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7 Zoom Activities To Liven Up Your Mother's Day Celebration

The show must go on!

by Syeda Khaula Saad and Siena Gagliano
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How To Celebrate Mother's Day On Zoom
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While it seems like normalcy is on the horizon, we still, very much so, live in a pandemic world — but that doesn't mean we should skimp on important events, especially Mother’s Day. No matter your Mother's Day 2021 plans, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to have your typical celebration — and a lot of us won’t even get to be with our moms this year. However, luckily for us, it’s 2021 and there are digital ways to solve the problem. Zoom, I’m talking to you! Celebrate mom this Mother’s day from the safety of your own respective homes via video. It may not be in-person, but I promise it’s the next best thing.

Whether you're celebrating your mom or mother-like figure this Mother's Day, you’re sure to make them feel special by taking the time to plan something that thanks them for all that they do. In order to pull off a successful Zoom party, you’lll need to figure out the logistics beforehand. Send out invites, and make sure mom and any other guest is available. Are you planning an at-home activity? Be prepared. Deliver any needed supplies to your guests in order to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Once you have your celebration all figured out, it's time to plan your Mother's Day activities. While just catching up and talking is always a great idea, it can brighten up your mom's day to have a special video call planned. Here are seven ways you and your mom or mom-like figure can celebrate Mother's Day on Zoom.


Host A Mother's Day Brunch

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If your Mother's Day plans usually involve taking mom out to brunch, you don't have to skip out this year just because of distance. With a few homemade mimosas and waffles (in your respective homes), you and your mom can have a Zoom brunch that's just as special as any other one you've had. If your mom lives relatively close, you can even cook it and surprise her with it on her doorstep. Plus, you don't have to leave a tip!


Have A Mother's Day Movie Night

What could be more fabulous than a day at the spa? Not spending money on a day at the spa! Treat mom in the comfort and safety of her own home so she can truly relax this Mother’s Day. Send her a surprise gift basket beforehand filled with a floral candle, a brightening face mask, spring nail colors, her favorite bottle of wine, and if you’re really trying to impress mom, a fabulous pajama set.


Play A Mother's Day Trivia Game

See who knows mom the best and vice versa with a Mother's Day-themed trivia game. Write up questions and answers ahead of time so that you can keep the game fast-paced and exciting. Ask questions to your siblings like "Where was mom born?" or "What is mom currently reading" and see who gets what right. You can even have mom write up the questions and answers so that you can get in on the game.


Get The Whole Family On The Call

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If your entire family is close to your mom, set it up so that you can all get on a Zoom call and celebrate Mother's Day together. If you all usually celebrate the holiday in one place, this can be a great way to have a little normalcy while still practicing safe social distancing guidelines. And it'll put a smile on mom's face.


Have A Sentimental Powerpoint Party

If you feel like being the tear-jerker this Mother's Day, set up a cute Powerpoint with all of your childhood photos and memories. Be sure to throw in loving quotes and sentimental music, as well. Then, when your mom figure gets on the call, share your screen so that you can present your Powerpoint to her. Extra points if you have a mushy speech prepared.


Surprise Mother's Day Party

There's nothing to lift spirits quite like a Zoom surprise party, especially for a mom that has to celebrate Mother's Day away from her kiddos. Whether you invite your siblings, cousins, aunts, or uncles, you can get a group of people who love mom together and have them surprise her on a Zoom call.


Have A Mother’s Day Movie Night

If watching your favorite classic movies is your and your mom's thing, not to worry, you can still keep the tradition going this Mother’s Day. Using Zoom's screen sharing, or Teleparty, set up a movie both of you can watch. And to really stay on theme, watch some great ones like Freaky Friday, Mamma Mia!, or Lion. All of the movies celebrate motherhood in different ways.

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