Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of February’s New Moon

It’s a rare black moon and the Lunar New Year.

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Cresting in the skies the night of Jan. 31 PT/Feb. 1 ET, the new moon in Aquarius gives us the chance to start a new month with a clean slate. For those of us in the Eastern time zone, this lunation rises during the first hour of February. However, for those of us on Central, Mountain, or Pacific time, this lunation doubles as a rare “black moon” — meaning it’s the second new moon to take place during a single month. Regardless of what side of the calendar it falls on, the spiritual meaning of the February 2022 new moon can help us build an innovative new outlook that blasts us confidently into the future.

New moons mark the beginning phase of the monthly lunar cycle, so astrologically, they’re aligned with the energy of fresh starts and new endeavors. If you’re setting intentions, starting a project, or trying to manifest more energy into your life, the renewal-focused vibe of a new moon is considered the most auspicious moon phase to do so. Because this new moon takes place in the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius, the spiritual meaning of the February 2022 new moon is all about letting our freak flags fly and charging forward into a more empowered future.

This new moon brings us an opportunity to break out of our boxes and embrace the wild unknown. Read on to learn more about the January/February 2022 new moon meaning so you can make the most of its spiritual energy.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In Aquarius?

Independent and innovative, the February 2022 new moon is about eschewing the status quo and creating brand new rules for ourselves. Aquarius zodiac energy is free-thinking, rebellious, and unconventional, so this new moon will have us embracing our weirdness and finding connection with others through our quirks. It’ll also help to bring us closer with our communities, as the collaborative power of Aquarius season inspires us to step back from our personal dramas and invest in the power of the collective future.

The sun and moon are joining forces with strict planet Saturn at the time of the new moon, which gives our out-of-the-box goals an added sturdiness. This lunar connection strengthens our resolve, encouraging us to break free of societal expectations and embrace a more progressive way of doing things.

Additionally, this new moon aligns with the date of the Lunar New Year, which begins on Feb. 1 and heralds the Year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. “In 2022, the energy of the Tiger will be about making big changes, having more fun, and welcoming new adventures,” astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, tells Bustle. “In Western astrology, the spiritual meaning of this new moon is very similar — it’s ideal for breaking away from the old and inviting in the new, while building foundations that are more aligned with who we are becoming.” Whether or not you celebrate the Lunar New Year, this year’s corresponding new moon in Aquarius glitters with the magic of new adventures and the potential for radical change.

How To Work With February’s New Moon Energy

With rule-making Saturn heavily influencing the rule-breaking vibe of this Aquarius new moon, it’s a great time to examine the flaws in our personal dogmas and be willing to shake up our habits. “This new moon is an amazing opportunity to break negative patterns and begin anew,” Montúfar tells Bustle. Aquarius zodiac energy makes us want to build a better world — but in order to change the future, we have to be willing to break out of our comfort zones and change the present first. It’s a great time to journal about anything that you feel is holding you back from being your authentic self so you can clear your path for growth.

While the energy of this lunar moment is very forward-focused, we may still have to work through some things that we thought were behind us. “Mercury is still retrograde during this new moon, hinting that our minds could still be focusing on the past,” Montúfar says. “However, it also gives us a do-over, so a second chance to get something right could suddenly arrive under this powerful lunation.” Instead of letting past mistakes or fears haunt you, use the new moon’s chain-breaking energy to give your goals another shot.