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Having Sex On The First Date Doesn't Ruin Your Relationship Chances

Millennials discuss why getting down to business on the first date isn't necessarily a bad idea.

Despite what your mom might have told you, having sex on the first date isn't something that's going to ruin your chances of a great relationship. In fact, one study showed that 48% of millennials have sex before even going on a "real" date. In other words, the old puritanical idea that having sex with someone too soon can ruin your odds of really connecting with a person has kind of gone out the window.

Still, if you're hesitant to have sex on the first date, that's not to say that there's anything wrong with you. The key is understanding yourself, your true desires, and what you really want from someone — and to not let anyone else pressure you into something you feel uncomfortable doing.

“Our culture is simultaneously hyper-sexual and sex-negative, and sexual messages are therefore highly contradictory," Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the Mindful Sex video program, previously told Elite Daily. "By discussing your concerns, uncertainties, vulnerabilities, and desires more openly with trusted friends or partners, you can address some of these contradictions and embrace a life in which sex plays an overwhelmingly positive role."

If you are the kind of person who wants to get down to business right away, there could also be some benefits. According to an article in Elite Daily, 36% of women and 34% of men say they’ve had meaningful relationships stem from getting steamy on the first date. In other words, sex on that first fateful night could lead to a great relationship. Additionally, hooking up with someone can be a fun way to get to know them — and it's an automatic way to know whether or not you have real sexual chemistry.

Digital Love is Bustle's series that pairs research with real stories to explore dating and relationships in the digital age. This episode is about having sex on the first date, and why single millennials say they will or will not do it. See their answers in the video above.

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