February's New Moon Is A Gateway To Your Best Future Self

Your weird side is your strength.

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The spiritual meaning of the February 9, 2024 new moon in Aquarius is about embracing your weird sid...
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Wherever you are in your journey of self-discovery, the February new moon is a reminder to accept yourself for who you are, quirks and all. On Feb. 9, 2024 at 5:59 p.m. ET (2:59 p.m. ET), the moon hooks up with the sun in visionary Aquarius, inspiring collective progress while offering a clean slate for all of your big and — let’s face it — outlandish ideas to manifest. The spiritual meaning of February’s new moon is all about radical self-love, questioning the status quo, nourishing your friendships, and giving back to your community,

Astrologically speaking, new moons are a point of rest and self-reflection, where you set intentions for the weeks ahead. “From a spiritual perspective, new moons are great for planting seeds and manifesting new ideas that we hope to see reach their full culmination,” says Jennifer Neville, an astrologer and manifestation expert.

Aquarius represents the future, which means February’s new moon is cosmically charged hope. But like most major lunations, it also comes with baggage. That’s because the eccentric air sign also symbolizes rebellion, causing you to challenge societal expectations and come to terms with the qualities that make you stand out (even if they make you feel lonely, too). In other words, in order to step into your best future self, you need to question your beliefs.

What’s more, because the Aquarius new moon makes a tough square aspect to Uranus (the sign’s planetary ruler), it can deliver shocking twists and turns. Part ways with tradition, stay true to yourself, and trust that once the dust settles, you’ll inspire a better world.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The February New Moon In Aquarius?

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. Associated with community, friendships, and collective progress, the water bearer is all about rebelling against trends and challenging the status quo. “Aquarius can represent of network, our friends, or even the visions we have for our futures, both individually and collectively,” Neville says.

Spiritually, the new moon in Aquarius is about collaboration and nourishing your friendships. Thanks to its influence from Uranus, Aquarius is forward-thinking and able to envision a better future. That said, February’s new moon prompts you to think logically about the bigger picture, like what your purpose is and what radical changes need to be made to align your current life with your future.

“The Aquarius new moon is always a great time to set long-term intentions we hope to see come to fruition [by] putting on our visionary hats to conceive what might not yet be conceivable,” says Neville.

This offbeat sign can help you embrace your unique traits. “This particular new moon will be continuing with themes of letting go of anything that is no longer authentic,” Neville says. In other words, release yourself from unnecessary expectations and unsupportive people.

While these abrupt shifts can feel intense, an auspicious trine between the moon in Aquarius and the south node in Libra will give you a better handle on parting ways with unwanted energy and tapping into a higher perspective.

How To Work With The February New Moon’s Energy

Because of Aquarius’s association with the collective good and the future, working with February’s new moon requires a lot of rubbing elbows with people in the community and thinking critically about others’ concerns and needs. How can you make a positive contribution? Consider supporting an important issue via mutual aid or volunteer work. “Now is the time to be out and about, socializing and striking up conversations — it may lead you to success,” Neville says.

The air sign energy of this lunation prompts innovative ideas — pay attention to the ones arising during the new moon, even if they’re “weird.” Aquarius is supercharging creative solutions to tough situations.

“With this new moon's interaction with the unpredictable and eccentric planet of Uranus, you might have an unexpected stroke of genius, or an opportunity you’ve been waiting on may come about through networking or going out with friends,” Neville says.

On the other hand, Aquarius is an independent sign, which can trigger a sense of solitude. Take this opportunity to turn inward and appreciate what makes you unique. Ultimately, this new moon is about embracing the strange and fighting for change.


Jennifer Neville, astrologer and manifestation expert

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