The Best Fans That Blow Cold Air

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by Andrea Hannah
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For those of us looking for a fan that blows cold air, I have some news for you: The reason air coming from the fan in your room feels cold isn’t because it’s actually colder. The reason why the air blowing at you from your favorite cooling fan feels cold is because it’s moving fast, and displacing the warmer air around you. So, when shopping for a fan that blows cold air, you want to buy a powerful fan, preferably with a few different speeds or settings so you can customize it to your liking.

The right fan for you will come down to your personal preference and your space. Vertical tower fans are great for tucking into small spaces and corners, while a small tabletop fan can go from the floor to your counter easily as you move around the room. For the most versatility, look for a fan that oscillates.

When looking at power, most manufacturers are a bit tight-lipped about the actual horsepower of their fans in favor of marketing language like “high-velocity” or “turboforce.” As you shop, be wary of labels and language. Since most manufacturers don't disclose the power of their fans’ motors, you'll have the best luck if you opt for one with multiple speed settings. These fans tend to have a better range of power than a one-speed fan, and are customizable to your noise and power preferences.

When in doubt, consult the reviews (I have you covered here). Every fan on this list comes with rave reviews and multiple speeds, so it’s more likely to suit your needs. And, if you’re looking for an appliance designed to cool air and circulate it, you may also want to consider an evaporative air cooler or a swamp cooler, which uses ice to cool air and redistribute it in your space. I’ve included one of those on this list, as well.

Whether you live in a place without air conditioning or simply need a little extra help cooling off, investing in a great fan that blows cold air can be a simple solution. Scroll on for some of the best fans to cool you down.

And, while you’re here? Here’s a roundup of some of the best fans that cool like air conditioners, so you can beat the heat.

1. The Best Overall

When it comes to power, this floor fan is a standout choice that has won over independent testers, one Bustle editor, and over 4,000 Amazon reviewers. Vornado makes some of the best fans on the market, and the 630 offers a thoughtful design with a powerful motor that can blow air up to 70 feet. And, while this fan lacks the oscillation features of others on this list, the “vortex-style” air circulation technology of this model is designed to keep air moving throughout your space, despite the fact that it doesn’t rotate.

There are other Vornado models that would also credibly do the job (including the pricier Vornado 660 which can blow air up to 100 feet and is one of Bustle’s best fans for bedrooms), but this model offers great value. It has three speed settings you can choose from and is relatively compact, especially given its power. The face of this fan can also be tilted to adjust to your space or where you’re sitting, and a 6-foot cord lets you move it around a bit. This fan even comes with an impressive five-year warranty unmatched by any of the other fans on this list.

According to one reviewer: “We have had this fan since March of 2020 and we run it all night, every night. We also often use it during the day. It does not squeak, vibrate, or rattle. Also, the claims of moving a TON of air over a long distance are definitely accurate. With most floor fans you have to be sitting within a few feet to feel anything. With this, you can feel the air moving in another room down the hall.”

Speed Settings: 3 speeds | Design: Floor fan | Warranty: 5 years | Oscillating? No

2. The Best Tower Fan

For a slimmer design, this Lasko tower fan is definitely worth your money and can fit in nearly any space. It has three speed settings and a powerful motor that circulates cooler air through your room. Unlike others on this list, this fan also has a built-in ionizer, which is designed to make the air feel fresher while it circulates. And, this tower fan has a timer you can set to run from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. One of Bustle’s Commerce Editors, Amy Biggart, owns this fan and says, “This fan was a life-saver last summer without AC. Thanks to the speed settings, I was able to set the power of the fan based on how hot the day was. I also love how it oscillates to cover my entire room.” This fan also has a remote control and a 6-foot cord, so you move it and operate it from just about anywhere in the room. It comes with a one-year warranty.

According to one reviewer: “I'm working in an office that is about five degrees too hot for me. I got the fan in an act of desperation, not expecting much from it. I immediately turned it on, blowing right on me, at full blast. To my surprise, within about 15 minutes, I was too cold. I've since fiddled with it and have it on oscillation so that it's only blowing directly on me 50% of the time, and it's on the lowest of the 3 settings. It feels like it cut the temperature down by about 3-5 degrees. It's amazing!”

