75 Gifts Under $25 Kids Are Obsessed With (From Toddlers To Teenagers)

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If you’ve ever shopped for a kid before, you might have found yourself in shock from the number of options out there. No matter the ages of the young people on your list, it can be overwhelming to sort through the clutter. But whether you’re a parent, caregiver, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend, I have good news for you: You will be able to find just the right thing (or things!). In fact, we have a way for you to get started narrowing down your list today with a wide selection of gifts under $25 that kids of all ages are obsessed with — that means you’ll find something here for new-to-the-world babies, as well as teens who are inching toward adulthood.

  • Hot tip: This list is arranged by age — so if you’re shopping for older kids, keep scrolling.

A good portion of these gift ideas have even passed muster with the young people in my own life. (Spoiler alert: miniature versions of grown-up things, science experiments, and craft supplies are almost always great choices). So, whether you’re shopping for your own kid, your best friend’s new baby, or the teenage neighbor who walks your dog, you’ll find some great ideas here. And be forewarned — some of them are so fun, you might even be tempted to borrow them. (Bean bag chairs and karaoke microphones? Yes, please).

Best Toys For Babies, 0 To 12 Months

The $5 Stacking Cups Over 60,000 Shoppers Swear By

These stacking cups are an essential and versatile toy for any baby; one shopper noted, “If I could pick ONE and ONLY ONE toy to entertain a baby for the entire first year and beyond, THIS IS IT.” The eight colorful cups are lightweight enough to tote anywhere, and little ones can stack them, knock them down, clap them together, or fill them with water or sand and watch it trickle out from the holes on the bottom. The bottoms of the cups are also numbered to practice counting.

- Recommended Age: 6 months old & up

This High-Contrast Crinkle Toy That Engages Infants

Even infants can play, and Baby Paper combines two things that leave newborns in awe: high-contrast design and crinkly noise. Let a baby experiment by grabbing the paper on their own or place it in front of them to encourage tummy time. This 6-inch square is conveniently machine-washable and slim enough to slip into any diaper bag.

- Recommended Age: Newborn & up

A Wooden Clutching Toy That’s Also A Gentle Rattle & Teether

This multi-sensory toy encourages babies to practice grasping, pulling, twisting, and reaching, and they’ll be transfixed by the gentle sound the wooden beads make as they shift. The large size of the beads and their water-based finishes make them safe for teething babies to chomp on. And the heirloom quality of this toy makes it a great hand-me-down.

- Recommended Age: 3 months to 2 years old

This Award-Winning Stacking Ring Set

This stacking ring toy is cleverly designed with pieces that are textured and patterned to capture a baby’s interest — one of the nine rings even rattles. The rings will stack in any order, so baby won’t get frustrated, and playing with the set will strengthen their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This popular pick with 24,000 five-star ratings on Amazon won a National Parenting Product Award (2018) and a Best In Stem from Newsweek (2021).

- Recommended Age: 6 months to 2 years old

This Maze-Like Developmental Toy For Teething Babies

With colorful tubes that are easy for small hands to grab, this sensory clutching toy is one babies love to reach for. The maze-like pieces connecting to the center tube provide a gentle teether, and you can even chill the toy in the fridge for additional soothing on sore gums.

- Recommended Age: Newborn & up

These Soft Building Blocks That Squeak

This silicone block set is ideal for babies: each piece is soft, lightweight, textured, safe for teething, and can make a fun squeaky sound. They’ll practice balancing, building, and eventually can start to recognize the numbers, shapes, and symbols on each side of the 12 blocks.

- Recommended Age: 6 months old & up

The Clip-On Developmental Toy With A Friendly Face

A clip-on toy for a stroller or carseat is a must-have, and this one is a perennial favorite with over 13,000 five-star ratings. The firefly’s soft body features several textures and ways for a baby to interact, including a peekaboo mirror, a squeaker, clinking rings, high-contrast patterns, and a squeaking button.

