This Is How Much Your Fave ‘90s Items Cost On eBay

You won’t believe how much some Beanie Babies are going for these days.

by Mia Mercado and Siena Gagliano
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Here's how much your favorite '90s memorabilia is worth on eBay.
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If you’re looking for an excuse to finally sort through that storage container of childhood toys at your parents’ house, here’s one that could score you a little extra cash: Some of your favorite ‘90s toys could actually be worth money now. But heavy emphasis on the “some.”

Unfortunately, many of your favorite things from the ‘90s aren’t worth much more than a big serving of nostalgia today. While yes, there are a handful of Beanie Babies that are actually valuable and a few of your old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys could be worth more than a four-piece McNugget meal, there just frankly isn’t a super high demand for the vast majority of your old toys. Also, that demand is almost exclusively among a community of pretty serious toy collectors rather than just, like, a 27-year-old who feels like paying a couple hundred dollars to reminisce.

Regardless, who doesn’t enjoy a little reminiscing every now and again? Perhaps one of the items below will be a ‘90s toy you completely forgot you had, and you will feel a brief pang of guilt for abandoning your precious, plastic loved one Toy Story-style. Maybe one will look familiar, and you’ll stumble into a ‘90s-themed gold mine that aforementioned storage container. Better yet, you could try to recreate your childhood bedroom as a sweet, sweet, respite from the scary hellfire that is being an adult person in 2021. If you’re going for that last option, here’s how much you would have to pay on eBay for 17 different classic ‘90s trinkets and toys.


Baby All Gone Doll

Baby All Gone Doll, $92.76, Ebay

Remember Baby All Gone? Her hair looked and stayed disheveled the second you took her out of the box. Her whole deal was that you could “feed” her with the bottle of milk and jar of cherries that were included. Also, the cherries had a fake cherry scent. I was obsessed with my Baby All Gone and definitely spent too much time huffing those cherries. If you’re just looking to buy the doll, one is selling for almost $100.


Fantasy Bride Sky Dancers

Fantasy Bride Sky Dancers, $18.69, Ebay

So majestic and beautiful and also kind of potentially frightening! Sky Dancers were apparently so popular, they made a cartoon TV series about them. You can catch old episodes on YouTube. Or this Fantasy Bride Sky Dancer (moment of pause for that name) could be yours for the price of $18.69.


Original Furbies

Electronic Furby Model, $37, Ebay

If for some reason you kept your definitely possessed demon Furby from the ‘90s, it could be worth a little bit of money now. This white Furby with pink ears is selling for $37 (that’s the most current bid!) on eBay. But this one also is still in its packaging, which probably means all its original demons are still intact and, therefore, the Furby is more valuable.


Game Boy Color

Clear Purple Gameboy Color, $3999.99, Ebay

Do you have $4,000 and want to be the coolest kid in your school 20 years ago? Feast your eyes on this clear purple Gameboy Color that’s still factory sealed. For extra cool points, you could also get yourself one of these old Pokemon Nintendo game cards for $23.99. But I call dibs on the red version.


Polly Pocket

Starlight Castle Heart Polly Pocket, $28, Ebay

Polly Pocket may have expanded her real estate to tropical yacht parties, but we’re all well aware that old school Polly Pocket is the best Polly Pocket. How can you look at this Starlight Castle Heart Polly Pocket and not immediately want to drop $17 for the opportunity to make Polly stand in the gazebo and then by the bench and then by the gazebo again?


Some Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies, $1,000, Ebay

Apparently, Beanie Babies with typos on the tag are a big deal among collectors. This Peace Tie Dye Bear Beanie Baby with “RARE TAG ERROR” is going for $1,000 actual human U.S. dollars. What kind of typos are worth $1K? Original is misspelled “origiinal” and they also forgot the “f” in the word “surface.” Typos are good and also worth money, I guess?



Gak in the Dark, $19.99, Ebay

Get out of here with your new fangled glitter slime. This Nickelodeon glow-in-the-dark Gak (better known as Gak in the Dark) is being sold for $19.99 a pop. Is it dried out? Probably! Does it work? Who knows! But that's just part of the price of getting your sweet Gak nostalgia on.


Doodle Bear

Doodle Bear, $19.99, Ebay

Definitely gasped a little when I saw this listing. I don’t remember wanting a present more than I wanted to get a Doodle Bear for Christmas. The marker definitely only kind of washed out, making it less reusable than advertised, but I loved my Doodle Bear all the same. This Doodle Bear is only $19.99. So, like, why haven’t you already bought me one?


Pretty Pretty Princess

Pretty Pretty Princess Board Game, $30, Ebay

Pretty Pretty Princess was the best game and if you want to disagree, that’s fine, but you’re wrong. It definitely turned me into a petty, petty princess when I didn’t get to use the pink jewelry, but we don’t need to go into that. You can buy a vintage version on eBay for $30, and relive your pretty/petty childhood.


dELiA's Catalog

dELiA's Catalog, $8.04, Ebay

Few things were better than circling items you would never buy in a dELiA’s catalog, using a Gelly Roll Gel Pen obviously. And yes, people are actually paying money for these old catalogs. This one is on sale for $8.04.


All Lisa Frank Everything

Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, $99, Ebay

That horse! WHO. IS. SHE. If you want this particular Lisa Frank trapper keeper, it's going to run you $99. It's a rainbow Dalmatian and she's worth it, okay? There are also plenty of Lisa Frank pens, notebooks, and stickers for sale on eBay that won't cost you quite so much. They'll go perfectly with your wardrobe from the Lisa Frank clothing line.


Mary-Kate &Ashley’s Christmas Collection VHS Tapes

Mary Kate and Ashley Christmas Collection VHS, $39.99, Ebay

The most ‘90s of ‘90s belongings. How much does ultimate nostalgia cost? Apparently, $40 plus shipping.


Harry Potter First Edition

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone First Edition, $7,000, Ebay

One of the most well known books has to be Harry Potter. (Some even say this book changed the world and pop culture forever.) In September of 1998, Scholastic published the first of the series, and popularity only rose from there. So, as you can imagine these books can earn you a pretty chunk of change. This first edition Harry Potter hardcover book that says “First American edition, October 1998,” is on the market for almost $7K, but if you find a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone that has the print line "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1," you can expect to pay close to 60K.


Magic: The Gathering Card Sets

Magic: The Gathering Card Set, $15,000, Ebay

Magic was considered the first trading card game and was released in 1993. Although the game grew in popularity between 2008 and 2016, old game cards now have more value than ever. And by more value, I’m talking almost $15K... now that’s magic in my eyes.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue E. White Dragon Card, $48,999, Ebay

Another trading card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!, can also fetch you a pretty penny. The Japanese game was released in 1999, and although that’s the late ‘90s, it still counts, okay?! A card from the late ‘90s to 2000s can be worth thousands, like this rare Blue E. White Dragon card going for almost $50K right now on eBay.


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Racing Damon Hill Jordan 199 Grand Prix 1999 Matte, $131.56, Ebay

Ahhh, Hot Wheels. Boy, do I have memories as a kid of my older brother collecting these and never allowing his younger sister near them. Clearly, he had the right idea, because now you can fetch a pretty penny for some of the collectible cars from the ‘90s. And the best part is that you won’t have to share them with anyone.


American Girl Dolls

American Girl Samantha Doll, $1,500, Ebay

As a little girl, I would lug my American Girl Dolls to Chicago for a spa day at the American Girl Place. In tow, I had the doll Samantha. Little did I know, if I didn’t donate it to Goodwill a few years ago, I could’ve made a whopping $1,500 off the doll. Ya snooze, ya lose!

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