and comes with a loop for easy hanging.


A Set Of Mini Beauty Spatulas That Reduce Waste

Get the most from your beauty products with these mini spatulas. The two-piece set features flexible silicone that reaches deep down into jars and bottles to scrape out any residual product that may be inside the crevices. Choose from three color combinations.


This Vibrating Massager Brush That Deep Cleans Your Scalp

Enjoy a deep cleaning and invigorating scalp massage with this massager brush. It operates via AA battery and helps to exfoliate while removing debris and dandruff, promoting hair growth and shine. The ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver during use. There are four colors available.


The Balance Disc That Improves Posture

Use this balance disc to strengthen your core and improve posture as you sit. It's perfect for home and office use, offering cushioning comfort whenever you go. A great exercise tool, it measures 16-inches in diameter to fit any seat. Choose from three colors.


An Environmentally Friendly Straw & Carrying Case Set

This reusable straw and carrying case set are safe for you and the environment. It comes with 12 BPA-free silicone straws, four cases, and two cleaning brushes. Each straw can be tucked into a carrying case and transported in your bag or purse for repeated use.


These Dry-Erase Sticky Notes That Reduce Waste

These whiteboard stickers offer an easy way to write notes without creating waste. They adhere to surfaces like a magnet and can be posted, erased, and used over and over again. The set comes with a smudge-free marker that writes smoothly and a six-pack of dry erase squares that are great for refrigerators, laptops, mirrors, and more.


The Mini Desk Vacuum That Picks Up Crumbs & Dust In An Instant

Clean crumbs and other small bits of debris with this mini desk vacuum. It features high suction power and two speeds that work quickly and efficiently. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures easy use and can be charged by a plug-in adapter, car charger, power bank, or computer.


A Set Of Super Absorbent Cleaning Cloths

This set of five microfiber cleaning cloths clean and polish items with ease. They're made of extra-thick polyester and polyamide that's plush and super absorbent. Offered in five varying colors, these are sure to brighten up your home in more ways than one.


These Microfiber Slippers Clean Your Floors As You Walk

Clean your floors in total comfort with these microfiber slippers. Made of soft microfiber chenille, the bottom of these slip-ons pick up dirt, dust, and debris as you casually walkabout. They're great for use on wood, tile, vinyl, and more and come with detachable soles that can be removed and machine washed between uses. Select your favorite from pink, red, and brown.


This Smart Dimmer Switch That You Can Adjust With Your Phone

This WiFi-capable dimmer switch gives you total control over your home's lighting. It works in conjunction with Alexa, Google Home, or an app for voice control or remote access. You can additionally schedule and control the range of lighting as desired.


An Insulated Wine Tumbler Set That Keeps Beverage At An Optimal Temperature

Made with insulated walls, these wine tumblers can keep contents at an optimal serving temperature longer. The durable BPA-free plastic design comes with an insulated silicone band for easy and comfortable handling. Offered in a set of two, these a must-have for any household.


A Holder That Keeps Your Face Masks Safe & Secure

Made of durable plastic, this face mask holder offers a secure and sanitary storage space for your masks before and after use. The case is dust and moisture resistant to protect masks from outside elements. Thanks to compact sizing, it can fit easily into your bag or purse for quick and simple access. Choose from several color combinations.


This Universal Socket Grip Tool That Makes Home Improvement Easy

This universal socket grip helps you perform any task you can think of. It adapts to any shape and can grasp most nuts, bolts, hooks, and screws. Made of durable chrome vanadium steel, this tool, which comes with a power drill adapter, will last for many years to come.


A Stainless Steel Facial Roller That Soothes Skin

Use this stainless steel ice roller to cool, soothe, and depuff skin. It also does a great job of alleviating muscle soreness, tension headaches, and swelling in the face and neck. Place it in your freezer for daily use or have it on hand when needed.


This Portable Mini Fridge Holds

Store food, drinks, breast milk, and other conveniences in this mini fridge for easy access. It has a 2-liter capacity and comes with a removable shelf and handle for easy portability. This refrigerator can both cool and warm and includes plugs for both standard and car outlets. Select your fave of four attractive colors.

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