- Recommended Age: Newborn & up

These Cute Bobbing Toys That Make Bath Time More Imaginative & Fun

Babies will be delighted to bat at these bobbing toys during bath time. They’re lightweight enough for small hands to grab, and the floating polar bear and penguin will surprise little ones as they pop in and out of the bubble bath.

- Recommended Age: 6 months old & up

A Set Of Soft Baby Books With High-Contrast Images — & They’re Washable

It’s never too soon to introduce books to babies, and this set of soft books is perfect for them. Each of the six books features high-contrast black and white images designed to capture a baby’s attention, and they focus on letters, shapes, fruits, animals, vehicles, and insects. Plus, the machine-washable pages crinkle to hold their attention and encourage grasping.

- Recommended Age: Newborn & up

The Best Tummy Time Motivator: A Mirror

Babies love looking at themselves, and this soft floor mirror is one they’ll love gazing at whether they’re practicing tummy time or sitting up. Hundreds of reviewers praise it for encouraging tummy time, including one who noted her baby “literally wanted nothing to do with tummy time until we got this a few months ago.” The frame is soft and safe for babies to grab, and they can also play with the spinning ball in the ladybug or the bee that clicks as it rotates.

- Recommended Age: Newborn & up

This Beloved Bunny With Over 4,000 Five-Star Ratings

Jellycat is well-known for its standout stuffed animals, and this soft bunny with floppy ears is a favorite friend for babies. With thousands of five-star ratings, shoppers repeatedly noted they loved this bunny for its soft, cuddly texture and its durability and high quality.

- Recommended Age: Newborn & up

This Wildly Popular Activity Cube That Lights Up & Plays Music

With five interactive sides, this activity cube engages your baby with buttons, lights, sounds, and music. It features shapes, letters, and objects babies can twist or spin, so they’ll practice fine motor skills, imaginative play, and language development while playing. Caregivers will appreciate the adjustable volume and automatic shutoff.

- Recommended Age: 6 months to 3 years old

Best Toys For Toddlers 1 to 3 Years Old

A Durable Dump Truck That Comes With A Driver

A dump truck is a classic toy for kids, and your toddler will love that this one comes with a driver and interactive features. The hood opens, the dumper lifts to dump a load, and the back flap detaches. And it’s made of sturdy plastic that plays well inside or outside, and even in the sand.

- Recommended Age: 18 months old & up

A Really Fun Push-Pop Toy That Also Teaches Counting

Remember how fun it was to push bubble wrap? That’s the idea with this tactile push-pop toy for kids. The colorful silicone sections can be pushed in and popped back out repeatedly, and each side is numbered for little ones learning to count. One side features written numbers in English and the other side is in Spanish.

- Recommended Age: 1 year old & up

The Buckle Toy That Keeps Toddlers Busy

Toddlers love anything with straps, and this buckle toy gives them a place to safely play and practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The variety of colorful buckles flexes their problem-solving abilities, and it's so engaging it makes an especially great travel toy.

- Recommended Age: 1 year old & up

A LEGO Train That Can Introduce Counting

Kids will love putting together this LEGO train with DUPLO pieces that are easy for them to grab and numbered for practicing counting. The 23-piece set also includes two characters and a cat, so your toddler can engage in imaginative play. This colorful toy is a consistent favorite with nearly 12,000 five-star ratings.

- Recommended Age: 1.5 to 3 years old

The Cute Hedgehog With Over 27,000 Five-Star Ratings

This wildly popular hedgehog is as cute as it is engaging for toddlers honing their fine motor skills. Toddlers can sort by color and practice counting as they experiment with placing the peg-shaped pieces in the hedgehog's back. All of the quills store neatly within the toy once play time's over.

- Recommended Age: 18 months old & up

A Fun Push Toy That's Also A Bulldozer

Get your toddler stepping with this fun and engaging push toy that's interactive and will encourage them to move. Load up the handle with the included balls, and as your kiddo pushes the bulldozer toy forward, the balls pop out of the smoke stack and land in the scooper. As if that weren't fun enough, buttons on the side light up and make sounds or play music.