Speed Settings: 3 speeds | Design: Tower fan | Warranty: 1 year | Oscillating? Yes

3. The Best Personal Fan

This tabletop fan is perfect for cooling down stuffy offices and other tight spaces. Similar to Vornado's larger options, this smaller personal fan uses "vortex-style” circulation to create a powerful, swirling air stream that instantly cools you off. Unlike larger models, it only features two speeds, but those two will allow you to customize the air to your liking. The fan also features a tilting head to target airflow, a 6-foot power cord, and is whisper quiet, according to Amazon reviewers. It comes with a three-year warranty, should you run into any issues.

According to one reviewer: “I think it is the perfect size for a personal fan. If I had a desk I would buy another one, but this one sits on my bedside table. Small enough time to not bother my super-sensitive husband but gives me great airflow and just enough hum for white-nose benefit on the lowest setting. The higher setting gives a great little breeze!. The pivot makes it easy to aim. Super happy with this purchase.”

Speed Settings: 2 speeds | Design: Personal fan | Warranty: 3 years | Oscillating? No

4. The Best Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans offer another vertical design that’s easy to fit into tight spaces and are often even more powerful than tower fans. This oscillating fan from Pelonis has a few fun benefits that make it a great pick. With a remote control and a 12-hour timer, you can really customize how you use this fan and make adjustments without getting up from where you’re sitting. The remote allows you to choose from one of 12 speeds, set the fan to oscillate, and even set the fan on a timer, so it turns off after anywhere from one to 12 hours. The height on this fan can be adjusted, and it comes with a 6-foot cord and a one-year warranty.

According to one reviewer: “I have had this fan for 4 months come next week, and I have had zero issues with it. It is the quietest fan I've ever had, and the 1-12 level settings are great. I sleep with it on at night, and it has immensely helped keep me cool in the Southern summer. The airflow is also the best I've experienced short of buying an industrial fan and parking it next to my bed.”

Speed Settings: 12 speeds | Design: Pedestal fan | Warranty: 1 year | Oscillating? Yes

5. The Best Splurge

A splurge to be sure, but this Dyson tower fan is a top-of-the-line option that many reviewers swear by. This fan has a sleek bladeless design that makes it simple to clean and comes with 10 speed settings which you can change via the included remote. It oscillates and even has a built-in timer so you can set the fan to run for anywhere from 15 minutes to nine hours before it automatically shuts off. Like the other designs on this list, this fan is corded, and this has a slightly smaller cord that’s roughly 6 feet in length. One additional perk? The bladeless head of the fan makes it a great pick for anyone with children or pets who might accidentally encounter spinning blades.

According to one reviewer: “So glad that we bought this, it is amazing. It brought the room temperature down considerably. We didn't even need to have it on the highest setting and after a while had to actually turn it down, it is that good.”

Speed Settings: 10 speeds | Design: Tower fan | Warranty: 2 years | Oscillating? Yes

6. The Best Box Fan

Box fans are great for windows or large surfaces like dressers, and this one from Pelonis comes outfitted with three speed settings so you can keep it as cool as you need, and the simple dial on the upper corner of the design allows you to change speeds. This doesn’t oscillate like other designs on this list, and the 5-foot cord is on the shorter end, but for an affordable, full-size fan that thousands of reviewers swear by, this can’t be beat. Like Pelonis’ pedestal fan on this list, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

According to one reviewer: “This fan is amazing! Even on the slowest/calmest setting, it keeps me so cool. On the highest setting, at night, my head might get so cold it’s like brain freeze lol so needless to say I often use setting 1 at night and 2 or three during the day. Also, my dogs love it.”

Speed Settings: 3 speeds | Design: Box fan | Warranty: 1 year | Oscillating? No

7. The Best Industrial Fan

Unlike many personal fans, this industrial fan can be mounted on your wall or sat on the floor to blow cold air wherever you need. It may not be the most aesthetic option, but it has three speeds that you can change using the dial on the side, and the floor stand doubles as a handle, allowing you to bring this fan with you around your space. It comes with a wall-mounting bracket if that’s how you’d prefer to assemble it, too. The 6-foot cord makes it easy to reach, and while industrial fans are usually not the quietest pick, many reviewers report that they like sleeping with this on the low setting for the airflow and the white noise. This fan has a one-year limited warranty.

