40 “Gross” Products That Are Actually SO Necessary & Brilliant

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When it comes to innovative products, sometimes the best ones aren't the luxe, premium, fun items that come to mind. In fact, there are tons of genius products that handle gross jobs that you probably never knew you needed (that is, until now). They’re truly brilliant, and you might wish you had them sooner.

And when I say “gross jobs,” I’m talking about those messy mishaps that happen on the reg — like mildewy shower curtains, clogged bathtub drains, fingerprint-filled fridge doors, and more. There are tons of products that help take care of those less-than-ideal situations for you, and they’re all right here.

I’ve also included few products that you might want to stock your bathroom with, like the ever-so-famous Poo-Pourri spray, along with a set of mani and pedi tools to help your remove unavoidable debris from under your nails. I wouldn’t particularly say these products are “gross,” but they’re here for you if you want ‘em. Heck, there’s even a beard bib for any roommate who’s been trimming his hair in the sink without noticing the mess that’s left behind.

These and many other brilliant Amazon products can be found on this list. They're all easy to buy and can be shipped within days with Amazon Prime.


These Exfoliating Bags That Hold Your Soggy Soap Bars

These soap saver bags are made of natural fibers to help clean and exfoliate the skin. It helps preserve your soap bars longer and reduces waste by ensuring that you use every bit. They are offered in a set of four and can be used over and over again.


The Toothbrush Cover That Sanitizes The Bristles

You can easily clean and preserve your toothbrush at the same time with this UV-C toothbrush sanitizer. Simply place the toothbrush inside and close the lid for automatic sanitizing when the device is fully charged. This cover can be used at home or while traveling.


The Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner That’s Resistant To Mildew

Replace your existing liner with this brand new shower curtain liner. The waterproof PEVA design is crafted to repel water, so you won’t have to worry about mildew buildup over time. Use it alone or in conjunction with a decorative shower curtain; it comes in three different sizes.


These Stove Gap Covers That Prevent Crumbs From Falling Down

Protect your floors, countertops, and appliances with these stove gap covers, which prevent crumbs from falling into those hard-to-reach gaps. Made of food-grade silicone material, these gap covers conform easily to your stove and countertop. Each piece can be customized with scissors, too.


The Mini Dehumidifier That Works Perfectly In Small Areas

This mini dehumidifier is great for keeping moisture out of smaller areas. Small in design, it can be conveniently hung in any area and is both spill-proof and mess-free. Place it in bedrooms, offices, cabinets, closets, cars, bags, and more.


The Toilet Stool That Makes It Easier To Go

This squatting stool by Squatty Potty makes going to the bathroom easier than ever. Designed to mimic a squat, it aligns your colon for simple and comfortable elimination whenever you use the bathroom. Place it in front of your toilet for frequent and convenient use.


These Silicone Bands That Help Spread Your Toes

You can wear these toe stretchers to help relieve pain and tension within your feet. Suitable for bunions, hammertoes, and more, they help stretch the connective tissue in the toes to provide comfort. This set offers two pairs — one large and one small — to give the most customized fit possible.


These Nail Treatment Pens That Fight Fungus & Brittleness

Are you experiencing nail fungus? If so, you can fight it off with the help of this nail repair pen; the formula works in just a few weeks. There are two pens in this set that can be used to repair cracks and brittleness and prevents future infection. One customer wrote, “Works great for stubborn nail problems. I've tried everything, and this is the only thing that has made a difference.”


A Bed Bug-Proof Mattress Protector That’s Waterproof & Hypoallergenic

This mattress protector seals completely to protect your bed from liquids, stains, and bed bugs. It even features a zipper that completely seals off dust, dirt, and dander on all sides. Made of cotton, it’s soft, comfortable, and free of vinyl along with PVC.


This Triple-Layer Duster To Clean Multiple Blinds At Once

This blind duster features microfiber fingers that fit in between each blind and crevice to attract dust and dirt. It fits in about 3 inches deep for full surface cleaning without the use of chemicals. The sleeves are removable and can be tossed into the washer for laundering after use.


The Drain Hair Catcher That Prevents Clogged Pipes

Insert this hair catcher into your tub drain to prevent clogged pipes. It comes with two in a pack and is designed to catch any hair that attempts to go down the drain. Simply install it over your drain and pull it out and wipe to clean up.