- Recommended Age: 1 to 3 years old

The $6 Bath Toy With A Nearly-Perfect Amazon Rating

They float. They stick to the bath wall. And they're backed by over 10,000 five-star ratings. These bath letters and numbers are a toddler favorite for bath time play, and each of the 36 pieces is made of a thick, durable foam. And you'll have fun spelling out words with them on the tub, too.

- Recommended Age: 18 months old & up (note: it does contain small parts that could be a choking hazard, use under supervision)

These Plush Frozen Slippers For Cozy Feet

Any tiny fan of the Frozen movies will be delighted to don this pair of comfy house slippers. The purple shoes features both Queen Elsa & Princess Anna, and their cushioned footbeds and non-slip grippy bottoms make them comfortable and safe for wearing around the house. Bedtime is about to get a lot cuter.

- Available sizes: 5 — 13

- Available colors: 4

This Feed-The-Bird Toy That’s Fun & Hones Important Motor Skills

Using the magnetic tool, toddlers can pick up the worms from the tree and help feed the bird; they’ll have a ton of fun while practicing some key fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this toy. One shopper raved, “I have a daycare and the 2 and 3 year olds love this item!! They line up for their turn with this!”

- Recommended Age: 2 years old & up

A Colorful Xylophone That’s Also A Pull Toy

This pick combines two classic kid toys in one: a xylophone with eight colorful keys to introduce toddlers to music and a pull toy. One brilliant thing about this toy is that a tethered mallet for hitting the keys also means you’ll never have to go looking for a missing piece.

- Recommended Age: 18 months old & up

This Bath Time Book That Magically Changes Colors Underwater

If you have a budding bibliophile on your hands, keep story time going in the bath with this clever book. The beautiful high-contrast illustrations of animals come to life when they hit the bath water — the black and white images are suddenly in full color. Toddlers will be transfixed by the magical transformation.

- Recommended Age: 1 to 3 years old

The Monster Digger That’s A Beach Toy Favorite

If your toddler is headed to the beach or the sandbox, they’ll be thrilled to have this monster digger to scoop up the sand. The truck is made of sturdy and durable plastic, and its wide scooper is easy to maneuver to pick up a lot of sand — more than a lot of other toys can.

- Recommended Age: 18 months old & up

A Wooden Harmonica To Encourage A Love Of Music

This beautiful wooden harmonica is an excellent choice for a first instrument. The holes are spaced with kids in mind, and it comes with a sheet of music to get started. One of over 1,000 five-star reviewers commented, “Don't get a junk harmonica because you think it doesn't matter how it sounds if it's a kids toy. Get this one - it sounds really nice and it is very well designed.”

- Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

A Flower-Building Set That Merges Creativity & STEM

For the budding florist or gardener in your life, this artificial flower garden building set comes with over 100 interchangeable parts and pieces, so kids have countless options for creating bouquets and flowers. Plus, extra accessories like insects, gardening tools, and a watering can are included too.

- Recommended Age: 36 months to 10 years old

Best Toys For Pre-Schoolers, 3 to 5 Years Old

This Glowing Writing Tablet & Stylus For Creating Colorful Drawings

Why write with a pen and paper when you can use a colorful tablet and stylus? Even better, this toy has the important features that make it practical for heavy usage by little hands; it’s durable, waterproof, bright, and can be cleared and reused with the press of a button.

- Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years old

A Set Of Cleaning Toys That Will Have Kids Eager To Help With Chores

If they want to help clean, who are you to stop them? From Melissa & Doug, this toy cleaning set has everything kids need to sweep, scrub, and mop to their heart’s content. The wood construction and bright accent colors give just enough whimsy to make them fun for kids, while still working like real cleaning supplies.

- Recommended Age: 36 months to 5 years old

A New & Updated Version of Bingo That They’ll Love

If traditional bingo feels a bit too slow, then the Zingo game may be a great fit. It takes the basic concept of bingo, but adds a time-sensitive twist that requires quick thinking and focus from young players. Plus, the mechanism that releases the tiles is fun to use, too.

