Here’s How To Find Your Instagram Top 9

The tradition keeps on giving.

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It's that time of year again. As we approach the calendar’s end, our holiday cheer is accompanied by the equally giddy unwrapping of year-end analytics from our favorite apps. From your yearly personality diagnosis on Spotify Wrapped, to Instagram’s new Year in Review feature that catalogues your year in Instagram Stories, there’s plenty of ways to look back on how you spent the last year on social media. But, when it comes to an app like Instagram — where are year is usually summed up in tons of pictures and stories, it can be a lot to sort through all of your memories. Thats where Top Nine comes in. The app lets you reflect on your year’s highlights — according to your followers, that is — as it rounds up your nine most-liked Instagram photos for you to share.

While in years past you may have painstakingly cobbled together your top nine most-liked posts by hand, you can actually have it done for you in seconds by visiting the Top Nine for Instagram app on the CreatorKit platform. Top Nine automatically finds your most popular posts of the year and turns them into a shareable collage. Getting your Top Nine only takes a few minutes. Just head to the CreatorKit website, download the app, type in your Instagram handle, enter your email, and get your Instagram Top Nine of 2021 delivered to your inbox in seconds. In previous years, users were able to get their Top Nine directly from the website, but now, it appears that users must download an app. Still, if you want to keep those 2021 Instagram memories forever, you can have your Top Nine photos printed on things like totes, mugs, and phone cases.


It’s important to exercise some caution when using third-party apps to generate your Instagram Top Nine. First and foremost, CreatorKit’s Top Nine app only allows users to create their Top Nine using just their Instagram handle if they have a public Instagram account. According to Express, using Top Nine from a private account may require you to log in through your Instagram. While CreatorKit’s Top Nine appears to be secure, Express also notes that there are many copycat Top Nine apps that have used this log-in requirement to hack users’ accounts. So, be sure to verify that you are using a trusted platform, and try to refrain from logging into your account if possible.

If creating your own Top Nine isn't enough to satisfy you, you can also check the Top Nine of anyone who has a public account. While your 'grams might not have over 310 million likes like Beyoncé had in her top nine in 2017, or more than 1 billion like Kylie Jenner in 2018, that's not the point. After you've gone down your own celebrity rabbit hole, you can Top Nine all of your besties and order them mugs, phone cases, or totes from Top Nine for Instagram.

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