A Nail Clipper With A Built-In Catcher For Clippings

Clip your nails without mess with this fingernail clipper and catcher set. It's made of curved stainless steel for durable use and holds onto remnants left over after use for simple cleanup. A leather pouch is included for safe and easy storage.


This Vibrating Spatula That Lifts Dirt & Oil From Your Skin

This skin spatula vibrates across your complexion to help remove unwanted acne and blackheads from your skin. It uses water-based exfoliation to deep-clean pores and prepares your skin for better nutrient absorption. It offers two different modes: one cleaning mode and one lifting mode that helps release dirt and oils trapped beneath the surface.


These Cooking Screens That Prevent Oil From Splattering Everywhere

These stainless steel splatter screens prevent grease and other food particles from escaping pots and pans as you cook. Offered in a set of three different sizes, they feature a comfortable grip for easy use. Each screen also features a durable twill weave that’s damage and dent-resistant.


These Sticky Traps That Catch Mosquitoes, Gnats & More

These sticky traps help keep mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects at bay. The 12-pack comes equipped with hooks, so you can attach them wherever needed. Simply peel off a trap and place it wherever needed to deter insects without using harsh chemicals.


A Beard Bib That Catches Stray Hairs Before They Hit The Sink

This ingenious beard bib is the solution to all of your shaving cleanup problems. Secure it around your neck and attach the other end to your mirror to catch hair trimmings. It allows you to easily dispose of post-trimmed hairs without getting them all over the bathroom.


These Biodegradable Wet Wipes For Cleaning Up On The Go

Keep these alcohol-free wet wipes on hand to wipe away dirt, sweat, makeup, and more while on the go. They’re unscented and infused with aloe vera — and they can be used while hiking, camping, and exercising outdoors. Plus, they’ll begin to biodegrade naturally after 28 days.


These Genius Sponges That Remove Deodorant Stains From Clothing

These sponges quickly remove deodorant stains from your clothing. Toss them into your bag, purse, or keep them on hand at home to keep your clothes in pristine shape. Offered in a pack of two, these are sure to become your new best friend when getting dressed.


This Reusable Lint Roller That Removes & Stores Pet Hair

This reusable and eco-friendly lint remover collects pet hair from your furniture and clothing with ease. Simply stroke it back and forth across any surface to pick up pet hair and lint. The debris are then stored in the attached lint container until you're ready to dump it.


These Toilet Sprays That Stop Unwanted Odors Before They Start

Place these toilet sprays in your cabinet or purse for scent-free bathroom use. They’re offered in a set of three different scents and work by trapping and stopping unwanted (albeit totally normal) bathroom odors before they start. Spray your desired scent into the toilet before going, and then go worry-free.


The Set Of Cotton Swabs That Are Reusable

This swab kit is great for makeup or personal cleaning on the go. Each order comes with four swabs, and each swab has a different tip at either end so that you can use them on your ears, nose, or even for makeup. The tips are also flexible, and can be easily cleaned.


A Slim Vacuum Attachment To Help Clean Drier Lint

You can easily remove lint from your dryer vent with this simple cleaner kit. It features a flexible vacuum hose attachment that goes into slim spaces to latch onto pieces of lint that you might not be able to reach. It works on most vacuums, too (depending on the hose diameter).


These Clog-Remover Tools That’ll Clear Your Drain Pipes

Remove gunk and debris from pipes with these drain clog remover tools. They reach deep down into pipes to dislodge clogs and offer great flexibility that won't snap or break while in use. Use them for sinks, tubs, and more — all without having to call the plumber.


The Toilet Bowl Cleansing System With Flushable Cleaning Pads

Rid your bathroom of toilet stains with this toilet-cleaning system. Each kit includes a handle, a handle stand, and four flushable cleaning pads that you can use to remove stains inside the bowl. The kit also boasts a citrus scent; simply place the pad onto the handle, put it underwater, and scrub.


A Brush & Squeegee Set That’ll Make Your Countertops Shine

Sweep your countertops clean with this brush and squeegee set. The squeegee can wipe liquids into the sink while the brush helps remove crumbs and debris in an instant — all without the use of paper towels. This device can stand for simple and convenient storage when not in use.


This Deodorant-Like Food Balm That Helps Prevent Blisters

You can prevent blisters and rawness with this rub-on foot protector. Apply it directly to your skin before slipping into your shoes for full-day protection. Packed with vitamins A and C, it softens and heals dry, chafed feet while minimizing inflammation.