- Recommended Age: 4 years old & up

These “Paint” Pads That Only Require Water

If you want to encourage creativity without the risk of paint stains, then these Melissa & Doug Water Wow! pads might be in your future. Each black and white page is secretly colored — use the included water brush pens to reveal a vibrant picture. Three different pads come in the set, with themes of “farm,” “safari,” and “under the sea.”

- Recommended Age: 3 to 7 years old

A Set Of Wooden Fruit That Kids Can Safely Cut & Share

The aspiring chefs in your life will love this wooden fruit cutting set. Each piece of fruit is actually multiple pieces attached with Velcro, so they easily come apart when someone uses the included wooden knife to cut them. It also comes with its own storage crate that doubles as a tray and cutting surface.

- Recommended Age: 3 to 5 years old

This Waxed Yarn That Can Be Shaped & Molded Into All Sorts Of Creations

If pipe cleaners are no longer cutting it, the kids you know might be ready to graduate to wax-coated yarn — or Wikki Stix — that can be bent and molded in countless ways. They’re both fun fidget toys and useful craft supplies. They come in a range of bright colors, and variety of sets and packages are available.

- Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

A Set Of Fun Lacing Cards That Help With Dexterity

Help the kids in your life work up to shoe-tying with a set of lacing cards. Eight different sets are available (like dinosaurs, mermaids, and unicorns), and each comes with five cards and coordinating strings. Cards are double-sided, measure roughly 6-by-6 inches, and come with a zippered pouch for storage.

- Recommended Age: 36 months to 8 years old

A Reusable Sticker Pad That Can Be Used At Home Or In The Car

Kids and adults can appreciate a reusable sticker pad not only because it has more than 150 stickers and five backgrounds to play with, but because those stickers won’t damage furniture or get stuck in anyone’s hair. With the ability to set up scenes or flip through it like a book, it’s a great way to keep little hands busy at home or during travel.

- Recommended Age: 36 months to 10 years old

These Eric Carle Lacing Cards For Caterpillar-Themed String Play

This set of lacing cards is a great companion to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Book fans will love how the cards have small holes, just like the food in the book. The set includes 10 cards made with familiar illustrations, and 10 laces in bright, coordinating colors.

- Recommended Age: 4 years old & up

This Kinetic Sand That Small Hands Can Spend Hours Sculpting

Sand castles are no longer limited to beaches and sandboxes. Kinetic sand is moldable, buildable, and squeezable like wet sand, but it sticks to itself and can be resealed in its reusable packaging and used again and again. It’s available in natural brown as well as four bright colors.

- Recommended Age: 4 to 6 years old

A Playful Veterinary Set So Stuffed Animals Get All The Best Care

This vet play set gives young animal lovers everything they need to take care of their favorite toys. Both a plush dog and cat are included, along with all the important tools that budding vets need to care of them, including a stethoscope, thermometer, cast, tweezers, and more.

- Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years old

This Dolphin Bubble Machine That Makes Hundreds Of Bubbles In Seconds

This bubble machine does what humans can’t — blow a steady stream of bubbles without ever having to stop to take a breath. Great for parties and play dates, it holds 6 ounces of bubble solution, and has a rotating fan with 10 separate wands.

- Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

A Toy Loading Truck With A Magnetic Arm

What’s better than a toy loader truck? A toy loader truck with a magnetic arm that small hands can maneuver to load cars onto the truck bed. Four magnetic numbered cars are included, so future mechanics can keep track of the proper order and position of each wooden vehicle.

- Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years old

This Hot Lava Game That’s Great For Burning Energy Indoors

An active indoor game that requires little setup and minimal cleanup? Yes, please. The Floor Is Lava comes with foamy “rocks” that can be spread around like stepping stones, and a spinner dial that determines which color players need to step on. Every round is different, and players from school-age on up can enjoy.