According to one reviewer: “It generates more noise than our old, outdated box fan did, and I sleep soundly all night. And don't even get me started on how COLD this thing can make a room. I thought this thing was gonna blow me halfway across the room, the air movement is so strong. I was skeptical about spending so much on a fan, especially since the last box fan I purchased only set me back about $15. However, this thing is worth every single penny.”

Speed Settings: 3 speeds | Design: Industrial fan | Warranty: 1 year | Oscillating? No

8. A Fan With Flexible Arms

If you do a lot of traveling or spend a lot of time outdoors, the Jiffi clip fan is the answer to all your prayers. Not only is it equipped with flexible arms that can easily wrap around objects, but it offers 360° rotation giving you airflow from every angle. Take this fan with you in the car, while you camp, or even clip it to a treadmill. Don’t underestimate the power of this little fan. Its brushless motor creates fast speeds, strong wind, and low noise. The battery charge can also last from six to 20 working hours. Making this clip fan even more convenient, USB charging is an option via a laptop, mobile power, USB charger, mobile phone adapter, or car charger.

According to one reviewer: “Works really well, charges easily, and attaches to pretty much anything. We put it on the stroller, hook it to the crib, and attach it to whatever we need to if we need a fan. If I think the battery is low, I bring a power bank and charge it on the go... I'll probably buy 1 or 2 more in the future because they are great to have around.”

Speed Settings: 3 speeds | Design: Floor fan | Warranty: Available | Oscillating? Yes

9. An Editor Favorite

Bustle editor, Anna Anderson says she “never wanted to be without a backup” again after her power went out on a 110-degree summer day. “I went on a mission to find a battery-operated fan to have on hand in case it ever happened again. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much power this unit put out, despite its relatively compact 10-inch size. The two-speed fan also comes with an AC adaptor, so you can plug it into the wall, which is helpful since you may not want to spend money on the D-cell batteries unless necessary.” Anna’s favorite part? “It folds down flat for storage, a huge win for anyone with limited storage space!”

According to one reviewer: “A real workhorse of a portable fan! Runs on batteries or electricity. A major lifesaver anytime the power goes out or when you need to feel a breeze. It makes an excellent help during hurricane season, camping, sitting outside, etc. I have bought many of these fans - 3 for myself and a bunch for use as gifts. Whenever people see mine, they want one; they have no idea that such a product exists.”

Speed Settings: 3 speeds | Design: Floor fan | Warranty: 5 years | Oscillating? No

10. A Chic Fan That’ll Look Great On Any Counter

As one reviewer points out, “who says a machine needs to be ugly?” The Vornado vintage fan is described as super stylish, chic, and sophisticated. This fan is the opposite of flimsy and cheap. Customers love how sturdy and solid this fan is as it's made entirely from durable metal. On the other hand, it’s not bulky or clunky by any means. Sitting at just 14 inches tall, this fan looks beautiful when placed on kitchen countertops, dressers, or in your office. Looks aside, it’s powerful enough to provide complete air circulation throughout a medium-sized room and offers five different speed settings.

According to one reviewer: “Even better than I expected, this fan is beautifully crafted, compact, and works like a dream during our warm summer nights.”

Speed Settings: 5 speeds | Design: Table fan | Warranty: 5 years | Oscillating? Yes

Also Great: An Evaporative Air Cooler

Fans are great, but if you’re looking for a solution that will actually turn the air in your space colder, an evaporative air cooler is what you need. How it works: You fill up the tank of this cooler with cold water, and it funnels the hot air in your space into the cooler, cools it with the water, and then sends it back into your space. This model has five different settings, including two that utilize the tank to cool the air, and two that work just the internal fan. And, if you live in a particularly dry area, an evaporative air cooler is also great because the air it pumps back into your space is moisture-rich.

According to one reviewer: “I live in Las Vegas, NV. I am not ever going to get used to this heat. It's dry and it's disgusting. This little cooler is going to get me through the hot months. It gets SO COLD. I love it. I filled it with water and didn't realize I only had the fan on, but it was still very cold air that it was blowing. When my husband pointed out my mistake, and I turned the water pump on, it felt like I was in the beer cooler at the gas station. I am absolutely in LOVE.”

Speed Settings: 12 speeds | Design: Evaporative cooler | Warranty: 1 year | Oscillating? No

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