The Nail Brush Cleaner That Can Be Use Wet Or Dry

If you’re looking for a quick refresh, you can scrub and dislodge dirt from your fingernails with this nail brush cleaner. It's durable for long-term use and will keep your nails and hands in top shape, thanks to the different-sized nylon bristles. Use it wet or dry for amazing results.


An Air-Purifying Bag Filled With Bamboo Charcoal

Place these air purifier bags around the house for cleaner, fresher air. Filled with bamboo charcoal, they work to reduce unwanted odor and moisture in any environment (instead of just covering the scent). Packed in attractive linen bags, the odorless bamboo can also be used in your car.


These Stove Liners That Make Kitchen Cleanup Simple

Protect the integrity of your stovetop with these gas stove protectors. Made of Teflon-coated materials, these are easy to clean and reuse over and over again. The pre-cut center adjusts to fit any gas burners, making after-dinner clean up a total breeze.


A Pumice Stone That Cleans Hard-To-Remove Limescale

Remove tough stains from your toilet bowl and beyond with this pumice stone. It works great on limescale, iron deposits, rust stains, and more. Strong and durable, it comes complete with a carrying case and plastic handle so you can have a better grip while cleaning.


These Refrigerator Handle Covers That Help Prevent Fingerprints

Your refrigerator handles will stay in top shape with the help of these handle covers. They fasten on quickly and easily with Velcro to help prevent tons of fingerprints from everyone opening and closing the fridge. They can even be machine washed after use — and if you ask me, the plush gray color will look good in any kitchen.


A Bidet With Customized Water Pressure Controls

This customizable bidet offers a refreshing cleaning after every bathroom use. This dual-nozzle design is great because it allows you to adjust the water pressure as needed. It fits most standard toilets and attaches easily with the included instructions and videos for convenience.


The Produce Savers That Prevent Fruit & Veggies From Rotting Too Fast

Extend the life of your fruits and vegetables with this set of produce keepers. Each one works by absorbing the naturally emitting ethylene gas that your produce gives off, and in turn preventing it from maturing too fast. Simply place it into your crisper drawer and watch your produce stay fresher up to two to three times longer.


The Nail Cleaners That Keep Fingernail & Toenails Dirt-Free

Your fingernails and toenails will be dirt-free with the help of this manicure and pedicure set. Made of stainless steel, they each feature double curved ends with scoops that make getting under your nails quick and easy. Each piece is durable and resistant to rust, making it a must-have for your next mani and pedi.


A Tool That Opens Doors & Touches Germ-Filled Keypads For You

Made of high-quality metal, this multipurpose tool and door opener are durable a ready for many uses. It allows you to open doors without touching the handle and features a stylus that can operate most touch and key pads. Attach it to your keychain, bag, or belt loop for easy access.


This Callus Vacuum That Collects Debris As It Works

You can get softer, smoother feet instantly with this callus remover. The device quickly removes old skin and calluses while simultaneously vacuuming the debris so you don’t have to clean up afterwards. It features a rechargeable battery that allows it to operate cordlessly for up to an hour for convenience.


This Hairbrush Cleaner That Renews The Bristles

Use this hairbrush cleaner to remove loose hairs and debris from your hairbrushes. It’s small and lightweight, making it suitable to toss into your bag for travel. Use it to pick dirt from your brushes then easily wash it with soap and water when your done each time.


The Lip Balm That Prevents Wine Stains On Your Teeth & Lips

Slather this formula onto your teeth to prevent inevitable wine stains from appearing; they’re perfect for when you’re out and enjoying your favorite glass of red wine. The all-natural, plant-based formula helps protect your lips and teeth as you drink, and it should be applied before each glass to achieve the best results.


These Citrus-Scented Garbage Disposal Cleaners

These garbage disposal cleaners by Arm & Hammer can help remove lingering sink odors in a matter of minutes. Simply drop one into the disposal itself, and it’ll use baking soda and a citrusy scent to help refresh the area. (Be sure to follow the directions before inserting the cleaner, because you’ll have to run your faucet for a certain amount of time.)


An Insect Catcher That Helps You Remove Spiders

If you’re grossed out by spiders and other creepy crawlers, this tool could come in handy. Thanks to its built-in system with bristles that tighten and loosen, it can help capture a bug and keep it there until you’re able to release it outside. (And since the nozzle is so long, you don’t have to get anywhere near it.) Tons of customers wrote how it “really works.”

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