- Recommended Age: 5 years old & up

A Set Of Glow-In-The-Dark Star Decals That Are Out Of This World

This set of glow-in-the-dark star stickers is perfect for any future astronauts in your life. More than 1,000 pieces come with each set, so the sky’s the limit (pun intended) when it comes to configurations. They absorb light in as little as 15 to 30 minutes, making them an easy and fun decor choice.

- Recommended Age: All ages

These Walkie Talkies With Built-In Flashlight Features

With a range of up to three miles in open spaces, and up to a full mile in neighborhoods, these working walkie talkies can take hide-and-seek to the next level. They come in six different bright colors, and work as flashlights too, so small players can stay safe while they’re in use.

- Recommended Age: 3 to 12 years old

Best Toys For Big Kids, 6 To 11 Years Old

This Lego Building Set In The Shape Of Baby Yoda

This LEGO BrickHeads Star Wars set comes with nearly 300 pieces, making it a great choice for the builders you might know. The end products are replicas of The Mandalorian and The Child, each roughly 3 inches tall and with small platforms for display and play.

- Recommended Age: 10 years old & up

This LEGO Set That Makes 3 Kinds Of Dinosaurs

If you’re finding it hard to choose between multiple LEGO options, a three-in-one Mighty Dinosaur Creator set could be the perfect fix. Instructions for three different dinosaurs are included, and of course, builders can let their imaginations take over, too. Posable joints, spare bones, and teeth even add extra detail.

- Recommended Age: 7 to 12 years old

A Compact Drone With Motion-Sensor Controls

This mini drone has motion sensors that allow your hands to direct its flight path. To launch, it simply needs to be tossed into the air — but no worries about damage, because its small diameter (under 5 inches) and protective casing makes it safe for indoor use. Three color choices are available.

- Recommended Age: 8 years old & up

These Tiny Loom Rubber Bands For Crafts, Jewelry & So Much More

A set of thousands of brightly colored rubber bands may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to gifting, but this loom refill set is an absolute winner, according to reviews. In addition to 28 colors of bands, there are also beads, charms, a storage box, plus plenty more to keep small hands busy for hours making tiny figures and jewelry — with or without a rubber band loom.

- Recommended Age: 6 years old & up

A Rock Painting Kit For Making Treasures

This rock painting kit has everything kids need to make nature-inspired crafts, including 10 rocks, waterproof paint, and brushes. After the creative part is done, kids will enjoy gifting them to loved ones or hiding rocks outdoors for others to find. Choose from five different sets, including a cute holiday option.

- Recommended Age: 6 years old & up

This Karaoke Microphone Young Singers Will Love

If you want to help the young people in your life find their voices, then this Bluetooth wireless karaoke mic is a good place to start. It’s available in four metallic colors, and in addition to letting kids sing along to their favorite music, it can record and play back, too.

- Recommended Age: 4 years old & up

A Versatile Beanbag Chair That’s Way More Than Just A Seat

A normal beanbag chair is versatile on its own as a seat, cushion or footrest, but this storage beanbag chair takes it to the next level. Instead of coming pre-filled with generic stuffing, kids can fill it with their favorite soft things, like stuffed animals, blankets, and clothes. It comes in three different sizes, and there are four patterns to choose from.

- Recommended Age: All ages

An Original Tamagotchi Pet For Hours Of Enjoyment

This original Tamagotchi is a ‘90s throwback that even has the same programming that we all experienced way back when. Kids feed, play with, and care for their digital pets with the press of a few buttons, and then get to experience the satisfaction of watching them “grow.” Twelve different egg colors are available, and each comes on a chain for easy travel.

- Recommended Age: 8 years old & up

These Wands That Create Giant Bubbles

The bigger, the better when it comes to bubbles. This giant bubble kit comes with two wands connected by a cord, plus two packages of bubble solution concentrate and a guidebook with tips and tricks. Various styles of kits are available too, for kids who like their bubbles to have a unicorn or space theme.

- Recommended Age: 6 years old & up

A Set Of Break-Open Geodes For Aspiring Geologists

Kids will feel like a cross between treasure hunters and archaeologists as they break open these geode rocks to reveal crystals. In addition to 10 rocks, the set comes with safety goggles, a magnifying glass, a learning guide booklet, plus stands for displaying their favorites.

- Recommended Age: 8 years old & up

An Expansive Sticker Book With Tons Of Cute, Kid-Friendly Options

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that kids love using stickers. This sticker book promises more than 1,000 options spread out over 40 themed pages. The hundreds of adorably illustrated designs, from animals to emojis to foods and letters, are perfect for school-age and tween kids.

- Recommended Age: 6 years old & up

An Interchangeable Night Light For Star Wars Enthusiasts

The franchise fans in your life won’t have to choose between their favorite characters when they have this Star Wars night light. Images are projected onto transparent acrylic plates, and there are three to choose from; Baby Yoda, Chewbacca, and the Mandalorian. Even better, the included remote control gives users the option to pick between seven different light colors.

- Recommended Age: All ages

This Light-Up Tracing Pad Kit That’s Great For Home & Travel

From Crayola, this tracing pad set comes with everything kids need to practice lettering and illustrating. Ten different sheets include over 100 images to trace, plus a graphite pencil and colored pencils give options for outlining and coloring. Even better, the packaging can be used as a shadow box, so lights don’t have to be off for it to be usable.

- Recommended Age: 6 to 9 years old

These Stomp Rockets For Endless Outside Play

There’s something so satisfying about launching stomp rockets, and being able to duel with friends and family members takes it to the next level. This set includes four rockets in two different colors, plus two connected launch pads that can send rockets up to 200 feet into the air.

- Recommended Age: 5 years old & up

This Flower Growing Set For Planting & Painting

Struggling to decide between something flowery and something artsy? This paint and plant flower growing set makes it so you don’t have to choose. It comes with three seed packets, paints, plant markers, and more, so kids can design and create the tiny garden of their dreams.

- Recommended Age: 4 to 12 years old

A Crystal-Growing Set For Kids Who Like Their STEM To Sparkle

This crystal growing kit comes with everything kids need to set up, grow, and display seven different sparkling crystals, including color packets to allow experimentation with different colors and shades. The best part? Once crystals have fully formed, they can last for years on display.

- Recommended Age: 10 years old & up

These Hair Chalk Combs That Offer A Temporary Way To Dabble With Hair Color

If you know a tween whose been dying to dye their hair, these hair chalk combs may be the perfect place to start. Each set comes with six different combs, and there are 14 combinations to choose from, so you can pick a rainbow or stock up on a single color. And when they’re done, color washes out with regular shampoo.

- Recommended Age: 6 years old & up

A DIY Water Bottle Decorating Kit With Rhinestone Stickers

You had me at “rhinestone stickers.” This water bottle decorating kit is perfect for anyone who likes a little DIY sparkle in their lives. It comes with a 20-ounce BPA-free aluminum water bottle with a flip-top lid, a coordinating carabiner, and seven sheets of multi-colored stickers.

- Recommended Age: 4 years old & up

Best Gifts For Tweens & Teens, Ages 12 & Up

These String Lights With Photo Clips For Picture-Perfect Displays

This string of fairy lights with photo clips is 17 feet long and has 50 illuminating clips, so your giftees can hang dozens of photos. It’s battery-powered, and comes with a remote control for managing eight different lighting modes, including twinkle/flash, steady on, and slow fade.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & up

An Oversized Burrito Blanket For Cozy, Snack-Themed Afternoons

This flannel tortilla blanket is roughly 10 times the size of the food, and it just might be about 10 times as fun to wrap. It’s double-sided and perfectly round, and if for some reason you’re buying for someone who doesn’t love burritos, there are other food prints to choose from (waffle, anyone?).

- Recommended Age: Older kids & up

This Compact S’Mores Maker That Brings Everyone’s Favorite Campfire Dessert Inside

The electric heater in this indoor s’mores maker doesn’t have a flame, so marshmallows can be roasted gently and safely. A detachable tray is the perfect size for extra supplies and ingredients, and everything can be easily disassembled when snack time is over. Two roasting forks are included, too.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & up

A Usable Building Mug That’s LEGO-Compatible

If the LEGO fan in your life is running out of projects, this build-on mug could expand their options. It’s functional as a drinking cup or pencil holder, and it comes with three packs of bricks to help them get started. Six bright colors are available.

-Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

This Clip-On Phone Holder With A Flexible Arm

A flexible phone mount is such a versatile gift, you might be tempted to get one for yourself, too. It’s great for setting up the ideal streaming or viewing angle, and for providing endless options for hands-free usage. There are three colors to choose from (black, rose gold, and white), and it holds devices ranging from roughly 4 to 6 inches.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & teens

A Set Of 20+ Different Hair Clips That Create A Variety Of Looks

The most fashion-conscious tweens and teens in your life will love this 28-piece hair accessory set. No two clips are the same, and there’s a variety of rhinestones, pearly beads, geometric shapes, and more to choose from. Shapes range from clips, clamps, and bobby pins.

- Recommended Age: All ages

This Compact Lightbox That’s Perfect For A Desktop Or Dresser

At just 8-by-5 inches, this compact cinema-style light box brings all the fun of larger marquis boards, but without the bulk and clutter. The box itself holds 100 letter, number, and symbol tiles, and it can be mounted on a wall or easily displayed on a desk or shelf.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & teens

An Adorable Set Of Pizza-Themed Socks That Teens Will Love

The packaging and presentation of these pizza socks is so cute, recipients might be tempted to display them instead of wear them. Four pairs of topping-themed socks are presented like actual pizza, with choices like pepperoni, Hawaiian, and veggie to choose from. Three different sizes are available.

- Recommended Age: Teens

This Reversible Bucket Hat That’s Comfy & Cute

Can’t decide what kind of hat to buy the youths on your list? This reversible bucket hat is like two in one, with a tie-dyed side and a monochromatic side to choose from. It’s cute enough to feel totally fashionable, yet still functional enough to provide shade and sun protection, too.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & teens

A Gold-Plated Initial Necklace That Gives A Personal Touch

You can buy this gold-plated heart necklace with an engraved initial of your choosing, so the lucky recipient will know it’s just for them. It’s delicate and dainty, and the chain is adjustable from 14 to 16 inches. A gift box is included with the purchase, too.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & up

An Escape Room In A Box For Horror Fans & Gamers Alike

This cooperative home escape room game is great for as few as two or as many as eight players. An hour is given to complete a whopping 19 puzzles and challenges, and the storyline features a mad scientist and the potential of werewolf transformation. Plus, players can connect to Amazon Alexa for bonus features.

- Recommended Age: 13 years old & up

This Dreamy Moon Lamp With 16 Color Settings

This 3-D moon lamp is light years beyond traditional night lights. It can be controlled by touch or with the included remote, and it comes with a display stand, too. Along with dimming and color-change capabilities, it has a rechargeable battery, so you’re not limited by outlets and cords when you display it.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & teens

A Quick & Fun Card Game That’s Based On A Classic

Great for two to five players, the Monopoly Deal card game puts a fast-paced spin on traditional Monopoly, and doesn’t require the board, pieces, or setup that the original does. According to buyers, the rounds are quick, the game is easy to learn, and it’s loads of fun for kids and adults of all ages.

- Recommended Age: 8 years old & up

A Working LED Clock & Fan Combo That Makes It A Breeze To Tell the Time

This clock and fan duo makes it look like the time is simply floating, but it’s much more than an illusion. The fan can plug into a laptop (or other USB outlet) and be angled with the included gooseneck, so a soft breeze can be blown wherever the recipient chooses.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & up

This Holographic Belt Bag That Will Have Wearers Shining Like A Star

This practical and pretty fanny pack comes in 14 different styles and colors, each with three zip-up pockets perfectly sized for essentials like phone, keys, lip balm, and more. The adjustable waistband means it’s always comfortable, and the material is water-resistant nylon, so belongings are safe even on rainy days.

- Recommended Age: Older kids & up